When to send your reflink?

‘When to send your reflink’? – this question often appears in thoughts of people, who are only just starting in recommendation programs.

They’re eager to send it fairly quick (as they don’t want a referal to go elsewhere), but on the other hand, they don’t want to be pressing on that person, to not to come across as a spammer, who sends a reflink after few sentences.

When is the best moment to send your link?

And is there anything like ‘perfect moment’?

While working in all those programs, I talk with many people, who often tell me about their methods for conversation, strategies, etc. Sometimes, their vision differs from mine a lot. But it does not mean that their ways are not effective. They work for them and that’s what matters.
You just have to come up with your own method and actions, which will be effective for you. There is no need of walking on somebody else’s path, or changing your ways, only because someone said that ‘their strategy works the best’. Maybe it does. Maybe it works for him. Maybe it wouldn’t work for you. 🙂

Below, I’d like to show you few authentic ‘strategies’, used by people I know, regarding the best time to send their reflink to somebody.

Just read them, and think to yourself, which one of them seems the closest to you, and which one matches with your character. Or maybe… try them all and see which one will be the most effective for you. 🙂

(I’ve chosen names randomly)

Casper – Before he sends his reflink to another person, he carries on a long conversation with them. He talks about advantages, disadvantages, threats, opportunities, methods, ideas, and he is also describing a program to them from A to Z. I personally think that he’s overdoing it a little bit and looses people’s interest. But… this strategy works for him! He has referals, good contacts and everything is explained to people from the very beginning.

Mary – She does not start any conversation until a person signs in from her reflink. She does not want to waste her time for people, who will take 5 hours away from her life and then go their own way. I could not be that direct, but for her this strategy works. And it works pretty well.

Scott – He only speaks to people through Skype. If a person do not have it or do not want to set it up, he crosses them off, as he does not have time to write long stories and descriptions. He is not a writer. Skype allows him to carry out 10 minutes conversation and everything gets explained then. Questions, answers, specific details, etc. For him this method works – I personally have not used Skype for a very long time now.

Mark – He never sends his reflinks to people. He does not spam on Facebook. He does not have a blog. He is not active on the Internet forums. He only uses Facebook and answers to people’s questions. He sends his reflink if somebody asks for it. For him – it works.

Carl – He does not help people, until they’ve bought something (of course, if they’ve signed up through his reflink), and Matthew’s method seems shocking at the start, but… what he does, is record informative videos on YouTube, adding the link to his Facebook. Surprisingly, he never talks to people even if they write to him, because he believes that if they really wanted to, they could look everything up themselves. His ‘role’ is to present the possibility. I don’t like this sort of attitude – but for him, it works.

Victor – He has a blog, and his reflink can be found on it. He is active on Facebook, but he does not spam it. He only sends his reflink when somebody asks for it, but most people find it on his blog anyway.

Thomas – He work in a very automated way – exclusively through Facebook earning groups (the ones with the highest number of spammers)! He post his offers out there, including his reflink. Every day. He is very systematic. He posts from 5 to 15 times a day. All his referals were recruited this way, and he keeps in touch with those people by using Facebook messaging.

Micheal – He is a member of a large forum about earning money online. He own 8 accounts on it – with reflink in every footer. He almost does not speak with people at all. All that he does – he does on the forum. And that’s where people can find his reflinks. He creates long discussions with himself (using few accounts)… sounds like he’s got multiple personalities. One personality matches one type of people, and the other one matches the other type of people. It does work for him.

Bob – He has never send a single reflink to anybody. He works exclusively through automated systems for gaining referals. He generates landing pages with reflinks and uses revshare programs, bux, and traffic exchange websites, to advertise them. I don’t know how is it possible that he only does that and it works… but it works (I’ve seen screenshots).

Batman – He is most probably Alpha and Omega. He has his own blog (with very good SEO), YouTube channel (highly active), outstanding Facebook profile + fun page + account on social platforms (Twitter, FN, etc.) – and at least once a week he posts something with his reflink using these media. He does not send private messages as he can just simply redirect a person to his media., He also regularly attends almost all events and program’s gatherings. It works way above the average for him.

Amy – She organizes live meetings, to which everybody brings their laptop or smartphone. She helps people to register using her reflink and she explains to them how it all works. It takes time, but – it works.

Is any of those methods the best?
I don’t think so, because each one of them has this something, to make it work. And also… your method might be completely different. And effective as well. Or it may be few of above options combined.

Every moment, that you chose to send your reflink to somebody, might be good. As long as it works 😉
All you have to do to check it out – is to try it.

How about you? When do you send your reflink to others?

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