What to recommend in revshare programs?

‘I would like to start earning through revshare, but I don’t know what website to promote. I don’t have my own company, neither website or blog. Nothing.

Can I still do it or not? What website should I recommend?’

– It is one of the most asked questions I receive through email or Facebook. That’s why, in today’s article, I am going to describe few ideas of what websites to recommend, if you recon that ‘you have nothing to promote’. 😉

Firstly: every day we advertise something, and we most often do it for free (medicines, juices, chocolate bars, clothes, shoes, bicycles, etc.). Secondly: you need to decide whether you want to make a profit from your advertisement, or all you want is adpacks, so you don’t need any extra promotion.

What to recommend in revshare if you want to earn additional money from it?

If you want to use your revshare advertisement to have some benefit for yourself, like I do (apart from adpack bonuses), there are a lot of interesting options for you:

1. Promote other revshare programs: by using reflinks or landing pages. You might gain referals by doing so, and if they decide to purchase something – you’ll receive a commission.

2. Recommend affiliate programs, to which you’re able to sign up for free:

cashinpills – You’ll be able to find already prepared banners and links for promotion of food supplements, cosmetics, beauty aids, teeth whiteners, etc. If somebody purchases a product by clicking on your link, you’ll receive a commission. I checked it myself and they do pay it out. You’ll be able to choose a banner in variety of languages.

payment processors – It work similarly as the program above. You recommend a payment processor (e.g. Payza) and if somebody starts using it, you’ll make a profit.

There are lots of programs like that online and they cover various business sectors. It is worth to get interested in those which sell games, loans, leasing, etc. In each one of them you need to register, download banners + link to a product that you wish to promote.

3. Advertise Bux sites – programs, which pay out money only for clicking ads (no adpacks or bonuses) and for referals’ work. If somebody register to Bux from your link and he/she starts clicking ads – you’ll get a commission. It is not much, but it’s always something. Popular Bux sites: Neobux and Clixsense. I’ve checked them both myself.

4. Set up your own project on one of free crowdfunding programs, which allow you to collect the money for fulfilling your dreams (like building a house, releasing an album, new car, funding your new invention, etc). If someone who sees your revshare advert likes the project, they may send some money in to help you fund it.

5. Look for other methods of earning online and advertise them in revshare 🙂

There is no guarantee, but there is definitely more chance of earning than if you were to promote nothing. 🙂


What to advertise in revshare if you don’t care about any potential, additional earning?

1. Recommend you daughter’s, son’s, neighbor’s website, who you like or admire. Every business needs advertisement and traffic, so if you’re not going to be the one to benefit from it, offer it to somebody else. If it is free, everyone would appreciate that. 😉

2. Promote charities and foundations:

a) freerice.com – educational website that offers variety of quizzes – for each answer you get right, the World Food Programme donates 10 grains of rice to hungry people,

b) heifer.org – the charity that works to end hunger and poverty – when somebody decides to donate, they are able to choose gifts of livestock or training for poor families. They can pick a cow, chickens, books, a year of school education, etc.

c) davidshepherd.org – wildlife foundation, which funds conservation projects in Africa and Asia.

d) ishafoundation.org – international nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating human potential. The Foundation is a human service organization that recognizes the possibility of each person to empower another – restoring global community through inspiration and individual transformation.

You will be able to find hundreds foundations online that are worth advertising.

3. Promote animal shelters, Greenpeace, various local charity events – anything that you feel is worth supporting.

4. Do you have a music idol? Add his/her fun-club to your revshare advertisement.
There are thousands possibilities!

P.S. I hope that this article helped you to decide what to advertise in revshare 🙂

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