What if you miss out on something really big? FOMO

What is so called FOMO…? Fear of Missing Out – fear of missing out on something really big, some amazing opportunity, outstanding possibility, one in a life time chance of becoming… rich.

I think that every single one of us had that thought at some point – ‘I missed out’.

I was thinking for too long, I complained too much, I could not make my mind up, I was looking for a problem… and because of that I lost something, that others benefited from and THEY earned, but I didn’t. Because of my own fears, and over-carefulness. And after a while, we are seeing something interesting coming up, and we get caught in FOMO. The fear, that we are going to miss out again, and let that AMAZING opportunity slip.

When I look at it now, I can quite easily recall these ‘opportunities’ from the past, over which many of us ‘cried our eyes out’.

The first one that came to my mind almost instantly is Bono and Facebook shares, on which he has made fantastic, unbelievable profits. Of course: he was the lucky one, as he had bought them quicker than others, he used the opportunity, made decision and did it quick. So much money earned… And now, Bono does not need to play to earn. Because of the shares he has bought – he just simply HAS IT. Anybody could have got it… but not many people has taken the risk and made that purchase. Because how could we have known that this idiotic idea – Facebook portal (‘The book of faces’ – literally) will turn out to be such a hit?

Or Zuckerberg with this FB – how could we have known that it will bring so much money and so much popularity? In theory, anyone could have come up with this idea. And? Nobody did. Or they did, but without so much effort put into it.

When the Internet bubble was growing and everybody was worried that they’ll miss out on possible profits – they invested in everything that came up online. And we can say, quite confidently, that some of those projects made many people awfully rich, but many of them resulted in unbelievable losses. Because there’s always that balance in nature.

Some businesses collapse quickly, others are earning money for years.

Some companies are packing their backs sooner, rather that later, bringing people who believed in them down, others are becoming successful and allow people to make fortune.

The problem is that we never know WHAT is going to work out 🙂

And there is always that fear:

– that if you don’t invest ANYTHING, you’re not going to earn,
– that if you invest in one thing, which doesn’t work out, you’ll lose,
– that if you invest in many shitty businesses, and they all fail, you’ll lose even more.

But… in the middle of those X ‘boxes’ and ‘failures’ might be that one, or two companies, maybe 2 projects, that will take you financially to a new, different world.

Currently, we’re experiencing new cryptocurrency boom.

And it’s interesting here to observe the market, where people are literally going crazy for new, great ‘opportunities’ and they don’t know what to invest in, how much and how often.

At the moment – 22nd of January 2018, we have 1465 cryptocurrencies… this number shows, that this is not the end yet.

arrow Which ones of them will be that great success?

arrow Which ones are destined for tragic death? (many will die this way)

arrow Which ones are going to make you gain, and which ones will bring you loss?

Because you’ve got to be aware: that 1465 cryptocurrencies are NOT all going to survive. There is no chance that they all will, that they’ll all be great hits and make you millionaire. Because there needs to be balance in nature.

Because this business is guided by tough rules.

Because not EVERYONE is going to win.

Because a great number of cryptocurrencies (projects): is going to fall.

You could just look up the history of altcoins for last few years – you will see how many of them do not exist already. And I am sure that people’s money has floated away with them. But today… many business sectors are investing in tens of cryptocurrencies at the same time. They don’t know what is going to work out, as there is so many options and reviews online.

Do you remember HYIP business sector?

Every other HYIP was meant to be the one. Every month, there were new ones coming up. And? And usually most of them closed quickly, giving money to certain individuals, leaving others with nothing.

Do you remember revshare sector?

A year, two years ago, there were tons of them, with few new ones coming up every month, being promoted as a new, outstanding money maker. And? At the moment there are only few revshares left (and I mean those where you can still make some interesting money). Most of the other ones got shut and people lost.

 FOMO. Fear of missing out.

Is it better to be in 30 different investments, hoping that some of them work out, or in 1 investment, believing that it is going to be the amazing one?
Or maybe we shouldn’t invest at all, go to ordinary job and chill?

Or maybe we should pick and choose wisely and logically, instead of letting our emotions to guide us, when hearing about great hyip, great revshare or great crypto?

Each one of those things may allow you to earn, but each one of them can make you lose too.
And not many of them will turn out to be great.

Unfortunately, I am not able to say what is the ideal method for FOMO. I really do not know.

But maybe before making ANY investment decision you should just simply: a) sleep with it, b) give yourself a week to look into this subject, read about it, search online, and only after doing those things, decide about next steps.

Good research, logical thinking and minimum emotions? I know, it is easy to say.

But I also believe (hope) that although we have that flow of opportunities, you’re aware that you’ll not earn on everything. And that you know, that each possibility that you come across… will NOT be THE LAST ONE.
There will be more.

So don’t listen to this classical marketing talk: ‘Change your life now, this is outstanding opportunity to gain financial freedom! It is not going to repeat!’

That’s a joke… it is going to repeat many times 🙂

P.S. Stop jumping to get every seed, that promises to be a magic bean. But also do not turn your back to everything that comes your way. Observe the market.

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