What haven’t happened yet, does not count

You’ve been asking me recently, why I stopped mentioning, when writing articles about various programs, about their development plans. It often relates to revenue shares, which owners or admins inform (especially at the start) about their future plans, ideas and mega-optimistic aims, that they want to achieve. Yes, I do realize that writing about these things might significantly increase my possibilities for finding referals and indirectly widen peoples’ interest in particular system. However… I follow one simply rule – what haven’t happened yet, does not count.

Why? The reason is simple: revenue share programs, and most of them do it,  promise lots of miracles at the very beginning.

Of course, they do do put some of them into life, but in general, most of things they say do not ever happen. And even if we wanted badly for everything to be like it seems to be according to admins or owner, it won’t be like that and it is good to realize it sooner rather than later.

After my recent article, few people messaged me, expressing their dissatisfaction, because in my description of a program, I did not mention their plans, like: withdrawals in gold, competitions, withdrawals in BTC, etc. And yes, I did not add any of those to my text.

Because those are PLANS, and plan does not always turn out to be reality, and it really can mislead some people. Of course, if those options become available and we check them, then I will write about it, but until they’re physically there – what’s the point?

At the start on LikesXL, which I personally believed is going to be honestly a good revshare, people talked a lot that it’s not going to be long before they enable PayPal transactions. The contracts were already signed, just few days and it was going to start. And what? And it did not happen. Well, I think it’s good that it didn’t anyway, because we all know what sort of attitude PayPal has to revshare payments and why the processor is (saying lightly) risky in this business. There were plans, there were promises , but the final of the story was not as expected. And… how would it be if everybody carried on writing about it like it was truth already – wouldn’t it cause misunderstandings? And of course it was not our fault, but admins, but I am still not going to write about plans, which are not to be put into life until ‘some time in the future’.

Trafficmonsoon: there were plans of TM bank, which was meant to be leading place for processing payments, allowing us to save money on processors (that take commissions). There were loud announcements, plans, conferences. There was even a start date mentioned, some time around 6th of February, or something. And what? Well, nothing. TM bank is not there and TM itself does not exist.

Paypal was also meant to unblock a part of funds on TM processor – another great vision, announcements, someone started spreading gossips, hurray. And what? And nothing. So what’s the point of writing about plans, when we don’t know whether they’ll work out.

What haven’t happened yet, does not count.

Although my experience in revenue share is not that long, I still would be able to give you lots and lots of examples (from April 2015), but that’s not the point.

It’s great that revenue share programs are planning to expand and develop (we can only benefit from it), it’s nice that they give us some ideas of things that could happen in the future and what they perspectives are, but let’s not go crazy and take their words, like it was something definite.

There is only one fact: if you work in revshare, you should observe the situation, be vigilant, read about their plans, come up with adequate strategy, which will bring you either profits, or protect you from major losses. At the same time, do not assume, that every word of admin was already put on paper and witnesses by lawyers. 🙂

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