Usi-Tech Event, London, 28/10/2017

On 28th of October 2017, in London, Usi-Tech was celebrating their 1st anniversary, by conducting a large event for their users.

In the course of last year, there were a lot of changes in their terms and conditions and many successes too, that’s why we were all waiting for this big event, especially because the company was going to announce introduction of new products as well as tell us what are their plans for the future.

I did not attend the event in person, but I was lucky that my sister lives in England and she agreed to be ‘my spy’ during the event, so I can give you firsthand information 😉 And there is surely a lot to say!

At the start, take a look at few photos:

The organization of the event was truly impressive. A lot of energy, a lot of music, a lot of attendees (from USA, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Brazil, New Zealand, Mexico, Hawaii and others) – you could easily say that USI connects people from all around the world.

Updates, info, news and Usi-Tech’s future plans (that were mentioned during the event)

New logo and motto for 2018: The Future of Cryptocurrency


New back office for users (below you can see a photo of how it is going to look like) – It will appear online on 1st of November.

The company will systematically add new landing pages, promotional materials, videos and sales tunnels to it, so finally we could hopefully count on Usi-Tech’s help in sales.

New payment option that will make it easier to do payments in the system (before you could only use BTC payment): credit card. Soon, we will be able to purchase packs directly through their back office using credit card. For now we have to purchase BTC online and then send it to USI, that’s why it is going to be so much easier to just use your card (the system will calculate the price depending on current BTC value).
New technology: New Asymmetric Permanent Magnet Motor Generator: Usi has developed cryptocurrency mining generator which uses magnetic energy instead of electricity. Applying this technology into practice will allow them to reduce costs of mining to nearly ZERO. The heat that’s generated during the process gets turned back into power and by doing so, there’s not going to be any costs in regards to ventilation and cooling…

Because of this generator, Usi-Tech might become a global leader in cryptocurrency mining, as their technology seriously minimizes mining costs – that are the major obstacle in the process (just imagine how much you would be able to earn on mining, if there was no electricity and ventilation costs… how much more can a company earn because of possession of such advanced equipment, which they could rent to others too…). It might be a start of true mining revolution, but also if it was introduced in other sectors, such as… computing, machinery, energy companies, etc… just imagine…

It is hard to get your heard around it, when you think how much saving it could bring for the world and for its owner. Just the thought of what it could bring to hundreds of business sectors and companies… Usi-Tech focuses strongly on new technologies and it was highlighted a lot during the event.

Head of product development: Evan Ahern (well-known, experienced person, who has been working at new technologies for many years now, successfully helped over 50 companies. Main sector: energy production, heating, cooling solutions, blockchain solutions, co-operation with some of the best scientists and professionals in the world.

Usi-Tech’s current position in global mining:
1% of global BTC mining,
2,5% of global Ethereum mining
And… announcement that they’re aiming to be the global leader in cryptocurrency mining.

From 1st of November, there’s not going to be 3×3 matrix any more (it is not going to be included in their new back office) and the option for purchase of Forex license will be deleted too (if somebody bought it already, it will stay and still work, but it will not be needed any more to receive the commission from the lower levels). New Forex product will be based on 50 Euro packs model and will appear at the end of 2017. It will work similarly to BTC packs. Package: you purchase Forex pack for 50 Euro and earn 140%). Up until now you had to buy Forex license to receive commission from all levels, but it will not be necessary any more.

From 1st of November to receive a commission from lower levels:

Level 1: 10% commission – there is no special requirements to get it. You just simply need to introduce 1 person and they have to purchase a pack. You don’t have to have ANY BTC packages yourself to receive it (for example if you are totally broken, don’t have any money, but you want to earn you can just simply focus on marketing).

Following levels, as shown below (click to see large size):

So, to unblock each level of commission (starting at level 4) all you need is 1 extra person who has minimum of 12 btc packs. The whole marketing plan is then a way easier to explain to others.

Support: they announced the start of 24/7 call center based in several countries (various languages). In case of any problems we would not have to wait for ticket answer. We can just simply call them and ask about things we don’t know or for solution to our problems. As the number of Usi-Tech’s users is continuously growing – providing efficient support is definitely a challenge. The call center is meant to reduce ticket query queues.

Transparency: we will be able to see various things in regards to trading and its effects. Many people were waiting for it to get a clarity of what exactly is happening. We will for example see: blocks that are being mined by Usi-Tech, results of trading on Forex, etc. And all of this is done to prove that Usi-Tech is real and genuine company.

Few stats:
– Over 300 000 users from over 70 countries
– Over 5000 registrations a day
– 350 000 000$ in sales
Usi-Tech also invests in their own BTC ATM machines, with rental possibilities for people:


Own cryptocurrency: TechCoin (for now accessible exclusively for Usi-Tech’s users).

Tokens can be exchanged to TechCoin cryptocurrency after its release on the market. Their value will depend on/ will be linked to Usi-Tech’s new technologies, like energy generator and others.

Bonuses explained shortly: If you buy Gold Token Pack for 2500 Euro, you will receive 2500 tokens, and when the company sells 125 million of them, you will receive a bonus of 5000 extra tokens for free. The amount of bonus tokens will depend on the price of your token pack and the quantity of tokens sold by the company.
Second part of the event was focused on marketing strategies and then prizes and recognition for leaders. Medals were given to all users which exceeded a certain amount in earning (not a small amount). The stage was full of people and it looked extremely impressive. There were also speeches delivered by 12 biggest leaders, chosen by the bosses of the company. Their history and experience within the company was truly inspiring.

My sister’s impression: huge! It was her first event like this – sector of recommendation marketing, so she was honestly shocked 🙂 What’s interesting, is that the most of positive things and comments were not about the organization of the event or breakthrough technology they introduced, but what amazed her was the amount of great, passionate people she met, who were easy to talk to, helpful and full of enthusiasm. And that’s a fact: for this sort of contacts and people relations, it is worth to attend those events.

My feelings: I am highly impressed with what is going to be happening in Usi-Tech in the future (especially if it comes to magnetic generator technology – if it really exists, it is definitely going to be the breakthrough in the cryptocurrency world as we know it, as well as the huge step forward for the company. Of course, I am aware that although they have a lot of plans and new products, it might be a real challenge for them to put it in practice.
To conclude: if everything goes as they plan it, this will bring great, successful times for themselves and their users, but if they do not make it (because the RISK is always there, and I am repeating it 150 times and I will repeat it again) I am sure we will all be extremely disappointed.

I know, I know, I am keep saying it – it sort of becomes my style now 😉

I also think that their terms and conditions still need to be worked at, as they are not clear enough for everybody just yet, because of the multitude of regulations (observe groups about Usi-Tech on Facebook for any updates).

And… what do you think about it all?

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