The most difficult thing is to be persistent

Persistence is the most difficult thing, when you want to earn money online.

Yes, yes, I know – it sounds like another boring slogan, which you really can’t be bothered to hear about, but it is the truth.

Even if you carry on insisting that it was thousand other reasons that made you quit on your plans of earning on the Internet, most of them could still be classed as your lack of persistence.

Some time ago, while I was cutting the grass in my garden (and that’s one of activities, which gives me quality thinking time), I have realized that there are many people, who I got to know 2 years, a year, half a year, or even 3 month ago – while working on the Internet, but they’ve already stopped doing it. They are not earning, not taking any action in this sector, they don’t want it no more, they gave up, or they’ve decided that it is easier to find an ordinary job, that it was all a scam, so they came back to the place where they’d started, changed their vision and deleted FB accounts.

It is amazing how quickly everything changes in this business sector, how high is the people turnover – and I mean typical recommendation businesses (affiliate programs, revshares, etc.). I am not talking about earning by creating and selling internet websites, working in e-commerce, writing articles on order and similar things. I am on about recommendation programs.

Why is the people turnover so high?


Well, most of these people where simply tantalized by what had been said to them – easy and quick profit. They watched few YouTube videos, looked at other people’s screenshots of high earnings, which awakened their imagination and… they thought it is all possible to achieve in a space of few days, weeks or months. But it is not how it works.

Not many people ask themselves… How MUCH effort all this guys who make great money in recommendation programs had to put – to achieve these good results and why there is not that many of those who actually made a lot.

And what they have to spend the most of – is their TIME. Time that they spend on expanding their knowledge, getting to know all the news and using the information they gathered while talking with others. And it does not take a week, a month or two months. It may take years. And it is their persistence and regularity that did the job. And that’s what really matters – being persistent on your way to success.

What does an average person do after entering their first recommendation program?


arrow He puts ‘I am going to show you how to make money online’ post on their Facebook profile. He doesn’t even earn anything himself yet, but he already wants to show to other people how to do it. He hasn’t put any money into the program yet, but he’s deeply convinced that he can talk other people into paying something in, so he can receive a commission.

arrow He makes a ‘spam room’ out of his Facebook profile. And he sees effects from it straight away: no likes and a nasty comment every now and then.

arrow He spams on Facebook groups, hoping that if he does that every day for a month he’ll make big bucks out of it. Unfortunately, nobody recognizes him – so everybody just scrolls down seeing lots of spam from the same person (it looks much different, if a person who posts recommendations already has some renown in this sector – but if they’re just trying to build one, that’s not the way to do it).

arrow He writes to his friends from the neighbourhood, school or work about his wonderful business idea, sends reflinks… and when he gets confronted with a question ‘how much do you personally earn from it?’ – he looses his credibility straight away, because his friends know, that he had only just started and he didn’t earn anything yet. Then, obviously, they don’t want to be trained by the beginner. They don’t like the fact that he brags about businesses, which bring millions of dollars, as they know well how he lives and where he works.


Why an average person quits after a month?

Because non of the above actions brought any effects. It did not give him millions, not even few dollars… He came into conclusion that it does not work and he gave up.

An average person does not ask himself a question: What did I do wrong? What could I have done differently? What didn’t I do? What could I change?

And do you know why?

Because he observes similar actions taken by other people, who have some effects already (some good effects), and he doesn’t understand why it works for them, but for him it doesn’t. And the answer is simply: it all depends on the reputation, that you manage to make for yourself.

Example: A while ago, a man, who earn really good money in this business sector, added a short post on his Facebook profile, that promoted some new program. Within few hours, he received HUNDREDS comments from people, who were asking to contact them, requesting more information.

One of the beginners, seeing this absolute madness – copied his text and posted it on his profile. He thought that if this man had so many replies, he would surely receive some too… Effect: no likes, no comments, no interest. Why? REPUTATION: The man has worked for his renown and he had a good one. He was active online for few years, people recognize him, like him and happily sign up to programs he promotes. A beginner does not have this reputation. And even if he literally copy/paste the same post, or records a video simply using the same words like the person with renown, he will not have the same results. That’s it.

If Mr. Reputation spams on Facebook groups – many people will notice it, if he posts something on his FB profile – same thing will happen. If he records a video – same. If a beginner does that – no one will reply.

What builds your REPUTATION?

There is one answer to that: regularity and persistence. And I’d like to add – every ‘name’, that is recognized by many people now, and which a lot of people follow, had to start from the scratch at some point.

It started a FB profile
It was showing first little results
It was talking on priv with hundreds of people
It was facing laughter from its family and friends
It was recording its first dull videos
It was writing first shy articles on its blog
It was attending trainings, paid for courses
And it had zero dollars on its accounts

But those ‘names’ had one more thing: they simply survived the hell of being a beginner and their were persistent.

And with those people I am talking today, after 2 years of observing this business sector, the Internet and recommendation programs. Those people never left. They never disappeared. They never gave up when their program went down, then the next one and the next one. They changed their strategy, but didn’t walk away.
They’ve survived – and that’s it.


What an average beginner in recommendation programs does not do?

arrow He does not focus on systematic and regular work on building his reputation
arrow He does not talk to people
arrow He does not work on building people’s trust and he does not act as trustworthy person
arrow He does not post anything about his interest and what he is doing
arrow He does not make himself visible on official discussion groups of particular programs and that’s a big mistake – because that’s the place where he would meet people who are involved and that’s also where people would start noticing him
arrow He does not answer to people’s questions in groups mentioned above (‘they’re not my referals, so I don’t have to do it…’), he does not congratulate others when they’ve just earned $10 (‘it’s just $10, not a big deal’). He does not comment under admin’s posts as well (‘why would I do it for free?’), etc.
arrow He does not create useful tools and materials to make his work easier (he counts on quick, easy money, so he does not want to bother with creating a blog, making videos or preparing other materials, that would make it easier for him to answer questions, like: ‘what is an adpack?’, ‘how to add your ad to a program?’.  He could have just send the link to his blog, to people who are looking for this information.
arrow He does not have a patience in answering the same question over and over again (he did not prepare any materials, as mentioned above)
arrow He does not work systematically, every day, for 3 or 4 hours, no matter what. He thinks that posting his reflink on FB is good enough.
arrow He does not purchase anything in the program he has signed up to, but he wishes that others will do it first, and then maybe he will use the commission to do it himself. The problem is, that good 90% of people has the same attitude… so when finally people start signing up to a program, an average beginner gets really angry that they do not purchase anything. Well… they think exactly the same way as their sponsor does.
arrow He does not make plans for they future. He believes that he’ll get rich quickly, so he doesn’t need plans, strategies or development.
arrow He does not read program’s updates and he does not use it for program advertisement. He does not watch official videos from a program and he does not use them (when he could).

He does not have patience, persistence and the need for systematic action.

Conclusion: in recommendation programs THERE IS NO EASY MONEY.
Everything requires work, action, time and…
Great Amounts of Persistence.

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