The GCC Group: cryptocurrency + bonuses in Ecosystem 24

gccThe GCC Group is an innovative, well-prepared system, which provides unique solutions, on the global scale, that appeal to people who are interested in earning money, by promoting businesses.

The GCC Group distributes modern cryptocurrency, that’s supported by creation of its users’ social network. The company is mostly based on promotion of services and possibilities, related to 3D printing technology.

The GCC Group sells it’s products and services online. To assist the sale, they use an original system, formed using common solutions of Network Marketing, which were improved by eliminating most of negative restrictions. It enabled them to develop their own binary network.
The company has implemented an advanced bonus system, to reward people who decide to independently promote their offers.

The program includes GCC COIN cryptocurrency, binary system, possibility to earn a commission from structure, which is created by us (and our sponsors). They also provide an option to receive commission from company’s global sales (project Ecosystem24).

About the GCC Group:

It was registered in Poland, next to Poznan (Tarnowo Podgorne), REGON: 302592449, KRS: 0000507973, head office: ul.Rynkowa 5, Przezmierowo 62-081, Poland, no: +48 791402403, support: (links to view: Facebook, YouTube Channel and Twitter.

The program had started to work on the 31st of October 2013, but it was officially registered in 2014.

The GCC is a corporation with a bonus system in place, based on network marketing. It’s purpose is to create wide community, which uses strong cryptocurrency, that would not only work with a sense of respect to environment (some percentage of money from every transaction via the GCC portal gets spent on pro-environmental initiatives), but it will also be used to pay for goods and services from GCC portals. There are plans to implement it in outside businesses in the future, as well.

Important: The GCC Group is a restricted name, used as the company’s trademark, same as GCC symbols. It’s vital to know that if you want to use them in promotional materials, recordings and articles, you should obtain the GCC Group’s permission. Why? To not to damage their reputation, or cause misunderstandings – what happens a lot in this type of businesses. It must not be used in your email address, landing page, website name, login or nickname. The GCC closely cooperates with a law firm (, which is one of the first law firms in Poland that specialises in protection of intellectual property. It’s worth to remember.
~ (e.g. this article, was checked by the GCC marketing department, to make sure that no information was missed and everything I’ve written complies with the law)

In addition, all legal consultations, regarding the program’s functioning are pre-discussed with international advisors and lawyers to set the company’s rules, so they comply with the global criteria.

Jan M. Pasboel is the GCC Group’s owner. He is the entrepreneur, who runs several factories in Europe.

It’s easy to find him on Facebook, where he posts information and updates about the GCC, as well as new videos and pictures from business meetings. Recently, he uses Twitter too.

Official GCC presentation is on the main site, and the company’s office:

What possibilities are there for you in The GCC Coin?

1. Project Ecosystem24  (that’s what I like the most)

Out here, once you’ve fulfilled certain requirements, you’ll be able to receive a commission from the company’s global sales. It includes websites and stores which they own at the moment, as well as those that they’ll run in the future. Ecosystem 24 is a network of 24 connected portals (that’s their goal) from the GCC family, which will provide a variety of products and services. Its purpose is to create stable network of internet websites, that will enable the users to pay for services simply, using traditional currency, as well as the GCC’s cryptocurrency. Those portals will be integrated to deliver easier navigation and outstanding shopping experience.

All users receive 0.024% commission from the value of each transaction, processed through the program’s websites. Also, some percent goes to support pro-environmental initiatives (protection of endangered species, planting trees, etc.) and some is spent on further GCC’s development.

Current websites:


Products: all sorts of goods, that you may wish to have printed out, using 3D technology. Important benefits: your order can be placed from all around the world and collected from your closest 3D print point (on the 22/12/16, there were already 1672 places like that, in various countries).

Example: if somebody orders a 3D printer, or 3D print out of a prosthesis, a toy, of anything else, as a program’s user, you’ll receive a commission. Those products does not need to be bought by your referral. It could be absolutely any person from any place in the world. The user gets 0.024% commission from all transactions and purchases on the GCC’s portals.

GCC Travel24

Example: when somebody pays for a night in the hotel, anywhere in the world, using the GCC Travel 24 – you’ll get a commission for that. The same thing happens, with flight tickets, booking local attractions, car rental, etc. The company cooperates with various brands, such as:,, and Mariott. If you look at commissions per transaction, it may not seem a lot, but taking into account the scale of it, possibilities, and the program’s business plan (calculated for the next 50 years), it is starting to appear like a really promising source of income.

Coming soon:

GCC Take Away – the website that offers a possibility to order food and drink online, from restaurants and coffee shops in your local area. So, when a person orders a coffee – you, as the GCC’s user, will receive a commission.

GCC Better Bet – the portal that offers a possibility to bet on sport events from all around the world. You will get a commission from each transaction on this website too.

To receive a commission from all portals listed above (and new ones that are still to come), you will need to qualify to adequate rank – SINC (Smart Intelligent Network Community).

After you’ve registered, to get to the 1st level – IRON, you’ll need to collect 18 PVC points (commission from TakeAway sales – food, restaurants).

How to collect PVC points?

You will be able to get PVC points, only if your referral, during registration, purchases 3D starter pack. If he decides to buy it after – you’ll receive these points then.  Every 3D starter pack, purchased by your referral, will give you equivalent number of points. You can see your current PVC points amount, as well as your SINC status, on the program’s website, after logging in.

Furthermore, every time you use GCC’s services – purchase GCC pack, 3D print out, or order a pizza, you collect PV points (Personal Volume). These points are generated from each of your transactions, and they will result in extra bonuses.

2. The GCC coin cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency (coin GCC) gives you a lot of possibilities for potential profits: at the moment, it can be bought in separate packs, and also with the purchase of 3D starter pack (including the company’s promotional initiatives). The program is enable new options: to mine GCC coinson computer wallet (Proof of stake)


Looking at the predicted increase of their value, it seems like an interesting way of earning money passively.

It’s worth to remember that if we collect the coins now, after they get on the market, we will be able to put them into our outside wallets and mine them, increasing their number.

The GCC is based on a hybrid system – proof-of-work/ proof-of-stake. Because of the shortened verification time after each transaction (60 seconds), GCC can be used as a form of payment.

Moreover, the development of the project Ecosystem24 will create a possibility to use this cryptocurrency for your shopping in restaurants, air lines, payment in hotels, as well as for sport betting and purchase of 3D printers all around the world.

Options that will be available for GCC coins storage:

digital wallet,
mobile wallet for smartphones,
online wallet, accessible from any device that’s connected to the Internet,
sheet of paper. Every GCC has its own code, which can be printed out and stored as traditional banknote.

GCC can be stored for as long as you wish. 90 days is a basic deposit time.
The total of GCC coins in circulation will be 24 billion.

There are various career levels in the GCC, meaning – membership ranks, which give additional profits to you and your group.

For example, Pearl rank can be reached, when your group collects 25000 BV points, giving you 2500 GCC coins. What’s important is that another 2500 coins gets shared between the members of your group, as they’ve contributed to gathering the points and increasing your rank. I really like the fact, that the group gets rewarded, not only the leader, who is on the top. Without those people, you would not accomplish anything 🙂 It proves that the GCC Group is strongly focused on development of the GCC Community.

Every time you reach the next level – your group gains too. It’s called Community Bonus.

3. Referral commissions (3 levels):
(from the value of 3D print packs, bought by your referral during registration)

First level (direct referral): 20%

When your referral purchases 3D print pack for €438, you’ll receive 20% of it, so €87.60,
When your referral purchases 3D print pack for €1838, you’ll receive 20% of it, so €367.60.

Second level: 3%
Third level: 2%

It can be withdrawn into your bank account, or into your Bitcoin wallet.

4. Binary system – multilevel structure

Binary structure can be simply described as having two ‘legs’. To receive a binary bonus, you need to find at least 2 people who sign into the program using your direct link and each of them pays for €438 pack (optimum, as it gives you 238 PVC points), or you can look for more people with smaller packs, so in the end, you have 200 PVC points in each leg.

Both of these people need to be placed in a separate leg (you can set it this way).

The points are calculated every week. You will receive 10% of the money value from the weaker leg, what equals 20% of the points value.

~ Important: if you do not have 1 person in each leg, commissions which you would have received from binary, are NOT lost. You can see them waiting in your dashboard, until you find that one more person (complying with above conditions). It means that you will not lose anything by developing slowly.

Matching Bonus:

It’s a type of bonus, that’s based on your entire sponsorship network. It’s calculated at the end of every week, depending on the Binary Bonus, received by the members of your sponsorship network. To qualify for it, you’ll need a minimum of 200 BV points in each leg (exactly the same like in binary). As soon as you have them, you’re entitled to 3% commission from purchases of all people in your structure.

More points you have in your group, higher Matching Bonus you’ll get:
200 points – 3% commission from the first level referrals,
800 points – 3% commission from the second level referrals.

Marketing materials:

The GCC Group has already prepared a wide range of marketing materials, available from their website. It’s there to be used for the company’s promotion:

  • Presentation slides in English, Polish, and French. There are other languages yet to be prepared (download PDF:
  • Personal landing page (ready to use, but you can still modify it, going to a special outside dashboard). 30 days for free,
  • Video materials about the GCC (YouTube)
  • Partnership Link

How to join the GCC Group?

Firstly, you’ll need to sign in: registration link.

Then, choose your starter pack:
The cheapest one for €38 (you can enlarge it with time) + e.g. Affiliate pack, if you want to promote the program further (you don’t have to, but you may). Important: it’s possible to promote the GCC WITHOUT Affiliate pack – but until you’ve bought it, you will not be able to withdraw referral commissions and use the SINC points. You will not lose them. Once you’ve bought the Affiliate pack, you’ll get all previous commissions (you can see them on your dashboard),
The optimum one for €438 + Affiliate pack, if you want to promote the program and withdraw commissions straight away,
Any other pack of your choice (as well as a 3D pack, you’ll get a parcel with your product, e.g. 3D printing course, 3D pen, scanner for 3D  printer, and of course 3D printer itself. Interesting: if you order a 3D printer, you can open your own 3D print point and earn extra money!).


Payments available in The GCC Group:

Traditional bank transfer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and TransferWise. TransferWise offers the lowest transfer costs for international transactions, without any hidden payments (it’s 8 times cheaper than using traditional transfers to send money abroad).

You’ll get a receipt for every purchase/payment in the GCC Group. It can also be accessed on your dashboard.

After logging in for the first time and paying for a pack, make sure that you verify your identity, following the instruction (you can also do it in a later time, but until it’s done, you’ll not be able to get any profits from the program or receive commissions). The GCC Group is audited by Delloite, so everything they do needs to comply with the law an regulations.

Withdrawals in the GCC:

€200 is the minimum amount to withdraw and the company charges €14 per transaction. Withdrawals are done every Monday.

Why am I using this program?

Firstly: because of the SINC, so opportunity to receive a commission from global sales of products on integrated portals of the GCC Group.

Secondly: because of their cryptocurrency. I think that the program is capable of generating high, passive profits for a long time, because of it complicated structure (seems like it at the start) and its adaptation to a current law, good consideration and calculation of the entire model, as well as generation of profits from the real sales, not some imaginary ones.

Will it be easy?

At the start, definitely not.

Is there a guarantee of profits?

No, but it’s got the potential, so I need to give it a go 🙂 I feel there’s something in it.

My plan: build my ground in it slowly, buy coins, develop my structure, and with time, accomplish some interesting things within SINC (commissions from global sales), as well as Matching Bonus (a bit here, a bit there, so it becomes a lot).

Update from 22/01/17 – On the 11th of February 2017, in England, the GCC Group has planned an event, which would be a great opportunity, for the company and for us, to celebrate something important- more about it during the event. Tickets can be bought on : . If you are looking for a place to sleep, phone :  0044 1270 253 333, e-mail: Adress, where the event is going to take place: Crewe Hall, Weston Road, CW1 6UZ Crewe.

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