The end of revshare times, because of… cryptocurrency? Well…

For some time now, various fortune-tellers and other seers are predicting the end of revshare business sector. Supposedly, the reason for it, is the growing popularity of using various cryptocurrency programs, which according to them, is less risky, comparing to, for example, earning on the  market.

In addition to that, they’ve noticed, that few really popular revshares got shut down, and other well-known ones made significant changes, which resulted in cutting profits of their users. When they connected both of those facts: fashion for cryptocurrency + ‘problems’ within revshare sector, they came up with the theory, that it is nearly the end of earning through revshare, that it is not worth it any more and that there is no point of using it if people can make more money on cryptocurrencies (?).


Let me start from the beginning:

1. ‘Problems’ in revshare – those are simply things, of which we knew from the very start, meaning: by entering programs like that we are ACCEPTING the fact, that there is no guarantees in it, apart from advertisement services, for which we pay. We also accept the fact that an admin may share profits with us, but he does not have to. And then we are being majorly surprised, when an admin reduces our profits by 90% and we assume that we’ve been lied to. How?! Don’t you think that it’s some kind of fantasy? We agreed for it. Nobody has forced us to enter a program.

Another revshare problem is ‘an admin, who runs away with our money’ – Unfortunately, it happens. That’s why we have to pay attention to who runs a program, although it still does not give us 100% guarantee.

High potential profit = high risk.

What’s interesting is that the story about the end of revshare is nothing new – it repeats every time when a popular program collapses. It happened after TM closure, shutting down of MAPS, problems with LXL and MX, and then MPA and MPCA. It is the same now, when TAT is experiencing difficulties. We’ve been through it before 😉

And why, after each of these things happen, people are entering other programs? 😉 Try to answer it yourself.

And of course, that’s not it – these situations will repeat again. That’s what we’ve learned from our experience.

Bonus: every time a program ends, or experiences problems, people do one of those three things:

One: they give up on this business sector and everything else that relates to earning online (they 100% quit).

Two: they enter other programs, to make up their losses or to work differently, taking lessons from what has been. Then, they often change their strategy and start to diversify, to not to put everything they have in one place any more.

Three: they find another internet business sector, which gives them more or is more risky (do you remember HYIPs? – some time ago everyone literally run for it, and it also happened after few problems within revshare. P.S. Which one of you have recently heard about a HYIP…? Or which one of you still work in one? Everyone has just sort of become… quiet about it (?), when there were so many of them. It seems like people lost more in them, than they did through revshares 😉 ).

2. Fashion for earning on cryptocurrency vs. revshare programs

It is not a secret that cryptocurrencies are revolutionising online earning market and many people are going for it, without a full knowledge of what it is and why they do it. They are putting a lot of their funds in it, as they’re aware that they could take much more out in the future. Cryptocurrencies are already changing the financial world, including the Internet, companies, technologies and perspectives. That’s why it attracts many people.

Observation skill test:

Using Facebook, try to dig for popular names of people, who are recently writing about cryptocurrency, or showing off their profits from it. Then, have look, whether the same people are still using revshare programs or affiliate programs.
You will be surprised.
If you had thought that 100% of them left recommendation programs, you were mistaken. Most of them did not leave and they do not seem to be getting ready for it.

Do you know why?

Because the most of money comes from… MARKETING. And there are no reflinks for cryptocurrency. 😉

Most people, who have shown their cryptocurrency profits today – had enough funds to buy them, because they were using recommendation programs.

Because of revshare programs.
Because of MLM systems.
Because of HYIPs.
Because of affiliate programs.

That was the place where they’ve earned money, wisely diversifying their funds, they’ve put some of them in cryptocurrency.

In gold. In investment diamonds. In real estate. Etc. Etc. Diversification.

What do you HAVE TO have to start on cryptocurrency market for real?

arrow You have to have FUNDS (money)
arrow You have to have PATIENCE (time for the money to sit there, until its value goes up)

And there is another thing:

FUNDS for cryptocurrency: most people still don’t know what Bitcoin is, not mentioning other cryptocurrencies. That’s why they are so scared to take the money of their own pocket to buy them. They don’t understand the idea behind it and they don’t see the point to do it. If you don’t understand something, you’ll be reluctant to spend your day to day earnings on it, knowing, it may give you profits in few months, or… few years. And if you hear the word  – ‘market’ it stresses you out even more. How many times we’ve heard about people who lost all their saving on the stock market…?

There are more people who would understand what is a purchase of advertisement on revshare, and that we add our ad here with possibility for profit, than those who would get the point of buying some virtual coins and selling them after a year, when their prices increase.

Also, if you hear: ‘buy this cryptocurrency for $1000 and after a year you may have 3000% of it’ – you would think that the person who says it is crazy, not because you don’t believe in 3000% profits, but because of where on Earth would you get $1000 from?!

Revshare rules are not guaranteed, but they are much easier for you to get your head around:

You buy an adpack, you get 1% of daily bonus with maximum of 120% money back. Using your calculator, you will quickly find that if you spend $100, you will get $120 after 120 days. This is easy to get and sounds more like it. You can also get an advertisement, so you might as well promote another program with it, or your son’s website.

In cryptocurrency, no rules are guaranteed as well, but there is nothing that you could possibly calculate:

You buy coins and you have to wait until their price increases, but it does not give you any idea when it is going to happen, or whether it will happen at all. If you are able to buy it, forget about it and have a look at it after a year – it is a perfect scenario.
But most people are not able to do it.

Many of them puts their coins on the market and then observe it every day:
10% increase, then 5 days of decrease, wild speculations when their cryptocurrency, which they’ve bought for $1000 is worth $800, $700, $500. Heart attack. Palpitations. They panic and sell it quickly before it drops down even more. They take out $500, so they’ve lost a half. Wife gets angry. Holiday gets cancelled. War at home. And when their life gets more stable, they go on FB to find out that the same cryptocurrency is worth 5 times more. And you get another heart attack.

PATIENCE in cryptocurrency sector:

Most people DO NOT have the patience and that’s nothing new 🙂

Just to give you an example: when revshare admin does not reply for three days straight, or when his website is changing a server (what takes 24 hours)… many users are loosing their patience, think that ‘they’ve been lied to’ (no comment). So what will happen if their funds on the market will lose their value, or they will be decreasing for several days in a raw, or they’ll get stuck on a very law point for few months? I don’t even want to imagine it.

But that’s not it just yet. An average revshare user does not get interested in what happens with his current program at the moment. He does not read  the news, or does not check on updates regularly, and then after two months he discovers on official FB group that there were some changes in it, of which he had no idea.

Do you think that this type of person have time to observe cryptocurrency updates on Twitter and social media on the daily basis? Does he have time to make sure that this specific cryptocurrency owner did not die in the meantime and there is nobody to carry on with his project? Does he have time to get himself trained on trading, earning from drop downs, increases, jumps, or will he bother to get to know technical analysis schemes or at least spend few days on getting his head around Japanese candles and how to read them?

Well, I don’t quiet believe so…

And also… (important information below):

There is no guarantee that revshare will last 3 months, half a year or a year.

There are humans behind programs, and it is not possible to measure their honesty. There are also human’s reaction behind them: panic, anger, uncertainty, random cases, hackers, thieves.
Anything may happen.

There is also no guarantee that a value of particular currency will rise after 3 months, half a year or a year.

There are humans behind cryptocurrencies too, as well as projects created by them. Who is going to give you an assurance that their vision for a project is not going to change and that it will really work out? That people are going to need it? That owners are not going to change their mind and they’re not going to leave their original idea, because they come up with a better one, using different type of coins? Project, which is run with certain cryptocurrency might just simply not work out.

More I observe the market, stronger impression I have that people assume that when they’ve finally decided to purchase something, then definitely, after that one year its value will rise by million percent. AND THAT’S FOR SURE!
But wait… who said that?

Let’s take an example.

Companies enter the classic stock market, and for them (same as with cryptocurrency) it is a method for gaining funds for development, products and plans. But those ‘normal’ companies might collapse as well. They get overtaken by competitors, they become outdated, the need for their products decreases, etc. etc. It is very ordinary thing to happen. The sign of our times. And on this ‘normal’ stock market, same as on the cryptocurrency market you have absolutely no guarantee that your project/company will stay on it forever.

There are risks both in revshare and cryptocurrencies (the risk is everywhere).

Did HYIPs disappeared because people went to revshare or their switched to trading and cryptocurrency?
No. They did not disappear and they are not going to. There will always be people who feel good using them and who will find their own strategies within them. And there will always be people who leave them and never come back.

Did revshares disappear, because people prefer cryptocurrencies?
No. They did not disappear and they are not going to. There will always be people feel good using them and who will find their own strategies within them. And there will always be people who leave them and never come back.

Your choices, your ways, your decisions.

There are various methods for earning online, various programs, offers, markets and business sectors.

I believe that the real trick is to put your funds in it, so:

a) in case one of your sources collapse – you have other ones to pay for your electricity, bills and a bowl of rice
b) in case any new interesting market or idea comes up, you have some left to put in them (not everything frozen in revshare, cryptocurrency or hyip)
c) in case your cryptocurrency value gets stuck in one place – you have something else to pay for your electricity, bills and a bowl of rice
d) you remember that you should not keep all your eggs in one basket, even if it’s really tempting

Do I still work in revshare programs? Yes, of course.
Do I still work in cryptocurrency? Yes, of course.
Do I work in any other programs, that are nor revshares, but are based on bonuses from trading, cryptocurrency or forex? Yes, of course.
If something new, interesting comes up, would I go for it? Yes, of course. Depending on my time and funds availability.

Is it possible to get your head around it all? Yes – but NOT if you are only just starting.
Everything has its order.
Everything has its time.

What is diversification?
It is putting your funds in several places to reduce the probability of losing, with a full awareness that it will reduce the probability of getting the highest possible profits.
Saying it shortly: you need to cover your ass to be able to sleep well.

And as for the ending, you need to ask yourself one question:
Do you prefer to cover your ass by putting your funds in variety of programs, or do you prefer to believe in 1 thing, 100%, to wake up again with your hand in the toilet?

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