The deals at the very top

I could not resist 😉

I wonder how many people will open this article, because of the title, hoping that they’ll find some exciting details about deals that get arranged between ‘people at the top’ in recommendation business sector. 😉

But OK, I’ll try to keep it short, because I have to honestly admit that last few months seem to me like a path full of new discoveries, as well as moments of total shock if it comes to how it works, or how it does not work, between the leaders at the very top. Of course, some things that I come across, those that open my eyes really widely, are information said by people, who have heard something and know something, but a lot of them come from ’the source’.

Well – I don’t know how it is everywhere else in the world, because the sector of affiliate programs is huge, but further I go in the forest, I get stronger impression that I am only touching this topic. All I am seeing, is that where I work, in relations the company – leaders, leaders – leaders, leaders – the crowd, there are unbelievable things happening.

Goodness comes back.
Evil multiplies.
Lone wolfs do not care.

I think you could put most of the people at the top under one of those slogans. We have a wide variety of characters, personalities, and sensitivity out here, that act accordingly to above sentences.

Goodness comes back.

Those are leaders, who are like they are meant to be. Exactly like the word – leader is defined. With big L. I think those people are so outstanding and dedicated that it seems unreal. We could count them with fingers of one hand. They have wide knowledge and amazing sensibility that stop them from screwing people over. They also tend to have lower profits than others. Respect to all of you!

Evil multiplies.

Those are leaders who never do anything for free. Huge knowledge and great awareness if it comes to crowd psychology, understanding owners of companies and other important people. Leader ‘evil multiplies’ would not do anything, absolutely (just to highlight it – absolutely) anything, it there is no good deal in it. In a way, it’s bad, but on the other hand, he is a person who is aware of what he can do, and knows that people are ready to pay for a deal with him. This person can for example take money from the owner of an affiliate program, purely for making a decision to enter it and promote it.

The owner would pay enough to convince him, because he knows that crowd will follow him and a company could then develop. Maybe it happens because the money from commission is not quite enough for this leader? Maybe it is the triumph of form over content? And maybe it’s because he worked for years on his reputation and now he thinks people have to pay him for his presence in a program?

And maybe it is not evil at all… but only business relations that surely take place in many ‘normal’ companies. You just pay for the best professional for your company (or one of the best), because it will be extremely beneficial for your business. Eh… Grrr… Life? Business? Reality? Care for your company? Quid pro quo? Normality? I don’t know.

‘Evil multiplies’ arranges many deals with other people and builds his relations with others based on those deals. He agrees on everything with people on ‘his level’ and offers deals that would be profitable for both. Setting ‘Director’ rank in MLM for a start, setting the best spot on binaries for creating the best structures. Deals for criticizing other programs (few people at the top agree things between each other and you can only imagine what will happen if they all start picking on selected companies). And it is not that those other programs are bad. Come on 🙂 It’s because they are able to use their reputation and criticism over others to build structures in their company. The rule is simple. Goodness pays less that hate and criticism.
Hate reaches more people and will always get those who would clap to it. It works 10 times better that this… goodness… And the fact that they may at the same time destroy those companies that were pretty good? Who cares, Life is brutal. It’s the tough people that win. Big fish eat little fish – that’s how it is.

Lone wolfs do not care.

Those are leader who run away. Honestly – they exist. They run away from other leaders. Sometimes from the very beginning. They act in silence, often alone. Their Facebook profiles might look pretty empty, but they are there – using private messages, Skype, YouTube and telephone. Those are people, who work hard for their rank, often not agreeing for any deals.

If somebody does not seem right to them, they can feel it early – they leave his group, ban the person and never come back. They are lone wolfs who are driven by what they think is correct thing to do. Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong. They stand up after failures and move on. Even if they know that they could get a lot of money for agreeing to a deal, they are not too eager to take it. They don’t care. They are also observers – good ones.

What’s interesting is that there are also mixed leaders. Goodness comes back happens to be a lone wolf every now and then, but he can jump to a path of evil multiplies to do one or two deals. Within the bounds of reason and sensibility. Evil multiplies might suddenly disappear and become a lone wolf. For some time. Up until everyone forgets about his last fail. Miracles happen too, when evil multiplies changes direction and becomes good. He might not be able to cope on that side, as that’s not what people got used to.

For many of you, what I have just written, might be some nonsense.
But there are others, who will know that I am talking about them.
But those others might not read it at all.
To not to waste time.

It is the most pleasant, to be somewhere in the middle of it all.
When you earn quite good money, you have fun, find new, nice contacts and you are not aware of those things that happen at the top. Or you just don’t want to know about it. And you carry on doing what you do.

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