Take a loan for some adpacks!?

‘Don’t you have money for a start in revshare business, but you wont to earn a lot as soon as possible? Take a loan! You’ll pay it back from your profits!’… that’s an example of lighter adverts, out of those crazy ones I come across online, which just simply make me speechless.

And it has nothing to do with the fact, that I strongly disagree with taking any loans, unless you are 100% sure, you’ll be able to pay it back. And nobody really has that sureness – either you work full-time (you don’t know, if you wouldn’t get fired), own a business (depending on the market, there is hundreds reasons, why it may need to be shut down out of sudden) or work online (there is no guarantee out here as well).

What annoys me is that adverts like: ‘Take a loan for some adpacks’, might reach to people who (please forgive me) do not have a slightest clue about rules in revshare business and they believe that high, future profits out here are unquestionable. Which they’re not.

What’s absolutely indisputable, is only the fact, that if you decide to take a loan, you will have to pay it back, whether your revshare idea works out, or not. There is no eternal businesses, so bare that in mind.

Examples of ‘Take a loan for adpacks’ adverts:

1. If you do not have money for a start in revshare – take a loan.

My comment: Don’t you have money for a start? You do not need to have it. You can sign in to any revenue share program WITHOUT purchasing anything. Do not allow anybody to convince you that it is impossible. The downside of it is that even if you use paid per click ads (few programs offer this option, like TheAdsTeam), it would be difficult for you to earn enough for a full $50 adpack. It would take a long time – at least 6 months.

But, to sign up anywhere, to see a website from the inside and to receive your partner link for program’s promotion, you DO NOT need to have any money. And definitely you do not need the huge amount, which you might be able to get from a bank.

Remember: The loan you take, need to be paid back. You have no guarantee, that a program you choose, will not shut down after a week. If it happens- you will end up with debt.

Do not forget that.

2. Take a loan for adpacks in one company, then, after a month, take a loan in the other one, to pay back the first amount. It would give you extra time for working in revshare business. After another month, you’ll be able to return all the money you’ve borrowed, from profits.

My comment: I am not saying ‘no’ to this strategy, because it’s got some logic, but still, we cannot forget that a program may not last (it may be caused by various factors), and you will not only miss out on the profits, you will be left with debt and interest. Are you really able to afford that?

I’ve heard about a guy, who has taken a loan, through some bogus company, to buy adpacks for it. Few days after, the program he used, got closed my the American SEC. This person got left with a debt: amount he had borrowed + 800%…

Think three times, before you decide to do something like that.
Well… or don’t think at all, just trust your friend who said: Do not take a loan for adpacks.


3. Look at point 2, times three (3 separate loans, each of them to return money for the previous one, and the last one to be paid back from your profits within a program).

My comment: Yeah… ask the person, who recommended this option, whether he’ll give you some guarantee, that a revshare promoted by them, will be still running after 3 months. Good luck with that. They will not be able to reassure you, unless they decide to lie.

And as you’re not going to get any guarantee, that the program will still exist, remember… that your loan will…
I know that I am grumbling and that you’d rather listen to something else, but unfortunately, it is truth… 🙂

4. It is not worth to start in revshare with 1 adpack and spend ages trying to make a profit – it is better to take a loan, put a lot of money in it, so you quickly earn enough to pay it all back.

My comment – There is some truth in the first part of above sentence (until the dash symbol). But… that’s how I started – from 1 adpack. So? Did it not work out well? Of course, it did. I have checked a program personally, made first steps, wasted a lot of time, but the knowledge and experience that I got out, have led me to a place where I am at now.

Start slowly, do not give in to the outside pressure, from people who try to ‘push you’ to something. You have our own brain and it is you who decide, isn’t it?

To summarize:

I am not admonishing you.

I am just simply showing you disadvantages of what may happen if you take a loan for adpacks. Yes – you may say that I only show you the minuses, not the pluses of doing so.

Of course, there are two options.
You’ll either lose, or nor.

And nobody can tell you which way it’s going to go. The risk equals 100%.
The question is, whether you have full awareness of what you’re about to do and whether you have thought about it for long enough.

So you don’t moan in the end… 🙂

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