Stinking rich? – Surely, he’s been stealing!

Sometimes I feel that I’ve had enough. Honestly.

I’m fed up with the fact, that most people (who earn less that national average), perceive those who earn more than that as thieves, liars, deceivers and crooks, who don’t pay taxes.

It is easy for people, who earn a little, but fairly, to make themselves feel better, by blaming those ‘thieves’, those ‘elites’, those ‘crooks’ for their poor earnings.

Somebody said once: ‘If a person has the money, he has it from SOMEWHERE’. Highlighting this ‘somewhere’ to create the impression that the source was fraudulent.

Of course, not every ‘rich person’, or the one who ‘earns 5 times more than we do’ is honest.

Of course, not every ‘poor person, or the one who ‘struggles to pay for their bills’ is honest.

On one side and the other side there are surely many liars, or simply saying – bad people. The world is not a fairy tale.

Well… I think I just simply cannot accept that all wealthy people are immediately looked at the same way.
It seems like it is often forgotten that a lot of them had to start from the same point where we’re at – from the scratch.

Few examples:

ALBERT EINSTEIN – When he was 4 years old he could not speak. His teacher told him that he hopes, Einstein would not have to count a lot in his future.

MICHEAL JORDAN – After he got dismissed from his team, he came back home, locked himself in his room and cried.

WALT DISNEY – He was thrown out of work as a journalist for lack of imagination.

STEVE JOBS – When he was 30 years old, he got fired from his own company, what left him desperate and broken.

OPRAH WINFREY – She was demoted from her job as a newscaster, because ‘she did not fit in to be on TV’.

THE BEATLES – Decca Recording Studio rejected their music, because they assumed that The Beatles ‘are not likely to have a future in the show-business’.

And of course, we should not forget about J.K. Rowling – the author of Harry Potter books. Most publishers rejected her first book, and if it wasn’t for her determination, she wouldn’t have published it at all. 😉

Well, let’s come back to out marketing playground of recommendation programs…
Did you realize, that many people, who are more and more recognizable in this business sector, own pretty poor Facebook profiles? They post something once every few days. They do not upload any screenshots of amounts, values commissions, etc. Have a guess why?

When they started, they used to post screenshot of their first $10 earned, and people reacted in two ways:
1. Wooow, congratulations, keep it up!
2. What’s there to brag about? $10? I would not waste my time on clicking some stupid ads or running a blog for that.

Then, they were posting screenshot of their first $50, $100, $200, and people reacted in two ways:
1. Wooow, congratulations, I wish I could earn that too.
2. Did you already withdraw it or those are just the numbers? Nobody is going to pay it out to you. Stop lying!

After that, they were posting screenshots of much higher values: $1000, $5000, and people reacted in two ways:
1. Wooow, well done! That’s great!
2. Did you withdraw it yet? Show me a screenshot of your bank account! Or did you do it in Paint? He He

When longer times had passed and their results were even higher: few screenshots of tens thousands of dollars. Reactions:
1…… (no comments and no likes, as people did not want to increase their traffic even more – ‘They have enough’).
2. You f*** thief. You surely earned it from commission of people you lied to! You surely don’t pay any taxes! What are you thinking? You have no conscience!

And that’s how, after years of systematic, thorough work… a person got called a thief, a wheedle, a crook, a liar, or worse.

So he stopped uploading screenshots on his official profile.
Sometimes he may post something on his closed group for partners, but it is not a rule.

Nothing hurts more, than knowing that others have money, but you don’t.

The money likes the silence… (you realize it as you get experience, and lessons from situations like the one described above), and I am not surprised that I only notice maybe one screenshot a year, posted by a leader, or maybe few more on their closed groups.

What the eye does not see, the heart does not grieve over.

P.S. If you have ever uploaded on Facebook, a screenshot of you first earned $10, then you need to know, that you have just entered a long road, called: ‘how to turn from a good friend, who teaches others how to make money, to thief and heartless liar. Of course, to do that, you have to act systematically and persistently. Because no matter what you do… if you succeed, they will say that you’ve stolen it.

So have fun! 😉

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