‘Sponsor’ = Bruce Almighty? It’s impossible to please everyone

Many people, who work in recommendation programs – especially at the very beginning, often think to themselves, that when they finally find their first partner -’referal’, they will be the best sponsor on this planet for them.

They will teach him everything, explain it all, give step by step instructions. From A to Z. This referal, specifically his purchases, could bring them commission, so it seems obvious that they have to make sure the person is fully aware of how to set up an account, complete verification, use a Facebook profile for marketing purposes, when to withdraw, etc. Beginners are often highly motivated and passionate to authentically help others to earn on the Internet.


And usually, after few conversations with others, they get disappointed.

What do beginners expect from their ‘sponsor’?
(I am going to use examples from my own experience)

– Can you buy me my first adpack, and I will give the money back when I’ve made profit (literally!)
– Can we make a deal that you will buy me some adpacks, I will see if I like it and if I do and it’s all OK I will pay you back from my profits?
– Let’s skip all trivialities. Can you tell me how to earn $100 by the end of the week?
– Can you tell me what I have to do, to be able to quit my job in maximum 3 months?

– I am using this program for 2 weeks now, I am sending reflinks everywhere and nobody has signed up yet – what should I do? Does it work?
– I don’t understand English and obviously I am not going to start learning now, so just tell me where it is and what to do?
– I don’t want to build any reputation or crazy things like that, I just want to earn from home so tell me how to do it?

– Can I just copy articles from your blog and post them on mine? There’s no point for me to write about the same things all over again.
– How can I skip the charges on payment processors? I want to earn, not waste my money!!
– Let me know where are you sending your reflinks, so I will send mine out there too?

– Why would I change my Batman profile picture on Facebook? It is good.
– Why can’t I post my reflinks on your profile? You’re my sponsor, so you’ll earn on it too!
– Why are you not answering your phone? I have family and I don’t have time during the day. That’s why I am ringing at 2am at night! I did not register from your link to wait half of a day for reply. Respect my time!

– Can you calculate for me how much I am going to earn in programs A, B, C and D and within what time if I put $50 in each? I want to compare what will work out better and don’t have time to calculate it all.
– Can you come to my town (… and here she gave the name of this town, around 500km away from me…) and we will talk about it while drinking coffee? I don’t like online conversations and I can’t call you, because my husband does not know that I want to do it. I would prefer a good coffee and a chat.

– Can you tell me where are you finding your referals? Next time you get one, can you send him my link instead of yours? You have a lot already and I am only starting. It would really motivate me.
– Can I count on you to click my ads, because I don’t have time?
– Can I count on you to contact the company if I needed you to, as I don’t speak in English?

– Why are you not answering you f**** phone when I am calling you?! Is it so difficult to pick it up? The website of the program is not opening – what the f*** is going on?
– I will sign up from your link if you give me all commission that you receive from my purchases. I will pay a lot in, so you can brag on Facebook about your statistics.

– If the program starts experiencing problems, could you let me know? So I can withdraw my money?
– Can you set up a meeting for me with the program’s owner? I want to get to know him in person, before I sign up.
– How come you’re on holiday?! I am your referal and I expect instructions immediately. I have to do it today, because I am leaving tomorrow.

Summarizing it shortly: many people will expect from you to be their: servant, phone call assistant, receptionist, translator and that you’ll be clicking ads for them too. Because you have time and they don’t 😉

In addition, people have various priorities: some of them want a lot of money, others would prefer not to risk a lot, or have some stability and peace of mind, etc. Some of them do not want to have a sponsor who would talk to much about safety, diversification, need for understanding fully what it is all about, but others would not sign up from a reflink of somebody who is like an energy bomb with financial ADHD.

One way or another – even if you tried really hard – you are not going to be the ideal sponsor for everybody. It is just simply impossible.

I honestly think that you will definitely do your best, but the life and the reality will quickly make the impact on your attitude…

As a sponsor – how to remain sane?

Remember: you are not a Bruce Almighty. You cannot please everyone. Can you recall a situation, of when was the last time you made absolutely everybody in you family happy. So, nobody moaned and nobody grumbled… and nobody wanted something from you, that you could not give them.

So now, you can answer yourself: if it is so difficult even in your own family to please everyone, how would you be able to do in online, where everybody expect something else? And most often, 80% of things that people want from you, they could look up themselves, but they just do not want to ‘waste’ their time for searching for answers.

Unfortunately, if you decide to work in programs which offer commission for recommendations, you have to get used to people asking you questions or requesting advice, which you might not be able to give. And it might be because you have the same amount of time, as everyone else, and even if you wanted to, you can’t stretch it any longer.

You have to remember that your time is that one thing that nobody will be able to give back to you.

If someone believes that you are going to do and find everything for him – then remember, that you are not their servant. And if you allow people to get used to you doing it all and answering within 5 minutes, they will never become independent. They wouldn’t think of looking something up themselves, if they could just ask.

If you see, that somebody definitely wants to walk the other path than you – don’t try to convince him, don’t try to help them forcefully. Let them go their own way. Maybe it will work out for them.

If you see, that somebody has other aims and priorities, and they don’t match with what you do – just go you own way.

It’s impossible to please everyone.

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