Rockwall Investments – interview with owners, news

On 15th of March 2018, I have met with admins of Rockwall Investments company and I have taken that opportunity to ask them about various updates in regards to their business and their plans for the upcoming year.

There were many interesting subjects – especially because I did not expect some of the things they said at all, and I was pretty sure that they would not introduce them, but there we go… surprise 🙂

Below, you’ll be able to find my questions with detailed answers, given by the owners: Rafal Krakowiak and Wiktor Zajaczkowski.

What changes and news shall we expect from Rockwall in upcoming year?

R.K and W.Z : We are definitely going to change the look of our website and app, bringing new packs related to Passive Income (for now we offer Fusion pack, but there will be more to come, after we have taken care of legal issues and programming faults). If everything goes according to plan, in around a month time we will offer 2 or 3 new, well-prepared landing pages for promotion of Rockwall Investments.

The Rockwall Investments online store is also nearly ready. All that’s left is filling gaps and finishing of articles, so it is possible it will go public in April.

Our online store is going to offer advertisement gadgets, Rockwall branded clothing, graphic cards, and cryptocurrency miners.
Payment using direct debit option will also be available, so you can pay for a miner monthly. You may either decide to keep you miner at home or you can keep it in Rockwall – but then, of course, you’d have to pay extra for space and service. That means, we will provide possibility for purchase of mining pool (that’s what we do at the moment), but also for people who want to own their miner too.

Other news is that we would like to enter Asian markets: we might manage to open separate base out there, but that is going to take time. We have quite few great people already and that’s only the beginning.

Is it true that you are moving your company from the Marshall Islands to Cyprus?

R.K and W.Z: Yes. We are in the process of doing it, but it is going to take around a month to complete. Our aim is to register the company in Cyprus soon.

What are both of you responsible for within the company?

R.K and W.Z: We both manage the company, but we have employees who take care of particular aspects of the business. We are mainly focused on administration and management. Both of us have different skills. Wiktor takes care of paperwork and various ‘technical’ tasks – and I am (Rafal) responsible for people management, communication, making new contacts and Facebook. Soon there will be more of myself in marketing too. But of course, we are constantly exchanging information, although two of us complete slightly different activities.

Security of the funds. What would happen if a hacker attacked Rockwall?

R.K and W.Z: All funds are stored on Ledgers, that are not connected to the Internet. They are in the safe, so it is impossible for a hacker to steal it. When customers are paying for Rockwall products, the money is going on Ledgers straight away.

Where do you keep seeds?

R.K and W.Z: Hahaha! They are buried and we are not going to tell you where that is 😉
In addition, I’d like to add that entire Rockwall website is secured by systems which disable the option for viewing application’s data. And that’s all we can say. 🙂

How many miners do you currently have?

R.K and W.Z: Around 60 in total. Only few of them are in Poland – for marketing purposes, all the rest is kept abroad. Currently we have around 30-40% of extra equipment, so we have a back up to be able to complete orders made by customers.

Don’t you have any problems with the shipment?

R.K and W.Z: No, recently we have not experienced any problems. But that is among the reasons why there is 20 days wait time for activation of mining contract. It may happen, as it has happened before, that D-3s got stuck for a month on the boarder, and that is why it’s important for us to have an excess of equipment available and 20 days activation time.

Why is there only 10 days wait time for activation of FuturoCoin mining?

R.K and W.Z: Because we have substantial excess of equipment and we would really like to get clients for FTO mining. As far as we are aware, apart from Futuro.Network, we are the only company that enables FTO mining.

Do you have access to cheaper electricity?

R.K and W.Z: Yes.

When a customer purchases mining pool in Rockwall, he is paying for the mining power, but you have to pay for much more things: electricity, cables, ventilation, connection etc. etc. Where do you get the money for that from?

R.K and W.Z: It is all included in the price that you can see on our website. If our costs go up, the price would go up too. When the cost of ETH, ETC and UBIQ graphic cards went up, we also increased the prices.

Why the activation time of Fusion pack equals 5 days?

R.K and W.Z: Because we have to have time for all the transfers.

Is the maximum daily bonus on Fusion pack 1.5%?

R.K and W.Z: Yes, this is maximum daily percentage. And we are clearly specifying: ‘UP TO 1.5%. If one day the company does not earn the excess on trading, and that may happen, as that’s how the market is, there would be 0 bonuses, if it earns 1%, the bonus will equal 1%, 0.5% – then you’ll get 0.5% and so on. Rockwall offers realistic bonuses, not fictional ones. Of course the company is building its reserves, because there are much better days, and then when it comes to less fortunate times, we can still add on to bonuses, so it’s not 0. If there were no reserves, we would not be able to do that.

What products are costumers getting to shields for 10$, 25$, 50$ and so on. And… when? 😉

R.K and W.Z: Products were meant to be there already, and those were landing pages, advertisement banners and marketing tools, but because of programming faults within the system, unfortunately, it is being delayed. Same as with mining contracts, the system should automatically send you written contract (and they’ve been ready for a long time, really nice ones, but due to programming problem with auto-send, we are still working hard to get it to work).

It is possible that the product you’d get to shield, will be changed to PREMIUM/ SHOPPING POINTS, which you’d be able to spend on various products in our online store. It is also possible that for shield purchase we will offer a bit of mining, so with buying a shield, you’d receive some amount of MH/s of crypto mining power, or premium points, to be used as partial payment for mining etc. We are still thinking about the best solution.

Estate investment – is there a chance that this option will appear this year?

R.K and W.Z: Yes, when the company is finally registered in Cyprus then yes. There are legal aspects in it and that takes time.

I have found the information in FAQ that if within 150 days, the customer would not make a profit in form of bonuses, you will return to him the amount that’s needed to make 100%… Is that correct?

R.K and W.Z: Yes, we guarantee, so called cashback. If the company, within 150 days does not manage to return over 100% for a client, we will return the amount that’s needed to make it 100% of contribution into passive plan. But for now, many fusion packs have already expired and nobody complained that they did not get enough 🙂 One way or another we are not able to guarantee and we will not guarantee stable or maximum daily bonuses, but we can guarantee that in the worst case scenario we are going to return 100% of your contribution.

Do you have a sector that would take care of legal issues at Rockwall?

R.K and W.Z: Yes. There are few legal offices that we use – depending on what we need to get sorted.

How long does a person need to wait for an invoice from Rockwall, if he/she has a business and needs it.

R.K and W.Z – One week – up to two weeks from the receipt of the email.

Would it be possible to receive annual summary of all payments and withdrawals for tax purposes?

R.K and W.Z: No, it is not necessary, because at the moment, there are no withdrawals made in traditional currencies – FIAT, but it is all done with the use of cryptocurrency. Paying taxes is individual responsibility of each user (and they should definitely contact tax adviser about it), but, if a person gets paid in cryptocurrency, he then goes and sells it somewhere else, and for that exchange he gets a confirmation. From that amount he then pays taxes, of course, depending on the law in the country you live in.

In Rockwall panel, you are going to find payment confirmations as well as invoices for purchase of products and services.

Are you planning to enable direct payment/ withdrawals to and from bank accounts?

R.K and W.Z: It is included in our plans for the future.

Are you planning to enable credit card payments?

R.K and W.Z: Yes, we are planning to enable this option (we are working on it, and it may be possible once we’ve moved to Cyprus). Withdrawals done this way may be possible too, but only with the use of prepaid cards. Of course, those are plans for the farther future.

Is it possible to reduce the minimum limit for mining withdrawals? At the moment it is 0.1 for any coin?

R.K and W.Z: No, it is not possible, as it depends on the fees that the company has to pay through withdrawal process and other commissions. That is why the minimum limit is going to stay.

What cryptocurrency do you mine the most of?

R.K and W.Z: If you look at the amount, it is FuturoCoin, as it is easy to mine. And if it comes to what people mine the most of, it would probably by ETH. That is the crypto that we sold from the very beginning, people soon started to buy it, so that’s what we sold the most of.

At the moment, the most selling cryptocurrencies are FTO, Ubiq and Zcash.

Did you experience any problems with connecting to FuturoCoin pool? I have heard that it was difficult.

R.K and W.Z: No, we didn’t 🙂 We just simply knew how to do it.

Are you planning to record webinars/ videos for new, potential customers?

R.K and W.Z: Yes, we will work hard on getting them prepared – as soon as the programming craziness, which we are experiencing at the moment, ends. It may be in April, or later – Rafal will be doing more videos and lives, and he will be much more present in social media.

Is Rockwall still sponsoring woman volleyball players?

R.K and W.Z: Yes, we are sponsoring them until the end of the season and we are planning more sponsorship and advertisement initiatives. Not only online, but also ‘outside’.

Are your sponsored adverts, same as other crypto businesses, being blocked by Facebook?

R.K and W.Z: Yes, unfortunately, but we are looking for solution.

When would it be possible to move the mining power to other cryptos, e.g. ETH to ETC or others?

R.K and W.Z: This year. It should be available after re-branding.

What is important for you in this business?

R.K and W.Z: The idea – creating a business, that will show people other ways of earning money. Business that is going to prove that it is not necessary to work, for let’s say – 8 hours a day, each day, to be able to earn just enough money to survive.

When we were creating Rockwall, we were literally angry that businesses and programs, which we promoted earlier, as users – collapsed and disappeared, with owners suddenly getting out of reach. We wanted to build real business, available for anyone, that allows people to earn non-fictional money, without not-achievable promises.
We want Rockwall to be one company with other companies right next to it – other profiles of activity – crypto mining, online store, and other things that we are planning for, such as sustainable energy sources, energy production, etc. so it all binds together and enables people to earn.

The company is going to develop, move forward, at the same time, allowing people who create it with us to spread their wings.

My impression: After meeting with Rockwall admins I have to say, that I really liked that the answers where specific and detailed, and even when I tried to give them a tricky question, the did not get caught 😉 It is visible that they dedicate a lot of time and attention to the company, and even if the things are not going perfectly as planned (e.g when the team of programmers, trying to introduce some updates, artistically messes something else up, causing long delays to fix all the coding), they still patiently go forward, correct, keep a careful watch and take care about the business. And I think those are Big Advantages. Minus: they could be more visible online, and I mean marketing, but out of two evils, I think I prefer when marketing is a downside, than if it was to be other things. 😉

Conclusion: I am happy that I could have personally meet the owners and ask them about all those various things. I keep my fingers crossed for the company and I hope that it will develop as highlighted by the owner, as their plans seem very nice and we have something to wait for.

If you are not in Rockwall yet, but you got interested in possibilities and you’d like to see how it looks ‘from the inside’ – register here, take a look at their official website and read more in their FAQ section.

If you have any questions – you can also contact me via private message on Facebook or send me an email.

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