Revshare programs: don’t be greedy!

greedyRecently (at least, since I have started noticing it), we are experiencing a rapid increase in number of new revshare programs. It attracts people, who are craving for high profits. Some of them, end up continuously signing up to new ‘potential hits’, believing that ‘this new program must be the one’, to bring me substantial income. Because their attention is being constantly interrupted and they are not able to concentrate, those people often finish with either little money, or none of it.

Today, we will talk about, why revshare programs are numerously used by greedy, obstinate dreamers, and how to think straight, instead of trying to fulfil exaggerated fantasies of getting ‘soooo rich’.

Firstly: revenue share programs truly allow us to make good money on the Internet. You can get back, in average, 105%, 110% or 120%. However, there are revshares, where you’ll get even 170%. I’m confident to say, that there are money making opportunities in those programs.

Secondly: in revshare, it is possible to lose absolutely everything, if you don’t stick to basic rules:

arrow 1. Use only the money, which you can live without.
arrow 2. Do not put in the money, which is necessary to fulfil your basic needs.
arrow 3. Be ready for losses and think reasonably.
arrow 4. Silence the greedy man within yourself, who repeats: ‘I need more, MORE!’, ‘I’ll take a loan, for a large contribution!’, ‘I’ll put all my savings in it!’, ‘It’s the business for years, so I’ll purchase 100 more adpacks!’, ‘I won’t withdraw anything, so I can re-invest all of my money!’. Silence him immediately, when he says that. Act reasonably and look at point 3 again: be ready for losses and prevent them.

Be cautious! (It’s important, especially for people on a little income, who do not possess large amounts of additional money, to enable them to take this much risk).

How to limit yourself in revshare?

Concept 1: Set a specific, short-term objective, and when you achieve it – start withdrawals, instead of putting everything you’ve got, in the ‘endless investment’.

Example – I purchased 50 advertisement packs in one of the revshare programs and then waited, until I have had 100 of them. At this point, I have started weekly withdrawals of my money (certain percentage). When I got back, what I’ve put it, I either continue growing my account with what’s left, or not.
Because I have set a high objective in this program, I chose a smaller target for another one. In the end, when I have fulfilled my plan, I was free to decide about my next steps.

Concept 2 – if you feel unable to limit yourself, because you constantly listen to the greedy man within yourself, let somebody else do it for you. There are many revshare programs, which put a limit on the number of packs, you can purchase. It means, that when you get to a certain number, you cannot buy any more (even if you begged or cried). You are only allowed to: a) withdrawals, b) re-purchasing mature adpacks. Nothing else. Full stop.

For example:

Futureadpro– maximum of 1000 packs.
TheAdsTeam – you can buy maximum of 200 $5 packs,  500 $25 packs and 200 packs of $50

Concept 3 – Do not enter a revshare program with your own contribution, if you don’t have any money to spare. Focus on promoting revshares (choose the ones that are interesting and have been checked), and informing others about their possibilities. When you receive commission – buy your first adpack. Do not take a loan to start in revshare, unless you have nerves of steel.

Few days ago, I have witnessed an increased promotion of new revshare program, so I’ve started looking for further intimation about it in comments on Facebook. And there came a surprise: one of the people, who is definitely miles ahead of me in revshare, have said something like – ‘Yeah, another business, which I have entered without contribution, and I have already earned few hundreds from commission’. It got me shocked. I’ve thought that the ‘leaders’ always buy their own adpacks.
Remember: you don’t need to have money to enter the next program. As long as you go towards your goal, you are going to make money.

Concept 4Do not sign up in too many revshares at once.

Yes, we are aware that there are at least a dozen or so of interesting revshares online, and probably a similar number of ‘might be good’ programs, that could do amazing with a proper promotion. But you do not have hundred hands. I’m guessing that you also don’t have enough money to just waste it all, as well as do not posses 100 loyal referrals, who would invest their money in everything you point to them.
Am I right?
So, do not use 20 programs at once, especially if you are just discovering your ways in revshare. You’re not going to cope.
Pick a maximum of 3 programs, and focus only on those. No more than that.

Concept 5 – Before you sign up to another ‘fantastic’ program, that your friend just recommended, ask yourself two questions:

1. Would I have time for that, without abandoning my current well-functioning revshares?
2. Would I have enough money for contribution? And, if yes, is this money necessary to fulfil my basic, daily needs? Wouldn’t I get heart attack if I lose it?

When you’ve answered, make a choice.
Focus 🙂

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