Revenue share strategies: few ideas.

Although maths has never been my key strength (from what I remember, the grade I got on my final exams was not the best either), in this article I would like to present exemplary analysis of few revenue share strategies.

strategie revshareWhy would you even need a strategy?

Many people do not consider it at all. They simply assume, they’ll be growing their account until ‘they’re rich’. Those people are determined, but they do not use measures, to protect themselves from failure. And I’ll highlight again: revenue share programs are keep getting better, more interesting and more advanced, but as every other business, they carry high risk with them, probably even greater than in ‘regular business’ because they tend to bring significant earnings. Large profits equal high risks.

Revshare strategies:

1. Double your own contribution, withdraw it, and work with what’s left.

I will start by saying that this is not a strategy to earn million dollars in revshare. It is purely sensible option of withdrawing your contribution quickly (for cautious people), that will soon allow you to breathe out and think ‘Phew! I did not lose’, especially if those are your first steps in the program. Or… If you have doubts about earning through revshare, what is, of course, understandable.
What are we aiming for, by using this strategy: doubled contribution, withdrawal, finally starting to earn money?
Precisely, we are aiming for the quickest way of doubling our contribution, then withdrawing it, so the rest can be used for increasing our profit, with the confidence that we are not losing. It is an important moment, when we can relax and continue our work, being at ease.

Important: This method does not work, when your contribution is very low.

If you buy 1 adpack for $50, even if you get 2.5% daily bonus, like in MXWorld, it would take a long time before you buy the next one. Then, to withdraw your $50, you would have to wait again. In the end, you’ll get your contribution back and have 1 adpack left, but it will still not be a great move forward.

This strategy works more efficiently, when you purchase more packs.
For example, if you buy 50 adpacks in MXWorld, each one for $50, you are doubling your contribution, by buying new adpacks, using only the money from your daily bonuses. When you get to 100 $50 adpacks, you can just simply collect bonuses to withdraw your contribution. You will be left with promising number of adpacks, which you can use to build your account and profits, not having to worry about your input. 😉

2. Triple your contribution and work with the rest.

You have to do everything as described above, but times 3.
Buy advertisement packs in the program of your choice, then re-purchase more, until their number triples, so you can collect the money for contribution withdrawal. All the other adpacks are still bringing you profits, while you are aware that ‘Would it collapse?’ worries are out of your mind.

3. Re-buy adpacks without withdrawals, for 2-3 months, take out your contribution and work with the rest.

I’ll give you a specific example (most revshares are similar, the only change is a final number of adpacks, as it depends on daily activity bonuses).

If we purchase 50 adpacks, for $50 each, in MXWorld, after 3 months of buying new advertisement services, we end up with 132 packs (with 2.5% bonus, we earn $165 a day).
Then, we should start collecting money for contribution withdrawal, so we can continue earning from what’s left. It’s worth to set yourself a plan for daily or weekly withdrawals, so we may start to see real gains on our account.
It could be 10% or 15% a day, or a specific amount, like $100 a week.

4. Set yourself a goal, achieve it, then take the contribution out and start withdrawals.

That’s the strategy that I usually use myself, but occasionally, I also use the ones described above. Set yourself a target – it could be small, if you want to withdraw your contribution quickly, or big, if you have a patience and a plan.

Exemplary objective: 100 adpacks. Re-purchase them, heading to your goal. When the aim is achieved, withdraw your input.

Important: If you are planning to buy 1 adpack a month, do not give yourself a too high target (100 packs), because it would take you long time. As I said before, revshare programs are risky, so there is no point in getting stuck with a goal, which is long-term, and not equivalent with our possibilities and wallet’s content.

Your target could also be, being able to get $500 weekly withdrawals or $100 daily – it depends on your expectations.

5. Do not make any contributions, find referrals and earn by receiving commissions.

In my personal view, it is not a pleasant strategy, but because many people use it, it’s worth knowing.

When and why, it is not pleasant?

When person who use it, does not contribute a cent. Realistically, he doesn’t take any risk, does not have to think about strategies… and very often misleads others. Meaning: recommends a program, without spending any money to check it out. He promotes it, purely to get a commission.

If a recognised leader, who have technically checked the program, have some knowledge about it and his surname holds long-term reputability (meaning: when a program collapses, he’ll get a lot of hate comments), it would be a little more understandable to me. However, if this strategy is taken by a newbie, who is signing up like crazy in 10 different programs and all he does is spam his friends with links, believing that somebody decides to pay in a large sum, so he gets a commission, it is very, very unpleasant.

I cannot say, that I disagree with this strategy completely, because some people are choosing it, to simply make a start. They listen to more experienced revshare users, picking the right programs with their help. It is strategy that allows people to take first steps without risk, and with time, they can purchase adpacks, like everyone else. But not everybody does that.

I am not able to clearly state, whether it is good or bad strategy, because it depends who is using it, and why.

6. Use various revshare programs.

Just don’t go crazy. Sing up with 2, maximum 3 programs, at the start. In all of them, use one of the above strategies. Purchase adpacks, start testing the program and build up your accounts. The fact is: by doing it, you will earn less, than if you were to use one program, but if any of them shuts down, you will still have 2 left, not losing all of your money.

So, what is your strategy in revenue share?

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