Revenue Share programs: are they teaching you to be patient?

Supposedly, patience is a virtue (I’ve heard it somewhere). Revenue Share business is a good place to put this patience of yours to the test.

It’s not surprising, because many people hold large amounts of money in it, so their worries are absolutely understandable. On the other hand, we know that these programs are continuously developing and changing.

There are corrections and modifications to be done, as well as fraud protective measures to be taken- so spreading panic, during temporary website closure or breaks in connection, gets very irritating.

Firstly, the rule no. 1 is to never put more money in, than you are able to lose, and not to invest all of your savings.
I know, it’s just a talk, but honestly – it is very important. Consciously following this rule, might save you a stroke or heart attack, when you go to a website and BOOM – it does not work.

Common causes of website being closed:
Technical IT corrections are in progress, which would not be able to happen with the site being on, because there are too many people trying to log in, blocking accurate data save.
The company is moving a program to a new server (so it works quicker).

What to do when you experience this problem:

1. Wait for an hour, before you do anything else (this problem usually lasts for few minutes/half an hour, and there is really no need to try getting the entire town on its feet).
2. Go on Facebook to check new posts, regarding this particular program, because somebody might have already entered an information about planned improvements. Other users of this website, might also know, what’s going on.
3. Ask people on the Internet, if they know what’s happening – without spreading panic.
4. Send a message to group’s admin or your upline – as they might have more updates.
5. Have a look at hyip forum – under the section, regarding your program, because it there was anything wrong, they would surely talk about it.

Things, you should not do:

1. Do not spread panic, by screaming: ‘They’ve stolen all my money! Thieves! *** !’ – when it’s only been 10 minutes, since a website has closed, or if it has logged you out 3rd time in last 15 minutes (This things happen. All you need to do is wait.).
2. Do not go on Facebook, saying: ‘Oh my God! What am I going to do, if the program will stay closed for good? Who should I sue and where should I go to do it? I am going to get and kill this admin! I knew it! Scam! Scam! Scam!’. Just wait. In good revshares, in 90% cases, that’s all you need to do.
3. Do not raise the alarm too soon, because panic spreads quickly and if it’s unnecessary, you might be simply contributing to website being closed sooner, than you would wish.
4. Nobody tells you to trust the admin, who is visibly lying, but if all you notice, is the website working slowly, or it gets closed for some time, it is not a good enough reason for you to curse everybody and publicly forecast website closure.

Remember: Nobody has forced you to enter revenue share with all your saving. Nobody has told you to get a loan, or that it’s a business for years to come. Did anyone say, they are giving you 100% guarantee? If they did, they lied, so stay away from them. It’s you, who make your own choices. You are responsible for logical strategy and for taking care of quick contribution withdrawal. You are the one to make the decision, so you are responsible for it (Ups! That’s just how it is.). Especially, when you enter a risky investment. 

How is revshare teaching you to be patient? (Examples from various programs that I personally use):

Every few days, they are applying changes to a program. Old features get outdated and you cannot protest, as it is ‘beneficial for users’. You might not get told about it from official email or admin. Most often, people just talk about it on Facebook, for example, when one person sends a message to support centre and gain new information. That’s why, people who struggle the most, are the ones who has signed up without an upline, to not to give him an opportunity for commission. They are often the same people, who would not go on Facebook to monitor the situation.

Admin suddenly disappeared from Facebook (he deleted the account, because ‘he got annoyed with constant questions…’) – it was a laugh and lack of professionalism. After the major panic, he has got his account back.

Admin decided, that from now on, he only allows weekly withdrawals, instead of letting you do it, whenever you wish.

You enter a program in the morning – everything works nicely and efficiently. There is a message on the header – ‘new server, all issues were fixed’. In the afternoon, they post a news (what’s rare in revshare): ‘all program’s features will stay blocked, until our programmers finalise all necessary corrections’. Including withdrawals.

Admin blocked withdrawal option, informing briefly on the website: ‘due to terrorist attack. It will stay unavailable, until we fix some stuff and close all accounts’.

The website was running slow, two days in a row. Clicking 10 ads (normally takes about 2 minutes), has taken me 2 hours.

The website was logging me out during withdrawal and it was impossible to log back on.
Admin has blocked one of the payment platforms, when I did not have any others.

Admin has informed that he is going for 7 days holiday, so there would be no withdrawals, until he’s back.

Revshare introduced ID and address verification, when you did not posses any address verification documents.
Withdrawal takes 2 weeks.
Etc… Etc…

If you are using several revshare programs, situations listed above, happen almost on daily basis – most of them ends up fine, so few hours, a day, or few days pass, and everything gets back to normal. There is no other option then waiting. It is definitely a better decision to wait it out, than to spread panic.

Some of the above examples, might of course end up with website being closed, but there is no doubt that earning through revshare requires a lot of patience, good strategy and awareness of risks. So just simply make sure, you are not putting all of your life savings in it.

Finally: Revshare gives you an amazing opportunity to earn really good money. But there is nothing free in this world. You are paying for it with your time and nerves.

If you do not have enough strength for that- just leave it.
If you want to be earning more, than you do now and you are aware of everything I have written about in this article – take an action, do not moan, and make sure, that when you encounter a problem, you do not spread panic.

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