Revenue Share – profit guarantee? There is no guarantee

moneybackMany people ask me, what guarantee does revshare give you, if it comes to profits and earnings. Because the same question repeats a lot – I will write about it in this article.

For people who does not like reading, quick answer: in any revshare, there is no guarantee of profits, earnings, millions, successes, etc.

If somebody claims opposite… they lie.

You need to realize, that revshare is not a cash point which spits out the money every time you wish for it.  It is not a company that suddenly went crazy and gives the money out, because they have too much of it and they are happy to share. Nothing like that.

Revenue share programs are platforms, which give you guarantee for only one thing: service. Giving money away is not a service. It is advertisement that they will provide for sure. For example, 1 adpack = 1000 views on your website + 20 click on your banner (it may be less or more effective depending on various factors). Revenue share does give you guarantee, that your advertisement requirements will be met, not that you will earn from it.

Additionally, revshare programs will share their PROFITS from advertisement. And you have to read this sentence carefully.

They will share their PROFITS. When there is no profits (e.g. users stop buying adpacks, cashlinks and other services), then the program will stop sharing the money.

Moreover, in most revshares, you’ll be able to find the information, that these programs are not an investment platforms. In some of them, I have seen a message popping up before every adpack purchase: ‘Adpack is an advertisment service. It is not an investment and it does not guarantee profits’.

Conclusion: these programs do not promise earnings to anyone.

Unfortunately, while working online, you will come across many unethical, dishonest ‘sponsors’, who claim that revshare is an investment for years to come, that you’ll earn millions, your money is safe, you’ll not lose because the program has been working already for a year and will continuously run for another 10. They’d say, that it is worth to put your life savings in it, so you collect a great sum for your retirement. No mention about risks, just pure optimism and promises of something that may never happen.

These sort of behaviors online may be really dangerous – a lot of people believe this information, they enter a program and start earning their first dollars. It is all fine until a program shares its profits and people are honestly increasing their income.

The problem is that many of them are not aware of the risks.
It is only after you realize what may happen, that you may lose everything or not earn anything, you’ll know how to go about it and set an adequate strategy.

I know that it starts to get boring and that I repeat myself, but – in revshare, there is no guarantee of profits.

It is important to be conscious before you register to a program, but also when you decide to recommend it to others. You have to make sure that you let them know about risks and dangers.

Of course, it would reduce your chances of getting a referal (e.g. you may get $5 commission from every adpack they buy, or $10 commission if they click at paid cashlinks), but… do not make a garbage out of your surname and do not lie to people for few dollars. 🙂

OK, so what online business gives you 100% profit guarantee.

The answer is easy and it is generally disliked: well… non of them. This days, there is no profit guarantee. Neither in your workplace, company or online.

Today, a large company, which has been around since I was only little, announced its closure. They’ve had 65 branches with 1706 employees. All to be made redundant. Great vision for upcoming New Year, isn’t it? This things may happen to any business, regardless of their reputation, brand, great ideas and years they’ve been running for.  You do not have work guarantee either: even with a contract for 10 years, if the company closes – you’ll lose it. You also don’t know whether the business you own, will not come across competition or new tax rules, and you’ll need to end it. Even the investment in your bank – if the currency drops down, politics change or there are variations on the market, your investment might become a pile of worthless notes.

I’m sorry, but those are the times we live in.

If despite risks, you go to work, you run a company or you look for methods for earning money on the Internet, you have an investment, or hide gold coins under a carpet when going on holiday, are you ready to work in revenue share ? – it is your decision. Make your mind up knowing that there are two option:

1. You’ll gain.
2. You’ll lose.

You can also do nothing at all. But then as well, you’ll either gain (bedsores), or lose (time and opportunity). Decision is always yours.

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