Register from my link and I’ll register from yours

I don’t know how often do you get e-mails or Facebook messages with offers, like: ‘Register from my link and I’ll register from yours!’, but recently, I’ve been getting them a lot. If I get them from people who work with me already (read: there are some effects from their work, not just registration) I look at it closely, but if it’s an offer from someone who I don’t know at all, who does not have any profile, picture, nothing, then it really starts to annoy me. I am sorry, but I have a funny feeling that they assume that I’d be so happy, like I had that one chance in my lifetime to have them as my referal…

My dear friends – it does not work like that.

If you message me (or anybody else who uses these programs for some time now) with this kind of amazing proposition and expect my excitement and immediate ‘YES’, then I am afraid that you’d get disappointed.

People with some sort of experience (like me), not even mentioning leaders, who are using revshare for long now:

1. Carefully select their sponsors, whose link the want to use for signing up. And they also check a program in detail.

2. Are not happy to cooperate with spammers.

3. Look for what certain person can give to them. Literally. Whether they will be able to help them in the future, provide answers to their questions, give instructions, be able to set up some business-financial deals with them or organize promotional activities together, or it could just simply be somebody who they worked with previously, it worked out, so they wish to enter another program with them.

Sentence: ‘register from my link and I’ll register from yours’ does not work for one other reason.

If you’re writing to a leader, who you’ve never spoken with before, and you don’t have any accomplishments yet yourself, you must know that he knows, that all you want to do is make money from his good results, not giving anything back. Or giving very little.

Few days ago, I had a chance to read the conversation of a person who practically does not exist online (profile picture was some cartoon character, most posts were aggressive videos about refugees and his ‘power’ was demonstrated in a form of memes with fists on) with a person who uses revshare for good few years now and is almost seen as a leader (profile showing many screenshots of good weekly results – earning well above monthly pay average in ordinary employment). Simply, authority in this business sector.

The conversation looked more or less like that (I’ve made it shorter so these are not exact quotations):

– Hi. Register from my link in x… and I’ll register from yours in y…
– Hi. Do we know each other? I don’t register in programs under people who I do not know.
– We can get to know each other. Register and then we’ll go for it.
– No. If you want to be in my team and learn how to work in these programs then sign up from my link. If you don’t want to – then no.
– I need to get something too. You will not make money on me for free.
– I don’t need you to sign up. I am helping others to make money. Is there any way that you could help me?
– Well, I’ll sign up and you’ll get a referal.
– I am not collecting referals. Thank you for conversation and I wish you luck in looking.
– OK, there will be enough people willing to do it. Bye

Conclusion: this recruitment method will definitely not work for people, who have their own structures in affiliate and revshare programs for hundreds of people (and the person in conversation above has them)… Maybe it will work for a beginner who honestly have problems with finding partners and is just learning, but it won’t work for anybody who knows this sector well and exchange ‘registration for registration’ without any information about benefits, or support will not get him interested at all.

I would like to mention one more thing – there was a sentence in this conversation: ‘You will not make money on me for free’ – let’s remember that if we buy an advertisement (or other product) in revshare programs for e.g. $20, then nothing gets taken away from our earnings and given to our sponsor. You pay $20 and receive either service or a product. Nothing gets directly taken away so you are not losing anything. 😉

To summarize: strategy ‘Register from my link and I’ll register from yours’ in exchange – long term users vs. no one know who – does not work.

And it will not work even if you send 100 of those propositions away. Not the right target.

Did you ever experience similar situation in either revshare or affiliate programs?
How do you look at it?

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