‘Nonsense’ earns more than a great content?

Trend for some great content, valuable information and good message – so something that is promoted online on many informational websites and guides – ‘produce useful content to earn millions’,… seems to slowly go away (?).

Unless I am wrong, and we do have multitude of wise, intelligent people, rather than those who tend to read the title + 3 sentences in the article 🙂

But you’ll be able to judge for yourself.

It wasn’t long ago, when we were seeing everywhere messages like: ‘post a content with value’.

This valuable content included:

arrow  Interesting posts on Facebook, that were meant to help others, or teach them something within a business sector, for example recommendation marketing
arrow  Expanded, well-prepared posts on blogs and internet websites, which were meant to pass some important information
arrow  Short, but rich in content articles
arrow  Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge (in the subject of your choice, as long as someone else needs it)
arrow  Thoughts, ideas and discussions to give you something to think about.

Every person who started working in recommendation marketing, at some point, was told to: always give some VALUE, help people, and then they’ll come to you on their own. So the number of people who were spreading those ‘wise advises’ all over the internet has grown bigger and bigger…


For a while now, I’ve been seeing that there is a little problem in that ‘value and worth theory’.

It does not concern me personally, because as you see, I like researching, figuring things out and getting a hang of each subject 😉 . But to the point:

What problem do I see in producing a great content?

a) its length,
b) the fact, that people do not have time for reading that.
c) it scares them, that they should be creating similar things.

How does it look in recommendation marketing playground (examples from Facebook):

Person A creates a post, in which you have to press ‘see more’ to read a full content (it’s long, around 8 separate paragraphs): about options, possibilities, changes happening around the world, that it is time to switch the business sector for something else etc. etc. – and many other interesting things. At the end of the post, we can read, that Person A offers partnership and mentions that he will teach you everything, that it is not going to be easy, but it is worth it, that it will take time, so don’t expect results immediately, but then it will get better.
Likes: 5. Comments: 0. Contact requests: 0.

Person B creates a post:
‘Do you want to earn $200 quickly, type ‘priv’ in comments’
Likes: 24. Comments: 90. Contact requests: 90.

Person C creates a post:
‘Minimum of $2000 a day, no investment, no selling, no referals needed’
Likes: 31. Comments: 156. Contact requests: 150.

I don’t think I have to analyze it for too long as everything is clearly visible.
Great content has lost that challenge.


What are people looking for today? Answer: Quick money
What are they looking for even more? Answer: quick, big and easy money.

What do people believe in? Answer: That it is possible to earn big money easily and without any work.

In few words: they believe in bullshit that others are giving to them and they swallow it without thinking.

And that’s how ‘nonsense’ and cheap marketing pitches like: ‘Minimum $2000 in a week, without investment, without referals’ – (that are pretty much despised by great content marketers…) earn more than ‘playing wise’ and great content.

It would be good to make few grammar mistakes every now and then too –it would make you even more popular. People would see straight away that it is not some ‘educated person’ trying to sell you crap, but it is a ‘normal person, our guy’.

Post example (it is necessary to make it look pretty, by adding tons of emojis and anything else you possibly can):
‘Want to earn good money in month? 2, 3, 4 or even $5000 constatly! Write ‘priv’ in comments’.

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