No, this business is not for you

Let’s come back to the basics 🙂 Today, I’d like to touch the subject: HOW can you know whether particular business is for you or NOT.

After over two years of working in various affiliate systems I am fairly aware of what situations you may come across, and also what sort of people join these programs. That’s why I feel I can quite clearly see whether particular business would suit a specific person, or whether it would be better for him to stay away from it.

I hope this article would help you to make your mind up, so you can independently decide if you want to say YES to it, or NO. Decision that you’ll make will be good for you – because you Chose It Yourself. 🙂

The most important things are in your mind

Whether a business would be good for you or not, depends mainly on what you have in your mind and how well you can manage it. All the rest is just details.

Read the points below carefully, analyze them and then answer yourself honestly, if they apply to you or not. By saying ‘honestly’ I mean – honestly, not as you wish for it to be or how you imagine it.
This business is not for you when:

You don’t understand what 100% risk means and you’re not able to get over any losses.
It relates to programs, systems and companies, which may share their profit with you, but they don’t have to, as well as cryptocurrency markets, modern technologies, start-ups and investment companies (starting from those online ones, to bank investments and others).
100% risk means that with the moment of you registering to a program you are aware that you may lose all funds that you pay in.
High profit = high risk.
Where there is no risk – there is no high profit.

You are not able to live with the fact that companies come and go, that businesses exist and then collapse, that programs disappear and modern technologies may turn out amazing, but they might not.

You are taking everything that people offer to you very emotionally. You deeply believe that this one company or system will bring you outstanding profits (comparing to all previous ones you’ve used) and turn you to a millionaire.

You are too attached to what you have in a program, a company or a system – not realizing that it is often just the number. You are not able to say STOP, IT’S TIME TO WITHDRAW.

You are not able to look critically at a program, so you get engaged so much that you’re not able to notice any faults. Every project has them: there is no ideal businesses same as there is no ideal people. Everything with advantages has disadvantages to it too.

You are a person who trusts others unconditionally. You put all you trust in a company as well as your sponsor. There is no company in the world that could be trusted 100%, and there is no company which could assure you that it would operate forever. Sometimes one wrong step can destroy everything and one inappropriate person might take it down too. There are also no sponsors that would know absolutely everything and who own all knowledge of our planet. Every sponsor is just a human at the end of the day. He can be simply wrong about something. If you trust him 100% – you really have to be strong psychologically and be immune to failure… 🙂

You see that you COULD earn, but you are not able to decide when to start withdrawing profits, or at least a part of them. Example: for last year you’ve been buying packs in revshare programs, but you didn’t withdraw anything yet. You hold cryptocurrency for years, not selling any of them, so not making any actual gains. You trade on the market and you’re not able to close the deal, hoping that it will rise even more.

You panic after every unpleasant news from a market, a company, a program etc.
Every time an admin says something that you don’t like, you take it emotionally.

You tend to go from the hate to the entire world to the love for every human being, and the other way around. You’re not able to look at things from the distance and stop acting immediately, depending on how you feel at that certain moment. And you don’t even realize that you’re doing it.

You count on others to do everything for you, to not to do much yourself. As an example I could use all these people who paid money into a program and they’re deeply convinced that now everything should be done and sorted for them. It applies to a company and a sponsor.

You are not interested in a business, to which you’ve paid money in and you count on someone else ‘to let you know’ that something’s going to happen. You don’t read a company’s profile on FB, you don’t go to their fanpage, you don’t watch any videos… all you do is hope that someone will summarize it shorty for you. P.S I am sorry but we’re not in primary school. 😉

You are not looking for updates and info from your business sector or a company you’re in. You would not ask for help by writing to a program’s support. Instead, you tend to go to Facebook groups and create a shitstorm out there.

You see problem everywhere.

All you see around you is thieves and liars, you don’t see possibilities.

You don’t feel a need to earn some bigger amounts and you’re not interested in what you’re going to have in 20 years time.

You blindly believe that a government will provide you with enough money for your retirement or you’ll inherit enough after a death of your rich relative from America 😉

You’re not asking questions, you’re not moving forwards, you’re not seeking knowledge and nothing is able to inspire you.

You’re more interested in what your neighbor had for dinner and how he managed to get that new car, than what is really happening around you: financial world, new opportunities online, etc.

You are not able to start anything without your family’s approval. Your auntie, uncle, friends from old school – you are highly sensitive to their opinion.

You are not looking for solutions, because of two main excuses:
1. ‘I don’t have money’
2. ‘I don’t have time’

You are not asking:
a) how can I save money? Is there something I could not buy this time (do I really need all these little things)?
b) What can I do to find the time? What soap opera can I skip? Do I really have to play this game for 3 hours? How can I organize my family time to get that extra hour?
And you’re taking those two main excuses as a FACT and you’re deeply convinced you can’t do NOTHING about it.

Well, and that would be it from the basic things that decide of whether this business is for you or not. If most of them seem like it’s a perfect description of you and your life, or you unconsciously know it’s you, although you’re keep denying it – then this business is not for you.

Just leave it 🙂

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