Niedzielska – You are fired!

Niedzieska – You are fired. If you do not come to work tomorrow, you’ll be dismissed and you might as well not show up at all. And I will make sure it stays in your papers – said, many years ago, one of my first employers.

It was in McDonalds. I was doing my first year at university at the time, which was really important for me, and I’ve decided that I want to work at the same time. I had to attend the school on daily basis, so my aim was to find a job, that would fit with my schedule… and that’s how I ended up in McDonalds. I was meant to work 3 or 4 days a week, and during my recruitment process I was reassured that I will be able to adjust my working hours to my studies. I think, I even had that on paper. Then, after 4 days of work, I was informed that I have to come to work the day after, which was the day of my classes at uni. I did not agree, so I was told what you’ve seen at the start of this article.

How come? I had it on paper: elastic hours, contract, all my special arrangements, and suddenly… why? Tens of questions and one answer: If you don’t come to work, you might as well not come any more and you’ll be dismissed.

It was lucky that I had no children and no debt. I thanked for the opportunity and walked out. And yes, I received the dismissal note after – as my employer has warned. I could have gone to a court – but I hadn’t have both time and money for it.

Did anybody tell me that the rules will change so quickly? No… But the choice whether to go to work or not to go was mine. I didn’t go. I had different priorities.

Some time after – I don’t remember if it was a year or two years – I went to work in Germany. I was told I’ll be looking after an older lady – support, meal preparation, an all those. I was meant to be getting 1200€ + accommodation and meals. It has turned out to be a way different. When I arrived, they told me that may wage will be a lot less than expected + I had to pay for certain thing myself.

Did anybody warn me that the rules will change so quickly? Unfortunately no.
But the choice whether to go for it or not was mine. I’ve decided to do it anyway. Because the wage was higher than what I would get in my country and because it was still a good deal – just smaller.

I don’t know how about you, but employers often change the rules of the game, and it seems like they don’t often warn you about it at the start.

And again: the choice is yours, you either agree for it and stay, or you don’t agree and leave.

You can take them to court and for example, report them to various institutions – if you have time and money. You can use the Internet to spread the word about what this company has done – and you have all rights to do so, if you have a proof that by changing the rules, they broke a company’s term and conditions, violate employee’s rights, or did not stick to any other agreements that you had on paper and for which you had some sort of guarantee. Sometimes you’ll have these proofs, sometimes you won’t.

Some time ago, I was installing Windows 10 – because previous version could have some holes in it as I did not update it, etc. I liked the previous version. I really liked it. And the new one has ruined my work straight away: it has turned out, that I had to spend lots and lots of time to find drivers for my printer, because it was not compatible with Windows 10. Also, my camera at the time was not produced by its original producer any more (Logitech) and I was missing this certain thing, that would make it work on Windows 10.

I was fuming. I think I even swore few times. To release my anger I had to spend some quality time in my woodshed (I find chopping wood as really relaxing activity). How could they introduce this new system, almost forcing me to install it, without even taking to consideration that a lot of my good equipment might not work on it ?!

In the end, I had to buy new camera… Wrrrr…

Did anybody warn me that Windows will change their system this much? Did anybody say that other equipment might not be compatible with it and that I would have to spend my money for this ‘free’ deal. Well, unfortunately not.

But the choice whether to do it or not do it was mine. I’ve decided to do it. I did not want the system, which would not protect me enough from viruses and all those other things.

Today, I quiet like Windows 10 and I am happy with some of its solutions. But at the time, I was angry, majorly angry.

On the other hand: did you realize that Facebook has recently cut the reach of your posts, big time? They came up with the stupid idea, that the reach of your posts is going to be generated by ‘hearts’, ‘laughing emojis’, ‘surprised emojis’ and angry ones. Like itself does not widen your reach at all (!?!). That’s just madness. For me – the person who is using Facebook for work, the reach of my posts is extremely important. And now it has been cut. It is difficult to convince people to leave you ‘hearts’, when they ‘do not love’ your post. Who, these days, love any posts? If I see a good article, I click a ‘like’, because I just cannot make myself to leave those ‘hearts’. Come on! I don’t know, by pressing ‘love’ I feel like a kid in a nursery. It’s like I was to take colourful pencil and start drawing hearts on a wall. (???)

Did anybody warn me that Facebook is going to come up with something that ridiculous?

Did anybody ask for my opinion? I am using this portal, I have to look at their ads, they’re targeting me however they want to, they stick all their products, thoughts and texts in front of my face… I am another money maker for them, they get profit from my actions, and… they do it with a full compliance with their terms and conditions (which I had to accept to be able to register). They have all rights to use the pictures I upload, same as articles and text… Every one of us have given them permission to do so. And they still had to steal my reach?!

And they did.
But… the choice whether to still go on with my account or not -was mine. I agreed for it. Because even if the reach is reduced – Facebook still allows me to widen my range. Customers. Reach. Targets. Ads. This days, it would be hard to imagine any marketing work without Facebook. And I work in marketing.

So I have to agree to all those changes (and… to all the future ones), because there is no other alternative for my actions and advertisement. Simple.

But the choice is mine.

And if it wasn’t enough, about 4 years ago (or more, the time flies) Sephora has deleted my cherry peeling from their product range. And I used to love it. Without pre-warning, without a word, I walked into the shop and it wasn’t there. And I hear from a cashier: ‘It is not coming back, but we have other ones, which are even better’ (?!?!). Horror.

Couldn’t they let me know about this change?! I would have bought enough to last me until its use-by-date allows. And what now? Well, nothing. 🙂 I don’t have the product, I don’t have the impact and nobody asks me what I think. From that time onwards, I have only entered this shop once. Strike. 🙂

A company: whichever one, stationary or online one – decide itself what it wants to do and what it wants to introduce. And although we might be its faithful customers, employees or sells leaders – their toys = their rules.

But… Our choice.

Whatever they do – it is us who decide whether we want to play with them or work for them by their rules, or… if we want to leave that precious playground and move forward.

It is you who decide and all your choices are good, because they are yours.

P.S. Of course, you can moan and you have right to do so. But having an impact on their decision is most often impossible.

And… decide for yourself what do you want to do 🙂

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