New business: admin with experience or without it?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about all those ‘owner dilemmas’, related to programs like revenue share, trading, mixed ones, matrix ones, cryptocurrency ones, mining ones etc. (there are honestly many of them these days)…

By saying ‘owner dilemmas’ I mean that I think about all the advantages and disadvantages of entering a program depending on who the admin is, what is his experience, and whether he has it at all. And I have to tell you… that I am stood at the crossroads on that, without having one correct answer on ‘Whether the admin with experience is actually better that the one without it?’.

I’ll try to describe few situations for you, where I can go into details with what pluses and minuses they present (few people, who I am not going to mention by name, you might recognize, but it is not about specific admins that I want to talk about, but I am trying to figure out the answer for the question in the title).

Admin with experience, advantages:

– He has already been an admin before in similar system, so he knows this business sector. That enables him to avoid some silly mistakes and faults of an inexperienced person,

– He already has some ‘reputation’ online, so ‘bigger players’ will be more likely to join, as it would be easier for them to promote a program by mentioning known admin, whose program worked out before. It is easier then to praise him and bring up his past,

– He knows what he is doing, so he is able to reject some solutions straight away, choosing better ones.


Admin with experience, disadvantages:

– It is important to reflect on the reasons why this admin left his previous system and created a new one? Is there nothing suspicious about it?

– He might not notice some new trends as he may feel that he knows this business sector. He might be missing that fresh perspective.


Admin without experience, advantages:

– He is ‘hungry’ for success and it is possible that he will put much more effort and passion in it than someone who has been doing it for a long time,

– He has that fresh perspective, so he might come up with interesting ideas and solution, that would be harder to do by someone who knows his path and does not fancy looking for new ones,

– He wants to build his reputation so he knows that he has to put much more heart in it. He also has more ‘fear’ inside, as he is aware that if he fails, people on the Internet will eat him alive.

Admin without experience, disadvantages:

– He has never done anything like it before, so it might turn out that although his intentions were good, the implementation of his plan went… disappointingly bad, and that’s just because he has been overloaded with work and problems that always arise at the beginning,

– When someone has big ambitions, he might want to do everything on his own, without any help of more experienced people, and that usually does not end up well: causing the whole introduction process to extend for months (and during this time, the most users may run away), or the implementation might go so wrong, that he has to deal with continuous faults arising, that does not help him to attract people either,

– His ambitions and ideas might be much greater that his possibilities,

– Lack of skills to be able to get to big leaders (he might not be able to sell his idea to them),

– When encountering some greater problem, he might just simply give up and run away.
And know… time for reality, which is not always as black and white as described above:

In my opinion, despite whether the admin has experience or not: he might either fail, or create a program that would last for long, bringing substantial effects for us. And it often depends on a person: his personality, motivation, being open on helping others and taking their suggestions, being able to delegate tasks, as well as his financial capability to start a new, good program.

Admin A (no experience, up until now he was working in marketing like me and you)

Most people were able to recognize him, as he was known within marketing sector. People were happily signing up to his program as they trusted, that if he know how it looks like from marketing side, he would be able to manage the technical side of it as well. It turned out that he not only didn’t have a clue about programming, but he also fed people with the fairy tales for 3, 4 months, to then run away (with money) coming up with some excuse for his action. He then came back to marketing – in completely new program. He did not have experience, he was not ready, or… he just simply lied to people and that’s it. ALTHOUGH his name was well-known by others.

Admin B (widely-praised admin with experience)

Mature, rational man, praised online as the admin with huge experience in business and recommendation programs. The problem was that not many people checked WHAT WAS this experience all about. Well basically, his previous program turned out to be a disappointment and up until now people are calling him a liar on variety of forums. But… that admin, created new program, where you can see from the start, that his idea, plan and calculations are looking much, much better. He does not allow for all the hateful and angry messages to get to him – he is carrying on with his mission. Did he do his homework? How did it end? Well, his new program works for over a year now, and that’s not all. It is still developing, entering Asian markets, where it becomes really popular. It does not stay closed within one sector. It opens to people relations online and… cryptocurrency. Did the admin have experience? Yes, bad one. But… does the first, the second or the third failed business mean that he will never achieve anything and you have to avoid him at all cost? We can clearly see – that’s not a rule.


There are people who try to prove million times that another attempt to switch a light bulb on will work. And million times there are wrong. But finally, they are able to find that one, correct way.

If you were the one to make so many mistakes in your life, would you want everybody to always see those mistakes when they think of you? I am sure you know what I am talking about 🙂

Admin C (with experience)

He had already run other revshare and affiliate programs. One, or two – both still worked when he started the third one. Masses of people entered. They trusted in his experience, his reputation and his results. And what? After a month he changes the rules, so people were not able to withdraw absolutely anything. At the same time, both of the other programs collapsed. His pocket was full. And he had experience! Unfortunately, he used it to manipulate others, who knew about his renown.

Admin D (without experience)

A marketing boy, who previously worked as a person who promote other programs, and now he decided to start his own one. He introduced it slowly but consequently. Lots of faults and mistakes on his way – technical, not financial ones. And… he still does it know, although he came across comments, that he does not have experience, that he should close it, that he is not going to manage. For now – he does just fine. Without mega-excitement and over-optimism, but he manages. Some people give him a chance, others don’t. The time will tell.

Admin E (without experience)

He did not have any experience in programming. But he was known trader, who employed people, that were more qualified in programming than he was. He did not try to do the things he didn’t know about on his own. I don’t know if it will work out for him, but I like the fact that he is able to admit that he does not know certain things, so he decides to pay money to people that do, to sort it for him. Task delegation. Everybody do what they’re good at.
He is exposed to a lot of hate – but for now, he’s still standing.

Admin F (with experience)

He is fierce, but he knows what he is doing, at least if it comes to programming. He is stubborn like a bull, but it might be a good characteristic for an entrepreneur, although looking at his biography in google, you would be able to find few flaws. Unfortunately, if you’re an admin under another admin, who both work for some other owner, you sometimes have to do what they ask you to and make decisions that are not always pleasing for the users. He gets all the hate for it, which he takes without comments. Not many people are aware, that not all the decisions are his. One way or another, he is not a widely liked person on the Internet. I’ll say more: he is highly disliked. Although he knows the programming side of things, he is not running away from a sinking ship. What does this admin bring? Theoretically nothing, because he is just taking orders, but… if he opens something himself in the future, without some boss above him, it might really be interesting.
Not many people ‘like’ him, and people do not enter programs that are run by individuals they don’t like, so correcting his reputation is necessary. It might be difficult, but it’s not impossible.

Admin G (company with experience)
We don’t know his first name, neither his surname. All we know that it’s ‘a company with experience’. They had everything well-prepared – interviews in local towns, photos from their head office, people relations, etc. All is great, apart from the fact that we have no idea who runs it. And? Well, the company worked for over two years, it earned money, shared profits and then it suddenly closed in completely unpredictable way – full of conspiracy theories, unclear statements, and the weirdest of explanations.

Admin H (without experience)

All that we know about him is that he is a man over 50, or more, he records many videos, works in few good revshares and who openly talks about what he is planning to do. Seems OK, as he know this sector from the user’s perspective, he is mature and seems like he would not lie to people. For first two months everything goes smoothly, and then he leaves. Without any proper explanation. From what I remember, he said that hackers stole everything from him (when you hear something like that it is either the truth, a lie, or the admin did not take care about security of his program). No experience, big words and quick collapse.

Admin I (without experience)

He had run revenue share company for over half a year, building good renown and gaining users. He was very transparent, you could meet him live, and he had a lot of great plans for the future (very reasonable plans). Most people trusted him, although there were some little flaws and few changes to the rules of ‘the game’. First changes, second changes, third… and before you were able to notice that something’s wrong, as the program still pays out, you are not able to promote it any more, because the contact with admin just breaks. It would seem that although he had no experience at the start, he managed to pull it along with his team, introducing variety of interesting things. Unfortunately… it is hard to say what exactly happened, but it happened.

When I think of all those individuals (and the list could have been longer), I come to conclusion that there are no crystal clear people, and there is no such person, who we could call: ‘the perfect admin’. Despite whether he has some experience or not. You will never know if that person without experience will ‘click’ and introduce something really good, that will last for longer, same as you will not know if that person with experience, won’t use it to earn quickly and disappear. On both sides of the wall there are people with VARIOUS INTENTIONS. They may be good, and they may be bad. Some people want to create something and develop, others want big money at any cost. There are also those, who want to have the business that could compete with google, or just something of their own, little, but well-thought of.

And also… there is absolutely no guarantee that any of those admins will be able to pull it off for longer that few years. Of course, we would wish for it happen. But we don’t know if it will.

Just try to remember:

– How many programs you entered, since you started earning online?
– How many admins you ‘knew’?
– How many of them had some experience, but they failed anyway, and how many of them did not have it, but they managed?

P.S. Somebody told me a while ago, that if I was to open a program they would sign up straight away… Hmmm… really? And why is that? I know nothing about being an admin. So where did this idea come from, if so many people say that they would only register to a program of someone with experience?

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