My 3D pen from TheGccGroup :) Just arrived!

After long wait (as the company had not expected it to be so popular and they did not order enough from a manufacturer) – today I have finally received my 3D pen, which I ordered in December. 🙂

So – I am stepping into the epoch of modern technology. 🙂

OK, to not to exaggerate – so far, I have opened the package, and I will start my creative work some time soon.

That is how my 3D pen looks (3D Doodler Create), photos:

Inside, I have found plenty interesting appliances + obviously, materials that will enable me to make my first three-dimensional gadgets.

To be honest, I don’t think I will be able to put together such an advanced work of art like the Big Ben, and others (my artistic side is pretty weak), but I am sure, I will think of something.

P.S. Could I have bought it any cheaper? Of course, I could.

But then, I would ONLY have a pen. Now, I’ve got a good promotional material, as well as access to the entire GccGroup’s system, that is going to enable me to receive a commission from the company’s global sales, what includes 24 different portals that they aim for. So far, few of them already exist and sell goods, such as: 3D pens, 3D printers and 3D print outs – e.g. if somebody in Japan, orders a print out of 3D prosthesis from the GCC print point, I am going to get my share.
In addition, the GCC offers a commission from online hotel bookings and car rentals. A share from restaurant orders and other services will be enabled soon, as the company is still expanding.

I am patient – I’ll wait 🙂

Find out more on: link

And I also keep my fingers crossed for their cryptocurrency to get on the market as soon as possible 🙂

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