Matrix: you have to recommend it to others. Aren’t you able to? Do not use it.

For some time now, variety of matrix opportunities has began to be very popular, within programs that enable earning money online.

Although, if you have good marketing skills, they might be a very efficient way of making a really great income, they are NOT suitable for everybody. I see, that matrix opportunities are widely recommended online and many people, who decided to try it, now moan that they were misled. That’s why I’d like describe in this article the most important aspects regarding a matrix – you should know them before you make your mind up. 🙂

Firstly: in matrix, you have to recommend a program to others and continuously look for partners.

If you don’t promote it – you won’t earn.

Even if you are in a good team and you wish to get many ‘paratroopers’ (your sponsor haven’t got a place below, so this new user is landing below you), you have to remember that people above you do not work only for you, but for others too, so gaining a ‘paratrooper’ might take a long time. Not even mentioning, to fill your entire structure with them. Forget it!

If you enter a matrix, thinking that you’ll pay in $50 and withdraw $500 – doing nothing, because you’ve ‘signed up with a good sponsor’ – trust me, it’s not going to work out.
If you wish, that you’ll manage to make 128BTC out of 0.03BTC, because people above you will sort it for you – you’re mistaken too.

If you don’t feel good in marketing, you’re new to earning online, or you have troubles with finding referals to your programs – you are in the group that should stay away from any type of matrix.

To show that on picture:

You enter a program with matrix, and you are then at the top of the ‘tree’. To start earning, you’ll have to find for example 2 or 3 people to sign up underneath you, and they would need to find 2, 3 each as well.
You, same as them, need to pay for the entry (from which you’ll later get a commission: 50, 60, 10, or 100%).

But… let’s imagine that you’re not able to get anyone to sign up, you have registered, because you hope that your sponsor will do it for you. If he has such an outstanding team, you can benefit from it and quickly become rich. 🙂

Have a look at the picture below: at the top, there is your sponsor. He as well, to earn something, need to find 2 people (you and someone else), and then you and that other person need to have 2 partners, too.

Situation gets even more interesting, if the other person found by your sponsor, is similar to you, so has difficulty in recruiting referals. Then… Instead of building his structure, your sponsor will have to first find people for you. And the queue gets longer…

If the matrix has 3 ‘legs’, it looks like this:

At that point, your ‘sponsor’ honestly has a lot to do… Especially that looking at the statistic, the people in red circles are INACTIVE, so they don’t do anything, because they count on ‘paratroopers’ dropping down from the top…

You may say: hang on, but ‘paratroopers’ may also fall from my sponsor’s sponsor, so there surely will be quite few of them, as he is also skillful if it comes to marketing…

Yes: as long as people who just count on their luck and don’t look for more members to the structure, have not already signed up through this ‘good’ sponsor too. Then, the situation really becomes dense:

In this matrix, before you get somebody falling to your structure (taking into account that people in red circles are most probably inactive), a lot of time will pass.

Oh, and by the way, once you get your first ‘paratrooper’, the matrix queue comes back to the beginning. Once again you’ll have to wait all this time, before your sponsor recruits xxxx people, so you can get your 2nd person. Of course, you might get someone with the same attitude as you to your structure, who does not even consider building something himself/herself…

Secondly: Ideal matrix situation is when EVERY person find their 2 referals.

When that happens, matrix may be closed within few days, giving you pretty good income (depending on the cost of entry).
But ideal situations do not exist. Statistically, each person in average recruits 0.86 of a person… we may conclude… that it is bad.

To summarize: I know that matrix offers are very popular online, and I also know that it is possible to earn money in them (I use few and I cannot complain), but… if you cannot introduce at least 1 or 2 people to your ‘tree’ (and I am talking about a person who’s good in finding referals), then give it up at the start, because you will lose.

Long story short:
Matrix=MLM. You don’t look for referals=You’ll not earn.

Revshare (just to compare) – You don’t recommend it to others – but you earn from your own purchases. It doesn’t matter whether you’re good at marketing or not. You may find 2 referals – and then you’ll earn much more, but it is not necessary. In matrix, it is.

P.S. If you get your uncle John, or auntie Mary to sign up, it is not going to get you anywhere. Because… you’ll have 2 completely inactive people underneath you, for whom, you’ll need to find referals too. At this level, ‘the queue of matrix ‘paratroopers’ may last for many months.

Tip: learn and develop consequently, build you marketing skills, improve, observe people who are in it for longer and gain new contacts – then, entering a matrix, will be a great option for you.

But if you don’t have adequate skills, or active friends, who would actually have some input into your structure – do not get tempted by big slogans, because you wouldn’t get much from it.

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