Ledger Wallet – affiliate program

I’m not sure if you’re aware of it, but if you’re interested in cryptocurrency sector and recommendation marketing then you might want to know that you’re able to earn additional money in affiliate program, which Ledger Wallet company introduced for their users.

The company specializes in production of hardware wallets for cryptocurrency storage (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more) and it’s most probably as well-known as their competitor – Trezor 🙂 Taking into account current need for safe crypto storage many people decides to use these outside devices, instead of choosing markets and online wallets. When I bought Ledger wallet myself, I had no idea that they offer affiliate plan to it as well. It was unfortunate, because if I knew, I would have bought it from one of my friends, so they can gain some money on it. And that’s also the reason why I write this article – so you can think about it when you decide to purchase yours.

If you have a family member, or a friend who work in cryptocurrency too – they’ll be able to earn a little, as you’re buying it anyway. 🙂

What is Ledger Wallet affiliate program?

Saying shortly: once you’ve registered as a Ledger Wallet’s partner (official website: Ledgerwallet.com , scroll down and look for ‘Affiliates’ tab), you’ll receive your own, unique affiliate link. You can send it to your friends, include it on your blog, or mention it online. When somebody clicks on your link and purchases the device – you’ll receive a commission.

ATTENTION: Ledger offers classic affiliate program, so there is no levels of commission, etc. You’re entitled to commission only if a person purchases Ledger Wallet from your link. It is so called: sale commission, for referring a client to the company.

What’s the commission amount? 15% of the Ledger price (excluding postage)
How is it paid? In BTC
When can I withdraw? Once you’ve collected a minimum of 50 Euro (and there were minimum of 2 purchases made)

After logging in to a partner account, you’ll be able to find you partner link, advertisement banners and photos which you can use for promotion.

Example of a banner:

In addition, you can get special banners to include in your footer at BitcoinTalk forum – if you are its user and wish to promote the Ledger Wallet out there.

What’s interesting is that if you have specific requirements if it comes to the size of a banner, you can send a message to the company (you’ll find their e-mail on the panel) and they’ll send you the banner in your preferred size.

Important: remember to take a note of the SECRET CODE during registration – without it you will not be able to log in to your account, read: to receive a commission.

Where to buy Ledger Wallet? Click on the link here.
Where to register? On the same website, you’ll just need to find ‘Affiliates’ tab on it.

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