Join me – there’s no risk!

For last few weeks, I have been overwhelmed by the number of cooperation offers, from people who try to convince me to sign up to their ‘wonder businesses’ of all kind. Those were mostly revenue share programs, affiliate programs and also few MLMs.

What’s interesting, once again I see a pattern in their messages (those are new people to this business, without a profile picture, writing anonymously). They repeat that I would not risk anything by working with them, and it would be best, if I register straight away…

I do not want to sound rude, but I’d like to highlight the fact that it is MY choice what program I chose, and whose registration link I use. While reading a message, if I see ‘there is no risk’- I don’t reply at all. Depending what else is written in there, I might even block that person, or delete him/her from my FB friends (if they had been added on by mistake).

Attention: I do not join programs, in which ‘there is no risk’, for one major reason – they do not exist.

What do they mean by: ‘no risk’?
– no need for personal contribution,
– they give you $10 at the start, so you have first contribution already,
– you do not have to do anything.

Let me get into detail:

‘There is no risk, because you don’t need to contribute any money yourself’ – if somebody thinks you can earn in a business without your own contribution…. They are right. It’s possible. All you have to do is actively recommend a program to others, to receive a commission from their purchases. And that’s apparently not risky at all. But is it?

Am I not risking anything by promoting a program, I haven’t even used, with my name?

Am I not risking anything, when it’s possible I might get beaten up, because I recommended a program to people, who then lost their savings in it?

Is the time, I have spent on recommending a program, free? I don’t think so.

If there is a risk that a) I will lose my time, b) I will lose my reputation (it think I have a pretty good one already), then why are you telling me that ‘there is no risk’?

There is risk everywhere.

‘There is no risk, because you’ll get $10 at the start, so your contribution is already sorted’ – yes, of course I do not risk my own money. I just have to believe that this huge amount of $10 will give me a fortune. Unfortunately, money does not fall from the sky. It’s either hard work that will give you money, or money investment will give you more of it. But $10…

Out here as well, I had to use up my own time, which I think is valuable (I do not work for $0 per hour). So again, I am risking a loss of my time and reputation (especially, that at the start of my revshare journey, I lost quite a bit in two programs, which had shut down just after people paid in their money). If somebody offers you money for the start, you have to look at it properly and see what’s behind it.

Did you notice, that in the supermarkets, you wouldn’t get $100 in banknotes to use for your next shopping? All you can get is a voucher, which has to be spent in the same shop, you’ve received it from. Entrepreneurs does not tend to give their money away for nothing. There’s always something behind it.

‘There is no risk, because you will not have to do anything’ – really?? Then, why are you wasting you time to write to me? Why don’t you just sit on your couch, put the football match on, open a beer and wait until you get your money? You don’t have to do anything, do you?… 🙂

I’ll just repeat myself: There is always something that you’ll have to do, to receive something you want. Every program, which offers money earning possibilities, requires you to DO SOMETHING. It is either personal contribution, purchases, recommending a program, clicking ads, or completing other activities. Can you imagine, that somebody starts a company, which just simply give away money to people for doing nothing?

Company = business. Business = earning. Company has to earn money. It earns it, because people use their services, or pay them for something.

Moreover… when I get a message, to register to a program, in which I would not have to do anything, I get irritated straight away. Do you think I am lazy? 😉 Look at my blog: I really enjoy doing SOMETHING. Sitting idly on my arse would destroy me mentally.

Never allow anyone to fool you by saying: ‘Join me – there is no risk!’

There is always some risk. What differs is the scale of it and the time that it takes you to realize it’s there.

Newbies in this business:

People who are only just starting to discover revshare possibilities, often get caught in a ‘whirlpool of new programs’. They look through the Internet for any new revshares, especially the ones which went live lately, so they can recommend them to others. It is a sort of belief, that if they spam enough people with messages, invitations and posts, they’ll get large number of referals and earn a fortune. There is a possibility that other newbies will sign up through their link (maybe few, but most of them would not have money for purchases), but people who work in revshare for over 3 months… well…

It really does not make much difference what program you’re recommending. What matters is who you are and how others perceive you: do they trust you? Do they think you are a hoaxer? Do they feel that all you care about is commission? Are they able to see that you promote 100 different programs within 1 month?

People follow other people, not programs.

Conclusion: If I do not know you or you are new to this business, and you send me a message: ‘Sign up, there is no risk’, you are risking that I’ll never, ever register to any program using your link. Because by saying: ‘ there is no risk’, you are lying to me. 🙂

End of article.

How about you?

How do you react, when offered to join a ‘business with no risk’?

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