Is it difficult to find 2 referals?

‘Is it difficult to find 2 referals? Just answer yourself, is it difficult?’, ‘If you were in a great business and could help two of your friends to earn money, wouldn’t you tell them about it?’ – do you recognize that?

That’s what you’ll hear in most presentation about recommendation marketing, a that’s when (especially if you’re new to it) you’ll answer: ‘Sure! That’s going to be easy! Of course it should work out! Not a problem!’. Or: ‘I have lots of friends! I’ll get two before this evening!’. Excited about what you just heard, you register to a program and few minutes after you’re calling you neighbor, colleague, or a family member to tell them all about it.


And it’s like you were talking to a wall. A wall of resistance and misunderstanding. You get asked lots of questions like: ‘What will you get from it?’, ‘do not get overexcited, that’s impossible, it’s some sort of pyramid, just chill out’. Or: all you get is silence and then change of subject.

And usually after few days, you realize that the answer for the question from presentation: ‘Is it difficult to find two referals?’ is not what you previously thought.
As I’ve been in it for some time, I can state few things:

– Firstly: you will not believe that it is difficult until you’ve spoken with few friends about it,
– Secondly: you will be shocked that they are not seeing possibilities, where you think it’s obvious to see them. It will seem unbelievable,
– Thirdly: most people who work in recommendation marketing know this sentence well: ‘If you had amazing business and you could help two of your friends to earn some good money, wouldn’t you tell them about it?’

Do you know why?
Because this sentence continuously works. But only with people who are new to it and who have not yet been standing in front of ‘suspiciousness wall’. And trust me, this wall is pretty resistant.

That’s why, taking lesson from my own beginnings, conversations with others who got caught it that marketing talk of how easy it will be, I can say one thing:

DO NOT start promoting a program within the circle of your old friends.

Just give those up from the beginning: cousins, siblings, school friends, pub friends, colleagues from work, etc. Do not promote anything to people that you know from ‘real world’.

I am aware it might sound strange, but the truth is that 98% of them would NOT be interested in what you’re talking about. And that’s because of few reasons:

You are only beginner yourself
You are not able to show any effects of what you are talking about
They don’t believe that life could be easier
They think you want to earn from their participation and they’re not able to believe that you want to help them
They have already put you into one of the drawers and they’re not taking you out of there until everything around you was to change drastically.

And whatever you say to them is not going to change it.
DO NOT start promoting programs from old friends.

Or you know what… do it 🙂 You will see it for yourself and then you’ll move to the next step.

Do you know when my family started to look into what I am doing and slowly started to get into this subject (read: act)? After 2 years of my hard work online, after 2 years of writing articles and posting things on Facebook, etc. Whole 2 years… That’s how long they needed. And as the time was moving forward, they were looking less skeptically at what I do. Now, 70% of my conversations with siblings and parents relates to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and affiliate programs. But I still think that they will be able to see the full potential of it after another year or so.

Do you know how many friends from school or neighborhood works along with me in recommendation sector? Zero. None. Not a single person 🙂 So if I was to focus the maximum of my effort on contacts from the past, it would not look so good.

Lack of understanding.
Assuming that I am an idiot 😉
That’s something normal to come across.

So, where to start if not from ‘real world’ friends?

Well, you could start from those within the virtual world. From conversations in groups that relate to this subject, where you can meet people with similar interests, from slowly starting to show on Facebook what you do and what your interests are, and of course from learning. From thoroughly checking each subject, from building your reputation and maybe from starting a blog too.
More ideas of what to do to get referals can be found here: Click

And you can trust my word: there is no magic button that will automatically give you hundreds referals. It is systematic work, consistency and action that bring results. 🙂

And it is usually after very, very long time… a year, two, or five? – that you’ll see that old friends and family start to look at it closer. Not the other way around.


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