Independent Enterprise – meeting in Szczecin

On 23rd of April, I attended the first, out of 14 ‘Poland Tour’ meetings, that are being organized by Independent Enterprise company (the next one is going to take place in Poznan, and others will follow daily, according to their plan, which I attached at the bottom of this article, so if any of them are somewhere close to you, it is definitely worth to pop in and listen to what the owners got to say about their business and marketing plan).
The meeting and Independent Enterprise presentation has taken place in the Silver Hotel in Szczecin.
And that would be it if it comes to location and introduction. Below, you will be able to find highlights from the meeting and my impression on it.

The company presentation – delivered by Karol Stemplewski.

From ‘A’ to ‘Z’.
So, he has spoken about the company and its activities, owners, registration, marketing plan and possibilities.
And also something, that you wouldn’t be able to find on the Independent Enterprise daily webinars or on Facebook, and that is – information from ‘technical background’ + casual chat, which gets you to know the company much better, than if you were only listening to ‘dry’ presentation.
I think, that the great positive, was that Karol was able to get people interested, without promising any fairy-tales. He spoke about advantages and disadvantages, and that the mining contract for $111 (4Mh/s) will not mine millions for you on its own, so purchasing just that one contact for mining power, you should not expect life-time fortune.
People, who already mine in different companies, or on their own miners, know it well, but it is still worth to remind it to people, who have came across mining for the first time in their life.
It is obvious, that everyone needs to start somewhere, and if you’re thinking about substantial amounts (without referring or doing any other marketing tasks) then by using only one, cheapest contract in Independent Enterprise, you can just forget about that.
What I liked was the openness, or maybe honesty, in what they were saying. It is rare.
To summarize Karol’s presentation: I am really happy that there was no pushing on people or offering magical earnings that come from nothing. Real mining power, coming from the company’s miners/ servers and real earnings that are generated by the mining power of you choice. 
In addition they provided detailed description of IE marketing plan, or if you’d like to call it – ‘referring’ and making money by receiving additional commission – with tempting examples, but without forgetting to add that the company’s promotion is not necessary in any way.
If you simply want to earn more (and possibilities are honestly big!) then you can talk to others about this project, but if you don’t want to – you don’t have to. You might just prefer to use their mining power to receive your earnings in ETH. Simple and clear.

Additional info about the beginnings of the company + security, legal aspects and competition– Robert Laskowski

Robert Laskowski and Karol Stemplewski are both owners of the business – I have had a chance to meet Karol in person previously, but it was the first time I met Robert, so it was nice to hear him ‘live’.
That was very detailed part of the meeting – beginnings of Independent Enterprise, people who brought it to live, time you have to dedicate to open up your own, good business, servers security, legal aspects and general compliance with the law, as well as people’s expectations vs reality – that every entrepreneur have to face.
Hard work, threats and chances, taking opportunities (stories from the past), trying to deal with people who expect miracles, day after purchasing $111 contract, and also plenty of information on how decisions are made in Independent Enterprise and what are the future plans in regards to servers abroad.
We also had a chance to hear interesting info, that haven’t been announced officially yet (it is really tempting to say, but I am not saying anything 😉 Pop in for the meeting, then you’ll find out) 🙂
My impression: well, I thought before that it would be more like mlm with stronger push on recruiting (if you’ve been in MLM before you know what I am talking about), but I was happy to be wrong 🙂 The meeting was really chilled (not many people there), to the point, with many interesting conversations before, during the break and after – definitely there is a lot to take out for yourself from those ‘face to face’ meetings.
My conclusions… today, so the day after the meeting, I purchased more expensive mining contract and I know that is not the end 🙂 !!
And what you are going to do about it, whether you’re going to do anything at all, is entirely your choice.
If you prefer other activities, and you don’t see the potential in both crypto and mining – OK.
But if you are thinking of joining this project:
Here, you’ve got the Independent Enterprise registration link (the purchase of the lowest contract is necessary to register, there is no option for free registration – ‘I’ll sign up today and then I’ll see’ 🙂
And if you want to hear a little more about it, just ask

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