How to stay fairly secure in high risk programs?

Today, I am going to write a bit about how to cope with high risk programs – if you don’t have large sums of money, tendency to risky actions or, how to call it… congenital skills to find great opportunities and to take the most of them. 😉

Around 2 years ago, when I had only just started to look into programs which enable earning money online, I was deeply convinced that I should put all of my attention into 1 thing, so it brings me amazing profits. It had happened to be MLM at the time – and it was the program I started from. So, I was focusing my attention on it, then focusing some more, and focusing again… and the effects of it were pretty poor (very poor).

I have to add here, that in the meantime, I was working in my own company (it was 100% Internet based as well), but it wasn’t related to revenue share type programs or hyip at all.

I knew, that I am not a type of person who would go crazy and give everything else up for MLM. I was aware that I have to have some food on the table and be able to pay my bills. One way or another, I was trying for about half a year and did not even have 1/50 of effects I expected. I had decided that there were two options for me:
1. Continue what I started, because: ‘there’s no way that I am going to give up!’, or…
2. Come to my senses and change something.

Because… how can I expect different results, if I am keep doing the same thing? How?
I might as well try putting an egg on a pan, hoping I will manage to make chips out of it. No way.

I made a very stupid decision then: 180° turn. I decided to do something, I have always used to laugh at: ‘what sort of idiots write those things…’. So, I have entered the first program which motto said: ‘If you are able to click your mouse, you are able to earn with us too’. (I know how it sounds, you don’t need to comment on it. It makes me sick…)


After the first day spent of clicking some funny cashlinks I have earned more, than in MLM for half a year. Yeah… it was sort of painful… Such a waste of time…

But coming back to the main topic: this life lesson has shown me that attempt to hold on tightly to one thing, may sometimes close our eyes for other possibilities. And also – it does not always make sense to stick to that one option we planned for ourselves at the beginning, if there are other options out there, which might work better or/and quicker.

Of course, I am not saying no to any strategies that others may use in programs like those, because everyone is different and everyone has their on vision and plan – one strategy might be totally effective for one person, but for the others it might not work. If something works out for you – hold on to it, if it doesn’t – go forward, look for new ideas and change something.


Is it possible to earn in high risk programs if you are a fearful person?

(because I may lose, because it may fail, because it may collapse, because I don’t know whether to run yet or wait a bit longer, because of all my fears, because this and that)…

Of course, it’s possible.

You just have to look at your weaknesses, like they were your strengths, and use them to your benefit. People who tend to choose safest options, according to general public, have less stresses than those who take high risks. Why? Because they get everything planned and prepared to cover their backs. If they do it right, they end up with good results. They may have less, but they’ll be safe. Risk takers put all their tokens on the table and pick their bet. They had nerves for that. Fearful person wouldn’t do it. 🙂

Benefits of being fearful: they see risk everywhere and they are fully aware of it. They spread their funds over a number of programs, so in case one of them fails, there are still other places for them to withdraw some money from. They often moan, but it is not a useless type of moaning – market observations and constructive criticism allow them to act differently that the crowd, who just follows the marketing mash. They come to conclusions quicker: if something does not work, I have to do it differently. Something looks promising? That’s great, but I still have to make sure I am secure.

The truth is: the risk is always 100%, so fearful people, as well as those with strong ‘imagination’ are both taking it. It is probable that the first group would reach even higher profits. As they say: ‘He who doesn’t take the risk never gets to drink champagne’.

The question is, whether you personally prefer to do it carefully and slowly (because it will take longer!) or you’re going for it decidedly, aware that you will either lose it all (if you’re using only one program), or earn some big amounts of money.

Disadvantages of being fearful: you prefer to take it bit by bit, but you are doing it consciously. You hardly ever get high in the rankings, but you are not really pushing for it, although it would help you in your marketing activities. If fearful people want to earn online, they can do it, but they might earn less, than if they were to get out of their comfort zone.

What’s important: aware of their ‘weaknesses’ they are able to turn their comfort zone into – power zone.

How do I act?

Well… I am fearful – and I am not ashamed of it. I diversify risk sources and reduce the danger of failure to minimum. I am fully aware that I could be earning more, but my nerves would not be able to cope with it. 😉
Do I benefit from working online?
Yes I do.
Is it OK?
Yes it is.

You should work your own method out, that would appeal to you the most. Find the one, which will give you enjoyment and work comfort. I does not matter what your sponsor say, whether it is me or anyone else. Decision is yours.

So how it is with you?

Are you risk taker or you’re more fearful? Or something in between?

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