How to get referrals to revenue share? – methods

I was getting myself together to write this article for last few months, but every time I had sat down, ready to do it, I didn’t know how to start, so it’s readable, logical and to the point. Today, I’ll try again…

So, tactics for finding referrals: in this post, I’ll try to list all the methods I know and use for recruitment of referrals to revshare business (as well as to partnership programs, hyip, mlm and others that contain possibilities to earn commission from referrals’ purchases, or referrals registration through our link).

How to get referrals?

Rule no. 1 –reputability.

Absolutely basic method for finding referrals, something that you’ll not be able to get at a blink of an eye (if you’re just starting in the business), is reputation. It means, building the trust and renown. The truth is that people, who sign up to revshare programs and other recommendation systems, are following  individuals, whom they trust and whose help they can count on, while using the program. It’s the main reason, why they use their link to register.
I do it myself: online, I look for trustworthy people or the ones who I already heard of and I like their style of work. I follow their posts and if they make a good impression on me, I sign up to new revshare using their link. I occasionally use their help, or ask them for advice, another time I figure the program out on my own, but it’s because of their reputation and reliability, that I start in the program at the first place. Of course, it wasn’t always like that. I used to pick and choose revshares myself, without any help, and then I had to live with the results of it. But today, I act differently.

To attract referrals effectively, you need to get out of your ‘wardrobe’ and make yourself visible.

Start a blog and help others. If you have a blog already – whatever it’s about, you can always add in it some information of how you earn money and how revshare works. Start using social media: Facebook (set up your own profile + groups, where you’ll discuss specific subjects), Twitter, or Instagram. Record videos (e.g. instructions of how to use a program) on YouTube. Show yourself and become likable . Talk to people and offer your help. That’s it- honestly. All other methods described below are just extras, and they work at a smaller scale than this one – personal reputation.

How to find referrals for revshare?

Rule no.2 – For beginners.

Use the features, designed to simplify the process of getting referrals. They’re available in several revshare programs and they’re called referral rotators.

Getting referrals for revshare.

Rule no.3 – help others.

Yes, for free… If you’re just starting in revshare business and have some spare time to help others in something you’re good at – do it gratuitously. Positive karma comes back. And also, people will begin to like you, trust you and they’ll realise that they can count on you. They’ll be much more happy to work along with you in particular program. It’s extremely important, especially if you want to develop in rule no. 1.

Where to help others?
Join Facebook groups and answer questions. Simple as that 🙂

Rule no. 4 – advertisement as a key to promote the business.

scaleAdvertise the programs that you’re a member of – in other revshares (cross-promotion, e.g. promote FAP in TheAdsTeam and in TheAdsTeam promote FAP, etc. That’s why it is worth to be in few revsharer at the same time), as well as your banners, basic promotional sites or landing pages. Well-prepared short websites, might be very effective too. It doesn’t have to be done very professionally. It could be laid out simply and to the point.

I don’t think it’s worth to promote reflinks in revshare. A lot of people do that, but reflinks don’t usually bring any actual effect.

Every now and then, advertise yourself in Facebook groups (e.g. articles from your blog, links to YouTube videos, links to program’s descriptions, which you’ve written yourself, etc.). It might not be noticeably effective, but it’s got one important benefit: people, who have joined the same groups as you did, will receive a notification about your post. Sometimes they’ll look at it, if they feel like to. I do it myself (read somebody else’s posts, when they catch my eye), unless somebody is really crossing the edge with excessive spamming on FB.
You can also promote the link to your revshare on Forums, related to earning money online. Specifically in your footer (few sentences that go under each of your posts).

Advertise yourself by commenting other people’s blogs, dedicated to similar subjects. Most often, you can include the link to your blog, Facebook, of YouTube channel, underneath your comment. I would not advise to leave your reflink in there, as an owner of a blog will most probably delete it (like I do).

Rule no. 5 – scope and working systematically.

When promoting yourself, your blog, or a program that you use, you need to take the scale of your advertisement into account.

arrow 100 views of your banner is not the same as 1 000 000 views.
arrow 1 YouTube video is not the same as 1 YouTube video recorded regularly, every 4 days.
arrow 1 comment posted on somebody’s blog is not the same as 1 comment posted on variety of blogs, every 2 days for 2 months.
arrow 1 post on Forum about earning online is not the same as having an account with 1000 posts and regular activities.

If you work on a low scale, you’ll get low scale effects, or non. If you’re working systematically, methodically, regularly on a high scale, you’ll be able to reach to more people, you’ll be more visible and in the end, you’ll earn more (it does not apply to spammers).
And… That’s it if it comes to getting referrals.

There’s no magic button in it, which would suddenly provide you with hundreds of people, willing to sign up to your structure, so you can become a millionaire. There’s also no miracle method for automatic registration through your link. If somebody recons they’ve found it, I’m fairly confident he\she lies.

P.S. Methods described above are not overly difficult. Just start using them and you’ll see effects.

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