How to earn on cryptocurrency ‘wave’… without purchasing any coins?

That is the question that I have recently received through private message on FB: how to earn on cryptocurrency without purchasing any coins?

Straight away, my first thought was that the question is… a bit strange, as it is extremely difficult to earn on something, that you do not have and do not want to buy. The main rule in any business is: to purchase something cheap, and sell it for more. OK, but what if a person DOES NOT WANT TO purchase cryptocurrency (because he is afraid of it, afraid of the risk, does not want to put any money on something that may give him profit in half a year or a year, but might not give any at all. He is afraid that hackers may steal from him, or the market may do it, or he just simply does not believe in the cryptocurrency vision, or does not want to educate himself and read about all those project, or he just doesn’t want it, because he… does not want it)?

Being honest with you, when there is so many ‘I don’t want it’, a person shouldn’t do anything at all (because there is nothing in life that would not be risky), but let’s not be picky… and let’s try to think about the answer to this question:


How to earn on cryptocurrency ‘wave’… without purchasing any coins?


Well… how? Of course – possibilities are there. Why? Because there are always other ways in life. A human is capable of coming up with variety of options. All he needs are: a) ideas b)motivation c)patience d)great amounts of persistence. And you also have to realize that ‘avoiding purchases’ often equals ‘more hands on work for you’.

First idea:

For people who are extremely persistent and who have time: use so called- taps for collecting cryptocurrency. This way, you can collect Bitcoins (little parts of them) as well as a selection of other cryptocurrencies, like Litecoins, Ethereum, etc.

Advantages: You don’t have to purchase anything to start collecting them.
Disadvantages: There is a lot of clicking to do, but in a year, two or three… those cryptocurrencies might be worth few hundreds dollars, so it could be worth it.


Second idea:

For people working in revshare programs, who are not sure what to promote within them, and also for those who enjoy marketing activities and understand the rules of affiliate programs.

Set up an account in affiliate program – AliExpress (it is the online shop which offers ‘everything’, with delivery straight from China. That’s why it offers very competitive prices).

Then, look for products which may catch an eye of people who work in cryptocurrency sector. Download affiliate links and banner for this products and start promoting them: in revshare, on Facebook, on your blog, etc.

You will receive a commission for each person that clicks your link, enters the online shop and purchase a product: from 3.6% up to 10.6%. As the interest in cryptocurrency is growing with extreme speed, you might collect some substantial amounts.


You promote (in revshare, on Facebook groups, on YouTube) e.g. this link ( )  – click and see what’s in there 🙂

As you can see, those are… graphic cards, which people who want to dig out cryptocurrency may want to buy in AliExpress.

If they decide to purchase:
– graphic card for $400 – let’s say that you’ll get the lowest commission, so 3.6% = $14.4
– graphic card for $1000 – let’s say that you’ll receive the lowest commission, so 3.6% = $36 for you


This way, you’ll earn on cryptocurrency ‘wave’ without even buying anything 🙂
Of course, you may wish to either take out those potential earnings and spend them on whatever you want, or – you can spend them on cryptocurrency. But it is your choice at the end of the day.

Let’s say that you already work in revshare programs: you must know well, how often people use their adpack advertisement on reflinks to other revshares, and how often others actually sign up to them… well, not often, right? So maybe it would be worth to change your advert? There is lots and lots of people who use both cryptocurrency and revshare, so maybe it would pay off to take that into consideration and adjust your promotion accordingly.

What else can you find in Aliexpress from cryptocurrency subject?


Gadgets related to cryptocurrency:
All you have to do is to create a banner for this section (or for specific product), add it to revshare, and you already have an interesting ad sorted. It would surely catch more attention than another FAP, MX, Adscrypto, or ATS ad.

Diggers and miners for Litecoins + gadgets: And you do the same: create a banner, download your reflink for this section, add you ad. You can of course promote those products on FB groups and on your blog too.

Take a look at these Litecoin miners:

Let’s count it all up:

3.6% commission from $4128 =$148 for you (of course, assuming that a person clicks on your link and purchase this product). Sounds promising.

It would be similar if you look on Aliexpress search bar for items related to Ethereum, Dash or Zcash (and you may wish to add links to this products on your website – in the article in which you’re describing cryptocurrency topics).


Can you see this potential?

In addition, if you purchase something in the above service yourself, you may receive so called cashback, which is getting part of your money back – from 7% up to 15%. And that sounds good – especially, that you can use this fact as well in promotion of the affiliate program. Because many people do not wish to recommend anything, but they are happy to use the service which gives some money back to them.

And by doing all those things you are earning on cryptocurrency, specifically on the peoples’ interest in this business sector – not having anything yourself. It might be a round way of doing it, but is it possible? Of course it is.

Disadvantages: you have to work for it.
Advantages: your work will pay off 🙂

I have few other ideas on how to earn on cryptocurrency ‘wave’, but most of them relate to coin purchase (read: spending your money), or spreading costs for their purchase between few people (read: spending some money as well), so I would not mention those, because the article is specifically about not having to spend anything.

P.S. If you have any other interesting ideas on this subject: please share your thought with others by leaving a comment 🙂

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