How to collect free Bitcoin?

How to start collecting free Bitcoin?

All that you’ll need to collect your free BTC is to dedicate time for claiming your desired amount of Bitcoin, or we may say – satoshi (fraction of Bitcoin).

To get free Bitcoin you’d need to open a free BTC wallet, e.g. blockchain ( – it is a sort of ‘account’ where you can store Bitcoin, collected from various sites. After registration, you’re going to receive BTC wallet address, which you’d need to make withdrawals from programs listed below. I only write about programs that I personally use (I checked that they pay out):

LIST of free Bitcoin websites: On this site you can claim free bitcoin every 60 minutes. You’re also entitled to 50% bitcoin commission in their affiliate program (if you recommend it to others). The program has been working for a vary long time, pays out and it is really easy to use.

What do you have to do? After logging in, you click: ‘Claim your free BTC’ or ‘Roll’ (that’s what you’ll see in majority of these programs) – if you see captcha to fill out, you need to do it too. Then click on : ROLL/CLAIM/GET. And that’s it – you get your first satoshi to your account. The minimum for withdrawal to your wallet is 30,000 satoshi. – This program allows you to claim satoshi every 5 minutes. As long as you don’t log out, the number of satoshi will be growing on its own and all you need to do is go to this website once a day, fill out captcha and claim it all. In addition you can get 50% commission in their affiliate program + bonuses for claiming daily. For example: if you claim 5 days in a row – 5% bonus, 10 days – 10% bonus.

What do you need to do? After clicking on the link, you’ll see that they want you to enter you CoinPot email. It works as a sort of wallet, where your satoshi is automatically stored. Click on underlined CoinPot word and register. Then, click on and enter the same email you used for setting your CoinPot. After logging in, you’ll see the growing number of satoshi and time from last claim. Click ‘claim’, fill out captcha and that’s all done. More often you click, more satoshi you can get.

BTC clicks – collect free mBTC. Interesting thing – you can have either standard account – free, or you can pay for premium account to receive 200% from your own clicks and 80% for clicks by your referals. There is a calculator on their website that allows you to see whether it is worth it or not. Minimum withdrawal – 0.1 mBTC. There is also an option for renting referals. – On this site you can claim free satoshi every 3 minutes. More you click, more you can get. If you do not log out from this website, the number of satoshi will grow on its own (just slower) and you can just visit once a day and claim what’s there.
Bitfun offers a selection of mini games, which you can play while waiting for your satoshi to grow, but it does not speed anything up. Their affiliate program offers 50% commission from all of your partners’ claims.

Bitfun, same as Moonbit, stores your satoshi in CoinPot. After clicking on the link, you just need to enter your Coinpot email and choose a password. On their main page, click on – PLAY GAMES, and you’ll be able to see your satoshi on the top of the page.
All the satoshi which you send to your e.g. blockchain wallet, can be used in any earning program of your choice.

Or, you can just hold your satoshi, to possibly earn when BTC value increases.

Is it worth to collect free bitcoin online?

Yes, but it is time consuming – unless, you’re in front of your computer anyway, and you don’t mind keeping another tab open, so from time to time you go there to make a claim. It might feel boring, but it brings good effects. I’ve heard, that if you were to just sit and do it constantly, you could gather some good amounts… but who would want to do it non-stop 😉

But if you don’t have your own funds to start in earning program, collecting free BTC allows you to do it anyway.

Apart from collecting free Bitcoin, you can also collect other cryptocurrencies this way, for example: Litecoin and Dash.

Most popular sites (they use Coinpot to store your crypto too) – Moon Litecoin and Moon Dash. They work exactly the same as Moonbit.

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