FuturoCoin – Futurenet event in Macau

We do not know all the details from the Futurenet event in Macau just yet, but after looking at official posts on Facebook, owners’ videos (you’ll find them on their Facebook profiles), as well as accounts of attendees, I summarized the most important info to update you.

The news are the most crucial if it comes to Futurenet’s cryptocurrency – FuturoCoin – it was being announced for quite a while now, and it was highly awaited by the users.

FuturoCoin starts in January 2018, officially – on the Bitbay market (it will be introduced out there first, but they aim for up to 17 different markets).


– FuturoCoin will be decentralized
– It will have opened source code
– White paper to come out in January


From January 2018, we will also be able to purchase mining packs for FuturoCoin, accordingly to price list attached below. If it comes to structures – your direct partners from Futurenet will become your direct partners in FuturoCoin marketing plan.

Larger mining pack = higher commissions, bonuses and FuturoCoin mining speed – because of the greater mining power. Important: you don’t have to buy all packs, one after another, you can just choose the one you like and mine with that one. That’s it.

– Every mining pack will work for two years.
– The pack will give you Futurocoins every minute (no referring, you have a mining pack and you mine with it).
– You’ll be able to mine Futurocoin with your own miner too.

Up until January, you’ll be able to purchase Futurenet matrix ROYAL and get included in promotion – receive 50 FuturoCoin (this bonus only applies to people who own matrix ROYAL before FuturoCoin gets introduced on the market).

FuturoCoin payments will be accepted in various stores, portals and on the company’s portal (it is already being prepared and soon will be ready for launch). There will also be the online store where people can buy and sell products using FuturoCoin payment too.
Under construction: http://24bas.com/

Is it the first time you here about Futurenet? Do you have any questions. Message me: contact.

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