Futurenet: Summary of the event, March 2017 – photos and updates.

It is the time for summarizing and digesting all the information, as well as making few notes about how I feel about the changes that are going to be introduced within the program.  Firstly, I’d just like to mention that Futurenet’s event, if it comes to preparation and organization, was really close to perfection.

It was amazing to see that the company made sure that everything is ready: starting from the places to seat, marketing background, advertisement, gadgets, slides and presentations, finishing on coffee breaks, etc 🙂 It was prepared 5/5. I have felt like I was attending some big scale congress. It really has made a fantastic impression on me. Wow! It has also turned out that I don’t know as many people from Futurenet as I thought I do. Surprise! 🙂

There was lots of guests from abroad. The registration queue, VIP and General one, was just simply mad. Crowd! And the look at that crowd did make me happy – it’s a sign that Futurenet authentically gathers many people, especially, that it is usually only a little percentage of them who attend events.

So, let’s put it in order:

Place: Ice Congress Hall in Krakow (really fancy one, and I could bet it wasn’t cheap to book it). The tickets cost $15 per person, VIP – $99, so I think that most of the expenses were covered by the people attending the event. For me, it is important, because I rather people to pay for it themselves, than the company, which is meant to share their Futureadpro’s profits with us.  There were also BMWs to win during the event (worth remembering that the company has leased them from BMW – their partner, so they did not have to pay full amount straight away, and also it was a good deal for both parties). And that is another advantage. Not that I am checking Futurnet’s wallet, but me, as well as you, know that it is important to look after our money and business. 🙂

And Futurenet seems like they can look after our money too. There were a lot of stalls on the event, where you could purchase goods, and let the company earn some extra money. One of them, was a BMW spot – Futurenet’s leasing partner.

As you can see on the picture above – BMW’s advertisement and real ‘proof’ of the relationship between them and the Futurenet… amazing. If you were planning to purchase one of those lovely cars, it is worth doing it in BMW-Futurenet leasing. It would pay off (meaning – will be LESS EXPENSIVE).

There were also booths with Futurenet gadgets: t-shirts, pens etc. Why would we buy it? Because it does allow the company to make extra profits and it may be useful for the advertisement of the program.

And of course, there was a booth with books, written by Michal Wawrzyniak (who works actively in Futurenet and Futeradpro), one of the people who had delivered presentation during the event – the queue for the photograph with him was extremely long (not a surprise). But… those who were patient enough, have had it taken 🙂

All the decorations were totally focused on Futurenet advertisement: banners, billboards, etc. I mention it, because I work in advertisement, as it is key for the successful business. And the people who prepared the event knew it well. Wherever they could earn money – they did. Wherever they had opportunity to promote themselves – the did that too.

Every person, who attended the event, received extra gadgets during registration: FuturoCoin and souvenir coin from the event. And look: another method to promote themselves – the photos of this coin will surely get uploaded on the internet, building curiosity and temptation 🙂 And that’s what it’s all about.

And that’s not all: everybody also received a black envelope with 20% off voucher from Futurenet shop, to be redeemed before the end of June 2017. I don’t know if you’re noticing it, but it is another great advertisement tool: I think, that quite few people will use the voucher to purchase promotional mug or a book, or anything else. Would the company make a profit? Of course they will.

News and announcements in Futurenet:

arrow  New website for Futurenet (it works already, e.g. new look of your profile in FN, and there’s more to come),

arrow Information about new Futurenet offices: Wroclaw, Warsaw, 2 offices in Ukraine, as well as an announcement of an office in UK.

arrow New apps for smartphones, including Futurenet Messenger.

arrow New Futurenet products + reminder of those that already exist: Video Mail, business websites, online stores, (with possibility of opening your own store, using FN website), blogs.

arrow Step forward to make it easier for people who live in Great Britain and are not able to use easy and quick form of payments, such as DotPay or Sofort Banking, because they are simply not available in UK.

To fulfill their needs, Futurenet will set up a bank account in UK, so making payments for purchase of FN matrix or adpacks n FAP would be possible to be done directly from your UK bank account into theirs (great idea, because the number of UK partners is constantly increasing and not everyone uses Bitcoin, and they would just prefer to use their bank account to do that).

arrow Futurenet brand smartphones (!) – amazing, real product – live advertisement of the company (some of them were given away to the people during the event, so they already work and it is not some idea for the future). When they go on sale, I will definitely be one of the first people to buy it. Obviously, it will be available on Futurenet store, and some of the price will be able to be paid from your media points.

arrow New product: Futurenet casino (interesting idea – you’ll be able to lose some of your money and the company will definitely make a profit of that) hahahaha. I’m not a fan of gambling, but I surely believe that it is a good many maker.

arrow New product: BID auctions. It is a popular option in many countries. I have heard that Asians go crazy about that. For example: if you want to buy a tablet, computer, smartphone or dish-washer online, you can bid to get them, using BIDs – type of points, which you purchase in advance.

arrow Futurenet coffee shop – the first one to be opened this year.

arrow In April 2017, the company is planning to launch their own Mastercard with e-wallet, where you’ll be able to add funds from Bitcoin, make transfers from e-wallet to e-wallet, make transfer into your bank account and withdraw your Futurenet commissions into Mastercard.

arrow They are also planning to enable withdrawals in actual gold from April 2017, with deliveries to over 100 countries around the world.

arrow And finally, the most awaited topic: Futurenet cryptocurrency – FuturoCoin.

arrow FuturoCoin is already being mined and owns its own BLOCKCHAIN (screenshots of already created wallet for Futuro where presented during the event!)

arrow In total, over the next 10 years, 100 000 000 FuturoCoins will be mined, and no more than that.

arrow 10% of it gets dedicated for people who own Futurenet matrix ROYAL – only until the launch of this cryptocurrency in matrix.

arrow In addition, you’ll be able to receive 5 FuturoCoins for each direct referal who owns ROYAL matrix (only if you have one yourself).

arrow Each person who will not reach ROYAL matrix before the launch of Futuro in it, but will have direct referals who do have it, will receive 1 Futuro for each of those people.
arrowFuturo mining will be possible, same way as with every other cryptocurrency (there will also be a separate marketing and earning plan, and mining will also be possible in the cloud).

Marketing plan will include things like: 10% direct bonus – direct referal, up to 10 levels of referals, and 30% matching bonus and extra bonus pool from the company profits.

arrow FuturoCoin, from the launch date, will be 100% exchangeable.

arrow Interesting fact: Everyone who opens their own online shop through Futurenet will be obligated to accept FUTURO payments. It means, that you’ll always be able to spend you coins on FN platform.

arrow Products, which will enable payments in FuturoCoin, will have their price decreased by 5%.

arrow Important: Current and future partners of Futurenet (such as BMW) will be obligated to enable Futuro payments.


What else happened during the Futurenet event?

Monika Zamachowska had introduced TOP leaders and each one of them gave the speech about their ideas for working online, strategies, as well as hopes that they have if it comes to Futurenet. Important: on the stage, there were only those leaders who shown up on the event 🙂 Some of them were Polish, some English and German, and there was one man who came from Korea. 🙂

People who work actively in Futurenet have been given recognition awards. They were the ones who have outstanding results in Futurenet (I guess, it depended on the number of purchased adpacks, results in matrix, as well as active promotion of the Futurenet and Futureadpro).

I got majorly shocked, because… I was one of those people 😉 I was very pleased, but on the other hand, I did not expect any recognition, and to be honest, I don’t know if I deserve it, but… I am not the one to judge 🙂

Of course, I had no idea that I’ll be called to go on the stage. I was sat at the top of the congress hall, on the balcony for people with standard tickets (I didn’t fancy paying $99 for VIP tickets, as I don’t feel like one), so… when they called my name, I just knew, that I am not going to be able to get all the way down to the stage. I managed to get out of the balcony, go outside the hall, run down the stairs where I got told that the entry to the stage is closed and I have to get to the ground floor. So I did. Out there, they have told me that I have to walk back up. After desperate conversation with the guards, they agreed to let me in… when I entered the stage, I realized that everyone had already gone and they moved on to another presentation. Hehehehe. Oh well… I tried 🙂

Conclusion: If I didn’t smoke that much, I would run quicker. Trainers would also be a better option for those events, instead of boots. 😉

Luckily, Sebastian was on the stage too and he had taken my trophy (Thanks!!), so I got it in the end 🙂 It’s a shame that I am not on a group picture (obviously – on the marketing side of things, it would be beneficial to have it). But… if you’re born to hang, you’ll never drown. 🙂

Speeches of Michal Wawrzyniak and Piotr Tymochowicz have made the event event better (I am not sure whether I am allowed to post the photos of it, as I know that Michal’s lawyers keep careful watch. That’s why I’ve only posted above one photograph with him, as a proof that he was there 😉 And I’d like to send my kind regards to all of his lawyers! 🙂

To summarize: The event was prepared famously, gave me a lot of power and a lot of… thoughts about the way in which Futurenet is going. Up until now, I was mostly interested in FAP, without putting much attention into Futurenet (although I do build my matrix there).

I also have to admit that because of my experience in this business, I look at Futureadpro in a way it should be looked at, so – ‘revshare is a revshare – 100% of risk, full stop, without good strategy, you wouldn’t get anywhere. After the event, so after I’ve heard about the company’s plans and future development, I wonder whether Futureadpro would not soon become a secondary product, while other things will become a priority: social network, paid advertisement, matrix, smartphones, cryptocurrency, partnership with big companies like BMW, hosting services, online shops and other products.

While working in revshare, I often focus on a subject relating to ‘outside sources of finance’ for the company. Where from, how much, what sort of sources, etc. Out here, those sources of finance are clearly visible, but… from what I’ve seen, FAP was not a subject that was widely discussed during the event. Of course, the advertisement and people were there, but it is possible that the company wants to earn money from something else – and it is doing it pretty well. That’s where they’re putting their attention to. I can just see a stronger marketing power there – in Futurenet, than in Futureadpro itself. During the event, nobody was talking about revshare. What revshare? Yyyy. Almost no mention about it. The event was all about business in totally different sectors. It does get me interested and makes me wonder.

Conclusions? Everybody has their own.
If this subject got you interested, and you’re not FN user just yet, out here you’ll find Futernet registration link, and Futureadpro registration link.

If this subject did not interest you at all, but you’ve still read the entire article, then thank you and that was my pleasure 🙂

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