Futurenet – summary of the event, 29th of August 2017

Another Futernet’s event has taken place on 29th of August 2017, in Lubin’s RCS hall (POLAND). It also included the presentation of possibilities within its social platform. Around 200 people attended + chairman of the company – Roman Ziemian.

It’s worth to know that the event was not organized by the company itself, but it was set by the leaders of Futurenet – the Unlimited Team Lubin.

These sort of events take place all around Poland, and they are being organized by various leaders, and also by independent groups of Futurenet’s partners. If the event confirms the attendance of more than 150 people, the chairman of the company shows up as well. That’s how it was this time too 🙂

At the start I’d like to thank all the people, who organized it and prepared it to the very high standard, put all the presentations together and chosen a great place. In addition, I’d like to send my thanks to sponsors, because of whom, the attendees where able to win various interesting prizes. 🙂 Applause goes to Michal Wosztyl, Lukasz Cyganowski, Marta Lewicka, Mariusz Bujnorowski, Michal Tyl, Remigiusz Wlodarek, Robert Jagieluk, Dominik Wilanowski and Lukasz Blaszczyk (you can find them all on Facebook).

What’s important to know is that those people not only made sure that the event goes well, but they also advertised it all around the town, and I’ve seen it myself. 🙂 Before the event, I decided to have some Chinese in the largest mall in Lubin, and that’s the surprise I came across:

The event’s advertisement was displayed on electronic billboard above the main entrance to the mall and also in front of the hall, were the event has taken place (very nice building).

Main points of the event:

– Presentation of Futurenet’s and Futureadpro possibilities (with examples: what is it, what for, how to do it and why). They were also applauses for best leaders from the region (and finally, I could see few women among them – well done!).

– The speech delivered by the chairman, Roman Ziemian, who also talked about the Futurenet’s plans for near future (Futurent’s interenet cafes, casinos in Romania, own leasing group, employment possibilities in various countries, restaurant in Warsaw, Futurnet’s VOIP, event in Monako with official start of FuturoCoin cryptocurrency).

– They talked about Futurent’s sponsorship of Futsal Masters 2017 event + list of media sources, where Futurnet’s brand will be mentioned, because of it. Futsal Master 2017 is the biggest, international futsal tournament which takes place Poland. From 31 of August until 3rd of September, futsal teams from Spain, Italy, Finland, Ukraine, etc, are going to compete here. Among them, we are going to see FC Barcelona Lassa – the team which does not have to be introduced, as its one of the best futsal team’s in the world.

Many well known websites have already been announcing it. You can watch in live on:
As the tickets are not overly expensive, it is worth to watch it live 🙂

After presentations and speeches, there was a draw of prizes (I really wished for Jiu-Jitsu course, but unfortunately, this prize was taken by someone else – congratulations!). And after the event, when most people left to home, me and Dorota Gromadzka were having fun around the table with promotional gadgets, and we even managed to get the boss to have a photo with us 🙂

P.S. Although, during the event, no major news was announced, I do not regret it at all, because Futurenet’s company is constantly keeping us entertained with new attractions, new products and new ideas, so we can’t really complain.

Is it worth attending these sort of events?

If you treat you work online seriously, enjoy making new contacts and like to check whether all those people on the Internet are actually real, then definitely yes. 🙂

And if those events are taking place 150km from where you live, there should be no excuses 🙂

So, will we see each other next time? 🙂

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