FutureAdPro: how to start and how to make money within this program?

FutureAdPro is a revenue share program, linked to Futurenet – social media platform.
Futurenet has appeared on the Internet in Autumn 2014 and as the time went on, they’ve created separate advertisement program: FutureAdPro.

Who stands behind FutureAdPro?

Roman Ziemian and Stephen Morgenstern are the owners. Mateusz Glowicki holds the position of company’s CEO. FutureAdPro is based in Wroclaw, in Poland, with its offices in India. On their website, you can also find an information, that Futurenet’s admin is registered in Marshall Islands.

Below, you’ll be able to see the two webinars with about the program’s activities, users and plans:

How to earn money in FutureAdPro?

It is more or less like in ordinary revshare, where you earn money, by purchasing adpacks and viewing ads.

Adpack cost: $50 (includes 800 views of your website)
Profit: about 1% per day ($0.5)
Time for adpack to mature: around 120 days

After the event, organized by Futurenet in Wroclaw, the company has enabled the option to purchase $10 adpacks. The percentage of profit stayed the same, but it takes longer for the pack to mature (80% of time, that $50 adpack takes).

Necessary daily activity: viewing 10 ads within the program, once every 24 hours.

Total profit: 20% ($50 adpack finishes, when you reach $60).

Maximum number of packs: 1000.

The program comes with variety of languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Hungarian, Italian, Czech, Polish, Turkish and Ukrainian. It means that it is well-prepared to work with users from almost all around the world.

You can pay for your adpack, using one of many payment platforms:

You’ll be able to use popular Bitcoin, dotpay – quick online payments, as well as Payza, STP, and others. Recently, they also allow you to transfer the money to cryptocurrency market – Bitbay.

Important: every time you withdraw the money, 5% will be used for developing your Futurenet Friends Tree Matrix.

Main account balance: where you collect 95% of profits.

The other 5% is automatically sent to your Advertising Account. The money on this account can be spent on purchase of advertisement services, as well as paying for program’s subscription (which increases you commission percentage and allow you to extend you packs’ limit.

Subscription chart:

status fap

Commission system depends on subscription, you’ve bought.

Free account (maximum of 50 packs) gives you 3% commission from your level 1 referals’ purchases. Higher subscription you’ve got, higher commission you’ll be able to receive – maximum 8%,
Commission from another 4 levels referals is blocked on free accounts, but as soon as you pay from subscription, you’ll be able to unlock certain levels (see the table).

How to start in FutureAdPro?

All you need to do, is set up your free account, FutureAdPro registration link. You’re allowed to have 1 account per 1 household. Attempts to break this rule may end up in deleting all of your extra accounts. 🙂

Next step is an account verification (you’ll need to send photographs of your identity proof and the proof of address). Then, you just have to choose what adpack to buy and link your advert with it.

Important: In FutureAdPro, you can specify some characteristics of people, who  are going to view your ad (country of residence, age, sex and language).

If you decide to register through this link, you can also count on my help within the program.


Important: When buying advertisement services, remember, that revshare is not an investment program, and they cannot guarantee profits. Only use the money, which you can spare. Do not spend, what you couldn’t live without.

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