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Free Blockchain Hotels tokens – up for grabs

How to get free tokens from Blockchain Hotels project, which is currently in ICO stage and collects funds for implementation of its business plan?

In most ICOs it is impossible to acquire free tokens – as the main objective of ICO is to collect money for a start of particular project, company, solution, idea, etc., and not to give away tokens. But in Blockchain Hotels it is possible. 🙂

Why? For one simple reason – to get something for free we have to complete few tasks. Those are typical easy activities, but for the company, who needs good advertisement at the start, they have strategical and marketing meaning. Example of a task: like Blockchain Hotels profile on Facebook, join their telegram, like their fanpage, etc.

For completion of each activity you receive free Hotel Coins (this is the currency of Blockchain Hotels project) and of course we don’t need to take active part in their ICO at all.

– So: we can collect free coins and then wait for the project implementation – if everything goes according to the company’s plan, it may turn out that our free coins bring us really nice profits.

– And if a project doesn’t work out, as these things happen, then, the worst case scenario, we have lost a little bit of our time for completing tasks.

Easy? Easy.

You can read about this project here:
Link to its White Paper:

To receive free coins: register on the BlockChain Hotels panel

arrow  Fill in the profile info
arrow  Go to Airdrop tab
arrow  You are going to see the list of tasks out there: all you need to do is complete them, wait for Blockchain Hotels team to check them and allocate your coins.

arrow  Allocation takes around 5 days.

Attention: you don’t have to complete all tasks, but more of them you do, more tokens you get 🙂

Of course, if the project interests you, you may purchase coins in their ICO stage as well, investing your money in this business, but it is not necessary.
If you don’t want to/ you don’t like it/ you don’t enter ICOs/etc. – just use the ‘free token’ option.


What does Blockchain Hotels gain, by giving some of their coins away.?

Firstly: advertisement! Thanks to activities and free coins, thousands of people will like the fanpage of their project, subscribe to their YouTube channel, observe their telegram, like them on social media, leave comments, etc. All those things contribute to widening the reach of the project and its strong promotion online. When their reach is high, and a lot of people supports the project, it is easier to get investors who would wish to be a part of it.

Secondly: giving away free coins before the start of the project, means that after it is launched – thousands of people will own Hotel Coin already, so they’ll b able to: use this cryptocurrency, pay with it for their stay in the hotels, which will be built according to Blockchain Hotels plan – described on their website.


Once you’ve collected all free tokens available on the Blockchain Hotels panel, remember to take a look at their website every now and then – as from what I see, apart from previous ‘missions’ – there are new ones appearing on there too.

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