Filtering out your friends on Facebook – aw?!

Filtering out your friends of Facebook is one of the more controversial topics if it comes to working in marketing and recommendation business sector.

Some people are up for it, some are against it, and there are others who think that it is simply going over the top. Today, I would like to analyze it calmly, so you can see pluses and minuses of doing so, as well as the reasons why it is worth and not worth to make that decision. I hope that this article will help you. 🙂

As for the beginning: on October 2014 (ooo, it’s almost 3 years now) when I was starting my blog and creating Facebook profile, looking for friends and socializing with people I knew in the past was not my goal.

Both blog and Facebook profile were created because at the time I was reading a lot about earning in MLM sector and I got really interested in it. I started earning online long time before that, but then I was only working in advertisement, seo, some marketing, learning on how to build a website, html, and a little bit of affiliate programs – without any accounts on social platforms.

It was reading about MLM and its possibilities that encouraged me to look closer into it, and as I’ve heard from YouTube leaders – without Facebook account, transparency and own website, there is no point of starting anything. So I did it – firstly Facebook profile, then blog.

Of course, I needed some friends at the start, as the empty account would not look ‘great’. So I invited old friends from school (some of them I haven’t seen for years), and half of my family (the ones I managed to find), and it was after that, when I started to look for contacts within the business sector I wanted to be in. I quickly realized that old friends and family had absolutely different reasons for opening Facebook account than I did. It was mainly gossip, watching each other profiles without a word in comments, talking about old times and how bad it is right now – in general, lots of nonsense. And I did not come here for that. My Facebook and blog (why would I lie?) – were created with a purpose of development and business, not gossip. 🙂

When the number of my ‘new’ MLM friends started to increase, I also got more contacts related to seo, graphics and advertisement sector – so similar topics, which I wanted to explore too. To make a long story short: after few months I realized that I have few hundreds friends and with the people that I invited at the very beginning, I am not keeping any contact at all. I did not want to waste time on conversations like what is happening with Hannah from class 2nd B, who I’ve seen once in my life, 15 years ago. I then deleted all of the old contacts, leaving only few. I also deleted most of my family members. 🙂 Aunties, who never post anything and they’re never there, uncles, cousins, etc. Out of the first bunch there were only few people left.
And at that moment, my Facebook changed. Algorithms of this social portal stopped displaying the pictures of my friends from holiday, instead I could see more articles that actually interested me. They helped me develop. They helped me to learn. More detail, more business, more people posting, who actually had something to say in terms of my interests.

I also started to look carefully at people that I invite to friends, as well as those who send me invitations. And I did it because I wanted my wall to display things that I want, not some random stuff.

Every now and then I sit down and ‘clean’ the list of my friends:

– I delete people who don’t post anything and are not active,
– I delete those (although we might have like 150 same friends) that only post their results from Facebook mini-games or funny pictures,
– I delete people who continuously spread hate, bad emotions and pictures related to politics,
– I delete people, who messaged me millions times, offering some business, but never started any actual conversation with me,
– I delete people, who are adding me to various groups without asking (no exceptions).
And all of it because I want the group of people that are in my friends to have some worth, meaning and interests in common.
Unfortunately, this list requires regular cleaning, because many people are leaving this business sector, or they start a good profile, but then they ‘get lost’ with it all.


Advantages of filtering your friends out on Facebook:

– more interesting topics to look at, within my business sector,
– more people with similar interests,
– better ‘target’ for promotion of things that people are interested in,
– extended reach,
– higher chance to meet people that you want to work with and who want to work with you,
– the wall covered with interesting things, not with politics, hate, anger, flowers and conspiracy theories.


Disadvantages of filtering your friends out on Facebook:

– Your family will get angry, because: ‘how dare you deleting them from your friends. It doesn’t matter how long you haven’t seen each other?!’,
– Old friends will think you’re a pig, behaving like a queen bee,
– You’ll lose a chance of meeting the love of your life out there 😉 As he/she does not have to work in the same business sector as you do.
Traps of filtering people out on Facebook:

– By accident, you may delete somebody who is deeply connected to what you’re doing, but he just doesn’t write about it on his wall,
– By accident, you may delete somebody who just simply needs more time to read and observe this business sector before he makes a decision,
– You may end up deleting someone who does not have a profile picture, his profile is empty, but he is much better that you in working online, just do not use private Facebook to write about it, as he doesn’t want his family to get a heart attack after seeing how much he earns,
– You might delete somebody, who has Batman as profile picture and a nickname instead of a real name, but actually he may be a leader of same business sector, who just simply hide his details on Facebook looking for new talents. He might have been secretly watching you, and you got rid of him. 😉
To conclude: is it worth to filter your friends out or just add everybody?

I think you just need to honestly answer one question:

What was you aim, when you created your Facebook profile?

If you did not have any reason and you still don’t – then you know the answer.
If you did have an objective and you know your goals – then you know the answer too.

What’s the most important is that it is your decision at the end of the day.
It is your profile 🙂

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