Exp Asset – meeting in Warsaw on 16th of December 2017

Exp Asset – meeting in Warsaw on 16th of December 2017

On 16th of December 2017, I attended the meeting with the owner of Exp Asset (small event) in Mariott Hotel, Warsaw. We could listen to the summary of what Exp Asset managed to accomplish in 2017 and what is still to be done + the company’s plans for 2018.

The event itself wasn’t big, less than hundred people attended, but I personally think it was worth to be there.

What did Exp Asset accomplish in 2017?

Launch and development of Exp Asset platform

Setting their head office in Warsaw, in prestigious Warsaw Financial Centre (on Fridays, everyone is free to come, see and talk to them)

 Establishing cooperation with traders from Poland and Germany

Registration of Harry Forex (Exp Asset broker services, that were announced earlier, but took a bit longer than expected)

Establishing cooperation with Lukasz Bozek (he was at the even too), who has many years of experience in financial market and worked as a currency dealer for well-known Polish bank. He also worked at optimization for currency transactions and risk management.

What are Exp Asset plans for 2018?

First quarter of the year: development of Harry Forex platform

Implementation of first Bitcoin Insurances in the world

At the moment: all profits of Exp Asset come from cryptocurrency trading and crypto mining (which would continue to grow next year). Exp Asset announced that they have space for 3700 cryptocurrency miners, which they want to have fully operational by the end of February 2018. Exp Asset aims to own 20,000 cryptocurrency miners by the end of 2018 and, quoting Patryk Krupinski – ‘become the biggest Ethereum mine in eastern Europe’.

Those miners are meant to be set so they can provide profits for matrix with purchased mining pool, directly in particular cryptocurrency, such as ETH, or ETC. It would be different to what they do now – paying people with USD. Apart from mining pool, we will be able to buy our miner from the company, which Exp Asset would operate and send particular cryptocurrency to us.

Admin also mentioned, that he would like to create his own exchange, but it is very time consuming, so he would not be able to do that in 2018.

In 2018, Exp Asset wants to introduce Supervisory and Management Board + start publishing reports from their meetings.

In 2018, Exp Asset will publish their financial audit, done by a controller, who is independent from Exp Asset and Kufiet Legal Office (to highlight their transparency and compliance with the law). It is meant to clearly point out where Exp Asset is getting their profits from, so trading and crypto mining, then nobody can accuse them of being a pyramid that generate profits only from new members enrollment.

– There are two new boxes that need to be ticked during registration. One of them is to confirm that you’ve read terms and conditions and the other one specifies that you do not have to invite new users and you understand that they do not guarantee any profits (risk!)
How to promote the company and how NOT to promote it, so you don’t get banned and you don’t have any legal problems?

You are ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED to guarantee profits to anyone, because Exp Asset is educational platform and we pay for trading courses here. Daily bonus (around 1% a day) depends on whether the company makes profit or not.

Patryk Krupinski quotes from his presentation:

1. The right to receive profits is there to encourage people to use our platform and to widen our reach. The company now, and in the future, aims to generate profits from trading and crypto mining.

2. We are asking you, and also our independent partners to accurately inform all people you invite about every aspect of Exp Asset, New users should not be enrolling just to make profits from our marketing plan.

3. The basic rule is to inform everyone, that inviting new people is not necessary in Exp Asset, and they don’t need it to make profits. Also, all should be aware that there are risks and the company does not guarantee profits. You MUST NOT skip these things when presenting the program to others.
Interesting comment from Legal Office: Misleading people by giving the wrong information is classed as fraud!

That’s why you should promote the company by giving honest information, do not lie and do not skip things. You always need to mention risks and no guarantee.

You MUST NOT suggest that the program is an investment with definite profits, because Exp Asset is not an investment company (you accept it by ticking terms and conditions box)
New terms and conditions of Exp Asset:

This subject was presented by Legal Office, which prepared terms and conditions, so the company fully complies with the law. It is worth to read it.

The most important: It is not allowed to create multiple accounts. One user is only allowed one account in the company.

Enrolling new members is not necessary to make profits.

 Referal ROTATOR: When someone registers from official website, without reflink, then the system randomly assign that person under one of the structures in the company. Once referal is assigned it is impossible to change it manually.

 Terms and Conditions will be adjusted to comply with decisions of European Council that will go live on 25th of May 2017 (personal data protection).

  Soon, there will be changes in marketing presentation too – which will be finished off with the help from lawyers (The owner of Exp Asset highlighted many times that it is very important for him to comply with the law).

My impression: very interesting, especially all that was said by lawyers from Kufiet Legal Office, as they made the term and conditions clear, but also shown how to protect the company from online ‘hate’ and accusations – lots of information that can be used to promote Exp Asset, as well as any other company.
What was missing during the event?

– Stronger marketing. Event advertisement online and on Facebook, was… pretty poor, and that’s probably why not many people attended. And that’s a shame, because it was worth to come, get plenty of information, ask questions, etc. Those events are organized to widen your knowledge and that’s why it is good to be there. If you weren’t – it’s your loss.

– Leaders. Leaders. Leaders.

They were definitely missing on the event. On the previous one, we had various people discussing variety of subjects, and those were people who are very active in the company – so their presentations were interesting and encouraging. Different views, different methods, different leaders. Power. This time, we could only see the owner on stage, and also a representative of Kufiet Legal Office. If you look at marketing side of things – well, it was pretty weak 🙂 Where were they – all leaders, marketers and promoters? If any of you are reading this, I want you to know that you were missed on that stage, and you were missed as listeners, as I was hoping for interesting chat during breaks, but it didn’t happen.

I think that all companies consist of people. Not only the owner, even if he’s good at what he does, but also (if not mainly) those who do marketing, are pushing the company forward (advertisement would not just happen on its own).
One way or another – I’d like to send best wishes to all active (and inactive) users of Exp Asset and hope that we will meet on next Exp Asset event soon 🙂

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