Exp Asset Event – 30.09.2017

As I wanted to move away from my computer for a bit and check something out, I had decided to attend the event, organized by Exp Asset company on 30 of September 2017. Today, especially for you – my account of the meeting: what happened, where, when, what is it all about, advantages, disadvantages, my impression and photos. If you are interested in this company, you have heard about it, but for some reason you did not look into it in detail – I advise to read this article carefully, mainly the part about Kufieta Legal Office, which had recently prepared legal audit of Exp Asset and is regularly monitoring its compliance with Polish law. 🙂

Few words on how the event was organized: the company definitely made sure that everything is sorted and well prepared. The location, presentations, speeches delivered by leaders, the owner, legal office, as well as things like: snacks, dinner and after party – there’s nothing that could have been done any better. 🙂 They also made sure that entertainment part of the event was run on a very high standard, and that’s why they invited Zygmunt Chajzer, well-known, Polish, TV presenter to take care of it. 🙂 I managed to get a picture with him – extremely friendly man 🙂

I was really impressed with the marketing side of things as well: right next to the reception of Magellan hotel, I could see large advertisement board of Exp Asset with little stalls next to it, offering a huge variety of items with the company’s logo and other advertisement gadgets. From mugs, pens, power banks, fleeces, shirts, to energy drinks, and car air fresheners.

I like when the company takes care of those things.


There were also many advertisements all around the hotel, and in front of the actual building I could see the company’s cars too. It really made a good impression.

What were we able to find out about Exp Asset during the conference?

1. Patryk Krupinski’s presentation – He is the owner of Exp Asset. He has spoken about the company, about himself, and about plans for the future.

2. Andrzej Endler’s presentation – (I have to admit that his knowledge has definitely outgrown mine and I failed to understand what he is talking about after a 1 of his speech). 🙂

As I was moved so much by his presentation, I came back home and went on Google to find out exactly who he is. And here again, I got impressed a lot: financier, entrepreneur, manager, automatic investment systems, MBA studies, doctoral studies in the Institute of Economy, studies in the University of Technology in Warsaw, business analysis, project management.

I have also found information that he was the owner and the part of management team in many companies within financial and technology sectors, but also he worked as the main IT specialist in one of the most known banks in Poland.

Well, so no surprise that I did not get 3 of his message. 🙂 I can see that there is still a long way ahead of me.

3. The event also included speeches of leaders (the ones with the highest results within the company). Among others, we could listen to Tomek Budrys, Karol Stemplewski and Andrzej Kuras. There were also rewards and thanks from ‘the boss’ – Patryk Krupinski.

4. We could get to know something about Exp Asset’s products from Karol Stemplewski and Piotr Szczygiel, who, along with a trader, run educational webinars for the company (by the way, they are very interesting and I had a chance to listen to few of them already. I know that after listening to more of them, what I’m definitely going to do, I will always learn some new things).

5. Tomek Budrys has taken care of the rewards and possibilities subject. 🙂

And the last thing, which should have probably be AT THE BEGINNING:

Exp Asset audit, presented by Kufieta Legal Office

(the same legal office which assessed the legal compliance of Futurenet) They were answering questions of attendees in regards to paying taxes from cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin trading – including Bitbay.

The whole thing was extremely interesting and it made the Exp Asset company look really promising in my eyes. It would take long to describe everything that was covered during their presentation and I don’t want to get you all bored, but if you’d like to know more then you will be able to find the video of entire presentation of the legal office on the Facebook group for my partners. 🙂 I think you’d like to see it.

To conclude, I want to answer three of the most important questions:

Is Exp Asset a pyramid scheme?

According to Kufiet Legal Office – by law, Exp Asset is absolutely legal and you cannot call it a pyramid scheme (the audit was aimed on checking it out and was done very thoroughly). A lot of people online were worried about it. Legal office concluded that Exp Asset offers a real product and it is this product that we buy, when we decide to work actively for this company. And that is: educational programs, covering trading subjects:

– Live Trading Room – inside access to monitors of traders who work for the company, as well as the access to educational videos, graphs, terminology and practice – those subject are presented from Monday to Thursday and the main topic changes each time. Live Trading Room webinars are obviously to be attended live, so we are able to ask questions, receive answers and to practice.

– Trading Idea – daily trading idea for you to try (in PDF format)

– Live webinar – weekly, large scale educational webinar, regarding trading and Exp Asset products.

– Trading Camp – it gives you possibility to spend time with a group of people who will meet up once a year on educational trip. Those camps will include not only sharing knowledge but also trading practice and integration.

– Matrix – 6 types of matrix, which offer various things, depending on its price:

Matrix price $25-$125: educational products (trading) and instructions, Inside Bar option and Auto Stop Loss.

Matrix price $250-$1000: product connected with cryptocurrency mining. The company owns cryptocurrency miners and by purchasing this matrix we will receive so called: mining pool, because of which cryptocurrency will be mined for us for 18 months.

Every new plan or product gets checked by Kufiet Legal Office, to make sure it complies with current law. The company and the legal office are both aware that regulations are continuously changing, that’s why they do their best to offer up to date, legal options for their users.

Should Exp Asset have the permission to deal with financial instruments?

Another important subject for people was to find out whether Exp Asset does not need to hold a license to be able to deal with financial instruments for their clients (as the company does not have such license) and whether it is legal. Kufieta legal office explained how does it look if it comes to regulations in Polish law.

Saying shortly: Bitcoin and Litecoin, which are both used as a payment method in Exp Asset, are not recognized as currency, neither as a financial instrument, by law. That’s why they are not included in regulations regarding transfers of financial instruments. The company then, does not need to hold a permission or license.

And I think those two points were the main ones, that worried people on the Internet. Now, it was explained clearly and to the point by Kufiet Legal Office.


What are the risks in Exp Asset?

In addition, the Kufiet Legal Office discussed whether there is a risk of losing your funds in there. Their opinion was that the risk in using Exp Asset is similar to investing on the market.

If you register with the company, to use really good courses and educational materials, which they offer: then you simply purchase a product, receive it and use it, and at the same you’ve got the possibility to receive a share of company’s profits (1% daily, in average).

But if you register with them, but you don’t really need a product they offer, and all you are interested in is share of profits, then there are risks in it, because the percent you receive is not guaranteed. So, as it was nicely said by Kufiet’s Legal Office representative: you need to be aware that you have the right to receive a share of profits, but no company is able to guarantee to you, that they will be able to achieve that profit.
Interesting example: if Bitcoin’s value drops to $1, then the users will still receive their daily bonus, but it is not going to be worth much. So the risks might depend on BTC value variations, company making profit and other random situations that may happen to this company, same as it could happen to others.

Below, there are few pictures from the event, so you don’t get too bored 🙂

And now…

My impression from the Exp Asset event (including official parts, as well as extremely interesting conversations between the attendees):

– If it comes to legal part of things, I am very, and I mean it – very pleased. I received a lot of important knowledge and information, which I needed to be able to understand how does it work if it comes to those companies being legal and what is the whole legal approach to it. Definite advantage.

– If it comes to organization – well done! I have nothing more to say. Congratulations go to the owner, people who carried out presentations, leaders, traders, and office workers, and here I’d like to mention my friends: Wojtek Stepien (great info from ‘the inside’) and Maciek Zyk (always ready to help!). And I could not miss out Maciek’s wife – who was doing an outstanding job by registration wall 🙂

– If it comes to conversations between people and other gossips, during the after party, I’ve heard about some minuses then (of course not everything can be positive). There were few interesting things being said, and I noticed several people’s fears that when the company gets shut, they will lose all their funds (just remember what Kufiet Legal Office said about it) and from myself: the risk of losing everything is present in every company (I write about it a lot on my blog), and if you are worried so much, that you are not able to get over it, then do not register. And if you are not interested in your own education at all, and you are not bothered with marketing possibilities of mining pool – then just give up, what’s the point? 🙂 The risk is everywhere, it will be, and there is never a 100% assurance. Nowhere.

– One displeasing fact is that many people still remember the beginnings of Exp Asset and that the owner was widely criticized by the sector, which he previously worked for – trading environment, etc. I don’t know what they criticism is based on, whether it is a genuine thing or they are just simply angry that he betrayed his business sector and started his own company – which includes not only trading, but also marketing, recommendations, bonuses and matrix. Many people might just simply not like that. The one thing I know, is that few people who were spreading hateful information about Exp Asset’s admin (because they had heard gossips and passed it further) – received lawsuits. I count that as a positive, because if the admin had something to hide, he would not be that happy to go to court with it. Well… that’s what I think, but I may be wrong.

– And the last negative that I managed to gather from conversations with others is that the owner has some debts, and quote: ‘the company is meant to help him pay them off’. Of course I have not seen any of that debt for myself and I did not look at his financial history, but if that’s true (I’d like to say clearly that I do not know if it is) then I think it’s quite normal that the man wants to earn money and pay his debt off. Every company, same as Exp Asset exists to earn money. Same, if you take a loan or you have borrowed money from someone else, it is obvious that if you work in ordinary employment or on the Internet, you want to pay it off. But as I said – I don’t know if it’s truth or not, and I am just thinking about it for myself (and I hope I’ll not receive a lawsuit for that) 🙂

And just between us – after the event, I came to the conclusion that it is highly important to attend this sort of meetings. You can learn a lot from the event itself, as well as from talking to others (and I don’t only mean learning about the specific company, but learning in general – about marketing, about this business sector, etc.). It gives you enormous amount of information and reasons for thinking about it deeply. And I am not going to give everything away to you in this article, just attend next time and you will see it for yourself. 🙂

P.S. As far as I am aware, Exp Asset is going to organize the New Years party in Zakopane (Poland) – party, winter attractions, music, mountain dance, etc. If somebody is interested, they should soon release some official info.

And as for the ending:

a) if you’re interested in Exp Asset and what to sign up just click here to do so. If you have any questions, contact me via private message or through my e-mail.

b) if you’re not interested in this subject then you definitely should not register 🙂

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