Event marketing: show yourself or die?

An event here, an event there… don’t you get the impression that every few days we have an event somewhere?

And in general it is not only within recommendation marketing (affiliate programs of all sorts) or cryptocurrency, because that’s the topics we usually discuss, but I mean the whole advertisement sector, training, motivational courses, new technologies, products, companies etc. etc.
No event – no fun, or what’s going on? 🙂

I suppose, that in this world of ‘anonymous’ internet – the community of people who are stuck in front of their screens – we just simply, like humans, from time to time, for a clarity of mind, have to get some fresh air. That’s one thing. And the second one: is that people want to get to know who they work with, have a coffee with John, who has helped us to create the software for some company, eat a dinner with few people who we plan to cooperate with, as we’re not sure whether they’re ‘real’, or we want to recommend a company, and for a peace of mind we’d like to meet the owners. Check whether they don’t seem dodgy, looking away when confronted live.

‘Event’ may take few forms:

arrow Official meeting with company’s representatives
arrow Product/offer presentation + refreshments + chat
arrow Informal meeting where you can share your thoughts and views
arrow Large feast with a great fanfare (that usually characterizes large MLM events)


What is the purpose of those events?

arrow  Firstly: advertisement for a company, which organizes an event, showing off and highlighting the TRANSPARENCY of the owners

arrow  Secondly: gaining new clients (people who are going to pay the money in for products, idea, ICO, draft, concept, etc.) and who are simply going to see the potential earning opportunity in a company’s offer or the chance to gain other benefits (product, service, bonus and more)

arrow  Thirdly: integration possibility for ‘old’ users, members of a company and associates, as well as a chance to make new contacts (that’s an extremely important point of the events!)

arrow  Fourth purpose: charging attendees with positive power and energy

arrow Fifth purpose: online publicity for a company (people make ‘lives’, recordings, take pictures, read company’s plans for the future, watch and then post reward ceremonies, etc.). This publicity impacts sales and new registrations.

After the event, there are new articles emerging online, with descriptions and photos, which are often posted late, refreshing people’s memory.


I know people who attend a huge variety of events… even if they don’t engage with these companies at all 🙂 They buy tickets and go there – only to make new contacts. As of course, while on an event, nobody checks whether you’re a member, or check how much you’ve got on your account. It is connections, that you can make on those events – that may be priceless!
At the end of last year, I attended the event in Warsaw. I have met a person out there, who was at the event of X company in the morning, in the afternoon he went to see ‘us’ and in the evening he was going to another one. And that was a mega good person for recommendation marketing.

Connections my brother, connections.
Also, recently, I was asked an interesting question, by a person who is very good in recommendation marketing. And that was:
What if an affiliate program does not organize events?

And I had to really think about it. Because you could say straight away that it seems suspicious if a company bases their profits on selling ‘something’, that they advertise by commission program (affiliate) and does not plan to meet their users from time to time, does not see a need to reward them, motivate them, or show admin’s faces LIVE.

Suspicious, right? Yes and no.

Why is it suspicious?

arrow  Because a company may have something to hide? – that is a first thought that comes to my mind
arrow  Because they might not be able to lie live, in your face, that their product is so amazing, and doing it online is much easier?
arrow  Because they’re afraid of difficult questions?
arrow  Because they don’t pay taxes and don’t want to go public. They may hide money on accounts oversees, and they’re going to leave soon too, so we can’t find them?

You’ve got to admit that these thoughts would come to you too. Especially if admins are not showing their faces on Facebook, they are not on YouTube and don’t post ‘monthly review’ type of videos (then your vigilance increases even more).


Why it does not have to be suspicious?

arrow  Because the owners might have enough money already and they don’t want to risk being robbed and assaulted (don’t laugh – just notice how many bosses of large trade, production, and many other companies literally hide online, and they even pay specialists to delete their surname from internet websites and so their picture is nowhere to be found too. Honestly. We know that they are ‘sleeping on banknotes’ 😉 But they just don’t want to wake up realizing that they’ve been kidnapped.

arrow  Because they might have taken the same approach as a boss of a company that does door-to-door sales of amazing hoovers that will wash your carpet too and kill all bacteria. What do I mean? A boss of that company may think: I pay my sales representative 40% commission so he sells a hoover, and that is a lot of money, so I don’t want to bother with event organization and feeding him with snacks on top of that. ‘40% is a good enough motivation. As the commission is very generous – I don’t event consider running an event.’ And he is kind of right, isn’t he?

arrow  Because the owner might be a classical nerd, who does not like a stage, speeches, he stresses out, panics in front of the crowd, and he just simply knows that it is not going to do him any favour. He might be a great professional in what he’s doing e.g. a programmer, but he doesn’t have to feel good in front of people. He may be fully aware, that if he gets on stage, he will lose his sales and his custom, as he’s unable to present it all, as well as he would wish to.


Does it sound logical? It does.

What is the company which does not organize events loosing out on?

I think that would be people’s commitment and involvement. Every person experiences the lack of motivation at some point and it would be good if the ‘power’ for further action came from the top, so from a company.

And few words for the ending: I could bet that most of you has never attended any event, or maybe 1, and then you gave up, because it is not worth it, because you had to pay for tickets, because it is a long way, uncomfortable journey, hotel costs, and you haven’t even spoken to anybody out there.

So… although you’re not attending: you have effects, have referals, you are earning and you’re happy, then really you can just skip it, because why would you go? 🙂
Question: do you have all these things listed above?

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