Do not listen to me…

It is dedicated to the narrow group of people, who work along with me in various revenue share programs.

I am very delighted when I see that if I choose some new program, you sign up to it with me. It gives me a lot of ‘power’ and encouragement to carry on with what I am doing. And simply, like a normal human being, I feel happy inside. And it’s not because of the commission, which I get because you are actively using these programs, but because you’ve decided, once again, to use my link to register. For me, it means, that I am ‘doing a good job’, and you appreciate it.

There is always a ‘but’.
I have a favour to ask you for: next time, I would like you to not to listen to me. However it sounds.
If you work with me in few programs already, you are fully aware how I work. You also have an access to closed group of my partners on Facebook, so you can also count on regular updates and news, and also on the fact, that ‘if I know it, I will tell you’.

But… in internet marketing and recommendation businesses, contacts are very important. Especially: new contacts.

By continuously using my links for registration, you only know my point of view. If you want to develop and widen the group of people you know (your new potential partners), you should listen to others as well. Their advice, ideas, opinions and strategies might really come in handy.

New contacts in recommendation businesses are simply essential.

So: Change your sponsors every now and then.

On my own example: I have quite few outstanding sponsors. I respect their work, so I sometimes sign up to two programs, using one person’s link. But… I habitually change them 🙂 And it is because I want to develop. I want to increase my knowledge and learn from experiences and ideas of various people. Because I am going forward.

If you persistently work with only one group of people, although your relations are getting better (and that’s amazing)… the circle is closed.

It is like being a fish in the aquarium. This fish can only swim in the area inside an aquarium. It would not get any further. Do not close the door for your development. I am really not going to take offense or get angry with you, only because I see that you promote a program that I use as well, but you did not use my link to sign up.

Increase your knowledge – expand horizons 🙂 And then, you’ll be able to see how good your relationship with others actually was.
Because if someone will get angry with you for choosing a new sponsor over him… it means they only cared about your money at the first place. They did not think about authentic cooperation, exchange of experience and opinion, not even mentioning a good relationship.

Recently, I have spoken on Skype, with a guy I know from Facebook, who is not my sponsor at all. I have made a tea, and started a voice call for ‘quick, 30 minutes chat’. And… our discussion went so well, I don’t know how 2 hours had passed. No idea how and when. But I have discovered few things, I never even thought about, because in groups that I am in already, those topics were not talked about at all. I have honestly expanded my horizons within those 2 hours.
I could have spend that time chatting to my sponsors, who I know already and from whom I have learned a lot.

But I need to know more.
Maybe it is egoistic, maybe it is a lack of loyalty. But… I need to continue learning! And I hope, that you do as well.

Change your sponsors – observe people, who are on Facebook, look for those who bring something new into your development, who inspire you and push you to go forward. Why would you need an ‘old fuddy-duddy’ (like me), from whom you have learned a lot already in previous programs (I hope you did)? 🙂 You can still talk to me, you are still in my group of partners, so nothing changes: just do not shut the door in front of yourself, by signing up to another program through my link.

Look for new possibilities, discover new contacts, build relations with people, talk to them. That’s what marketing is all about.

So you move forward with every step. 🙂

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