Diversification traps – rushing towards everything that’s new

Personally, I love diversification. I honestly enjoy the possibility to register with new, promising revshares, every now and then. It gives me some sort of security: if (touch wood) one of the programs shuts down (it happens, there are no everlasting businesses), I have a new one in its place. Or hopefully, few of them.

Also, It allows me to keep my money in circulation, instead of letting it just lay there, wasting its potential.

Unfortunately, some time ago, I have been caught in the trap of badly understood diversification. Luckily, I have managed to get out of it fairly quickly and go back on the right track. I see, that there is plenty people, who at some point of their career, gets trapped in the same way, as I did. That’s why, I would like to talk about it a little more.

Those were the times, when I have only just started developing within revenue share. I used to assume, that I must be in new programs as quickly as I can. You know, those stories, that the first one gets the most referrals.

It’s a nonsense. When you are a newbie in revshare, do not suppose that you will have lots of referrals, only because you where the first one to advertise it. If you’re not a person with good reputation and renown in this field, even if you send out millions of links, not many people will sign up. It does not matter, who is first. What matters, is who you get an information from.

Often, people see your links, but they go to another person, who’s more experienced, to get the advice from him, forgetting about you.

Diversification means allocating your money in a number of different places – using variety of programs, which together, contribute to your income. It does not mean, blindly registering to everything, that other people recommend.
Nowadays, I get really annoyed, every time I see posts, like: ‘Best revshare 2016….etc.!’. Especially, because there is good few of them a month…

But whatever, let’s get back to our topic.

Getting deeper and deeper in my diversification trap, I was signing up to everything, that other people recommended. ‘Leader A’ posted a link to new revshare: I’m there! ‘Leader B’ sent a link to some cryptocurrency: I’m there! ‘Leader C’ recommended the best revshare ever: I’m there! All three of them have signed up to a new program: I had to be there too! In addition to that, I was continuously looking for brand new revshares myself. Because I had to be first.

And you know what? At some point, when I have run out of time for everything else, I’ve got to a stage, when I didn’t even know, what I’m promoting any more.

I have realised, I was not getting enough time to get to know the program, to help people earn something, neither to collect the money to purchase adpacks.
And in the end, I was standing in front of the fact, that none of those programs have turned out to be life changing.

It is pretty obvious that people, who are just starting in revshare, are looking for the best options and the best deals, but by trying to catch every single opportunity, they are not able to fully develop in any of them.
And now, the most important aspect: I have noticed, that people who had fallen in diversification trap, are doing something unbelievable…
Every day, they advertise a different program through Facebook, claiming that each one of them is the best.

I hope you realise, that when your recommend something on Facebook, your friends are able to see all of your posts. And they do – I look at them myself.

trapsAnd for example: on Monday, your friends notice that you are pointing them towards the deal of their life. On Tuesday, they see the advert about some new revshare from abroad. On Wednesday, there’s some older program, you say you have used. On Thursday – cryptocurrency and millions to earn. On Friday – bargain, sign up, pay in only $20 and you’ll receive $1000. And on Saturday, desert: invest $5, click ads and collect mountain of money.

Excuse me, but… Are you out of your mind? 😉

I see what you’re doing, so even if I like you, I’ll never register to any of those programs. Why? Because you don’t even know what you want. Because you are not taking anything seriously. Because I obviously see that you are a newbie, trying to catch every occasion. And finally, because I have done it myself.
Nobody stops you from signing up to multiple programs, but don’t do it at the very beginning.

Focus on one thing, of at least set up some reasonable strategy.

When recommending revshares, promote only one or 2 programs, and demonstrate that you use them as well. If you really have to advertise more of them, use private messages, YouTube or Instagram. You could also do it on Internet forums, futurenet or blog.

What you should definitely do, is stop and ask yourself, whether you would ever sign up to a program, recommended by person, who behaves like he has some sort of ‘revshare ADHD’.

All you have to do, is just find 1, then 2, 3 programs, put your full attention in them, build your accounts and continuously promote the same thing. When you have done that, and you’ve found referrals, then move forward.

Honestly, do not hope that people will happily register to a program you advertise, only because it’s new, and you are the first one to discover its potential.

People follow other people. They do not follow programs.

When you have a good reputation, your word itself can do the job, but if you don’t, you are just wasting your time on spamming.

This whole thing is not about being first. It’s based on trust. Why would people trust you, when you constantly bounce from one thing to another (if you are not a marketing expert, who knows what he is doing)?

Finally: many people, who just recently started in revshare, gets very annoyed, when they were the first ones to advertise a particular program, but majority of people waited for a ‘leader’ to recommend it, so then they’ve signed up. Do you know why it has happen?

Because, this ‘leader’ has actually checked the program. He has not been posting links about huge variety of outstanding, exceptional revshares every day and what’s the most important: he has reputability and recognised name. And for that, you need to work hard in this business.

Ask yourself a question: Have I been caught in diversification trap? How many people have signed up to a program, I’ve recommended yesterday?

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