Cryptocurrencies are ‘fair’ because they don’t have reflinks

I wanted to add at the end of the title, which is the quotation – ‘yeah, right, you twerp!’, but I stopped myself 😉

Some time ago, I witnessed an online conversation of two people – ‘the clever one’ tried to explain to the other one, that the reason while he works with cryptocurrency is because there are no reflinks in it, so no trickster can take advantage of him. There were also few harder words used if it comes to marketers and promoters. As I was reading it, I was close to burst out laughing… honestly 🙂

‘Cryptocurrencies are fair because they don’t have reflinks…’ 😉 Genius!

Let’s just think about it for a bit.

Fairness: when I earn, but nobody else can earn on my actions

Unfairness: when I earn and others earn too

Great definition! In both cases, there is no mention about possible losses and risks. 😉 And also that in both of those cases it is possible that you WILL NOT earn anything.

But OK, I’d give up on the whole story of a dog in the manger as well as 5 A4 explanations that when you earn, somebody else ALWAYS earns too (starting from earning your wages in regular job that you boss pays you, because he EARNED on your work, and ending on the fact that when you earn, the country earns, because you pay taxes on everything (from toilet paper to water which you’ll use to flush it…).

Let’s get to the point:

WHO earns on cryptocurrency that you buy?


1. Someone who created a project on this crypto (creator of ICO, programmers, visionaries, etc). I need to add that those are humans, and not some imaginary creature that does not exist and does not spend money on food and fast cars 😉

2. Market, on which you buy your crypto (you pay commission from every transaction, whether you manage to make profit or not. Market always has to get their part.

3. Broker, from whom you get for example Bitcoin, so you can transfer it to the market and purchase cryptocurrency (every broker takes commission for service).

4. Big fish, who don’t care about your efforts and who are able to earn big bucks on increase of cryptocurrency value, as well as its drop (so when you are losing all your nerves, thinking whether to sell it now, before you lose even more).

5. Broker, who enables you to exchange BTC to GBP, USD or any other currency and to withdraw it from ATM.

6. ATM, so in most cases – A BANK, read: owner of a bank, or a group of owners, who take commission from ATM withdrawals. The same goes for MasterCard – the provider of most bank cards which you then put in an ATM. They do not do it for free either 🙂

7. Speculators, Speculators, Speculators.

8. Producers of miners, as well as people who sell them (they’re not giving it away for free) + producers of other equipment that’s needed for mining.

9. People, who would connect your miner – if you don’t have knowledge of BIOS and all this other programming magic. They will also charge you for their service 🙂

10. Postage companies, that would deliver a miner to your house (you pay for it).

11. Electricity provider, that will charge you every month, because a miner at your house just simply works – and electricity cost for it is not going to be cheap.

So, as you see, cryptocurrency sector allows many, many people to earn on your (!) actions. If you want to make money, there is no other option than for others to make money on it too. With reflink or without it 🙂


12. And the 12th thing: whether you want it or not, it often happens, that people will earn commission from your transaction, because they’ve shown you something interesting and you didn’t even realize that there was their reflink included. Yes, the one that you hate so much 😉
Below, you’ll find a list of popular REFLINK topics, related to cryptocurrency (and that’s really just a drop in the ocean).
And… be careful if you want to click on them, because I might be able to earn ‘on you’ then, so stay vigilant! Remember those names, because you will come across them on Facebook or other Internet websites! There will be a hidden reflink included 😉


Ledger Wallet – cold wallet for storing your cryptocurrency. The company will pay commission for every purchase made after clicking your reflink.

Cryptocurrency faucets – places online, where without any investment of your own, you can collect free BTC. There is also referal commission included.

BitClub Network, Genesis Mining – probably the most popular places where you can purchase mining power – cryptocurrencies will be mined for you, without need of buying and using mining equipment yourself.

Rockwall, Omnia and money others – same as BitClub, but they are new and less popular. They also allow you to earn referal commission, like every other affiliate program described above and below.

Payza – payment processor that allow you to send payments to companies that accept it (Bitcoin too).

Spectrocoin – convenient online wallet for BTC, ETH and Dash, that provides Credit Card for ATM withdrawals.

Coinpayments – all the same as the wallet above, but this one also allows you to hold over 75 different altcoins too. Coinpayments is one of the most popular and the most used wallet/ payment processor.

4 coins, Cryptoins – Places where you can exchange Bitcoin to fiat money, as well as purchase cryptocurrency for example: by card, by bank transfer, and many other ways. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a lot of those ‘reflink’ exchanges online.

X12 – cryptocurrency, widely promoted on the Internet, which you can buy in so called XproPacks. The company will mine it for you for a specified number of months and regularly send it to your wallet.

There are other cryptocurrencies that also focus on building their communities by structured marketing system (reflinks) – like for example TheGCCcoin., and BitBay– cryptocurrency markets, where you can buy or sell GCC coins and others.

Binance – another cryptocurrency market which introduced affiliate plan for their users on 1st of November 2017. Rules as in very other market + possibility to earn commission on transaction of people we invite.

And many others…

Attention! All companies described above are going to EARN, if you decide to use them. And to have more customers, they give reflinks to their users (read: some amount of commission), so they promote it and invite others. Why? Because it is cheap advertisement. You will receive a percentage from transactions of your referals, the company will not lose on it, but gain customers, so they don’t have to look for them themselves.

But of course, you can just believe that there is no reflinks in cryptocurrency sector.
And at the same time, nobody earn apart from you…

P..S But just tell me… why would somebody start a company, a market, a wallet, etc. if they were not to EARN any money, just because you have some sort of phobia? 🙂 Why?

This is business. And business means earning.

Sad truth: someone ALWAYS earn on you. In every sector. And it’s so YOU can earn in it too.

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