Business suicide – not allowing any changes on your way to success

golfIn today’s article, I’m going to include little true-life story. 🙂 Not long ago, I went for holiday, by the lake: lovely view, canoes, relax, break from the Internet, and other fancy attractions. Near by, there was a mini golf park and I have decided to try it. 14 holes, accuracy challenge, you know. First score was fairly easy. Few tries and I did it. The second one has shattered me completely, but also inspired to write this article. It looked like on my amateurish drawing, on the side. Straight line, then a little hill with a hole on top of it, and straight line behind it. I got ready, took an aim, and: too far, too close, out of line, then too far again, too close, ball rolling down the hill… And it carried on. It took 46 attempts, before I finally scored it (30 minutes).

Of course, all the people playing with me, have already lost their patience and desire to play (14 of them in my team). Nightmare. But I couldn’t quit. Could I?

OK, after I’ve scoured, we set new rules, that everybody gets maximum of ten goes, and then next person.
It was moment, when I have realised, that this authentic, real life situation, can be seen as an example in business.

When we try to earn money through the Internet, we look for interesting programs, solutions, methods, tricks and other genius ideas for increasing our profits and getting referrals. We have an aim, and we go towards it. We are keep finding new things that inspire us and which we put in life.

There are people around us, who strongly believe, that if you have an objective and revshare of your choice, you should stick to it completely. Do everything to fully focus only on this one program, because if you pay attention to other things as well, you will lose your aim and waste all you’ve got.

Loyalty to one company, one program, one team and one ‘leader’ – until when? Forever?

I’m sorry, but this nonsense is often hard for me to bare.

If you don’t change anything, absolutely ANYTHING in your business strategy and activities… There is a risk, that you’ll lose opportunity of your lifetime, or that you’ll just stop at one point an never progress.

Coming back to my mini golf story, if I was to aim in one direction every time, with the same power and same technique, I would always be getting THE SAME RESULT. Meaning: the ball would not reach the hole and I would not score. During my 46 desperate attempts, I tried various methods: increasing power, lowering it, changing hands and position of my legs. It was 46th time, when I finally did it. Stupid game. But in life and in business, it is exactly the same: it may happen that the first program you sign up to, will bring you fortune, but it’s highly unlikely. It is probable, that if you are only just starting in revshare, throughout your journey, you will discover a lot of new things, which would change your original plan and perspective.

For example, today, you might think that by clicking 10 ads a day , you’ll earn millions, but in a month, you’ll realise, that without your own contribution and referrals, those ten ads are not quite enough. You would have to be some sort of business kamikaze, to not to change anything on your way to success. Constantly doing the same things, the same way, although you see, that it does not bring desired effect.

Why aren’t they changing anything?
Why aren’t they trying to look at it from different angle?
Why aren’t they looking for support from experienced leaders or teams?
Why can’t they push ‘reset’ and start from scratch, using different method?

Maybe it’s because they are convinced, or somebody has convinced them, that if they have an opportunity, they have to stick with it, no matter what. And they believe it – to never and ever give up a set path.

I personally think, that business is not about hope. It’s about determination and learning from experience. It is about coming to conclusions and making necessary changes. Analysing and improving.

If for last 2 years, you are stuck in cosmetic sells business, earning $10-$40 a month. I’m sorry, but why are you still doing it? Is it loyalty to the company…? Or maybe you promised something to yourself and although you’re not moving forward, you’re going to stay where you are.

If you cannot see effects of your work, you have two options:

1. You should change your method completely and check if new one works better. When old technique failed, why stick to it?
2. You should change the business, if you have already tried point no. 1.

According to the ‘legend’, Thomas Edison tested 10000 different ways, before he created fully working light bulb. Does it mean that he continuously tried to stick same cable into same spot? Of course not… He even said, that he had discovered 10000 wrong ways, which means he was changing them many times, before he achieved his goal.

You have to search, discover and adjust. Do not be a kamikaze, who is able to see that he is going down, and he’s doing it for purpose, with full awareness that he’s going to die.
You have a choice – try various methods, adjust them and stay positive.

Do not give up on your goal. Remember, that there is more than one way to achieve it. And that’s OK.

Not even mentioning how important is diversification of sources in business. Whether you like it or not.

Let’s take Bill Gates and Microsoft as examples. Do you think, this company would be so successful, if they were only selling Windows operating system? They are continuously adjusting, according to the change of trends, introducing new products, techniques and activities, that enable them to multiply their profits. They have over 10000 patents, such as mobile operating systems, solutions, which are sold to companies like BMW, Volkswagen and Nikon, email services, multimedia players, Paint (my favourite), Word, Excel, as well as software for businesses and many more.

If one of their ideas fail, they have a lot of options to replace it.

How about you? If your program or business failed – do you have another one to take its place? Or, are you going to lose it all, because somebody told you that one is enough to make you a millionaire? For years… Yeah… Say it to Microsoft.

P.S. I’m not planning to play mini golf for quite a while. 😉 Although this one game, gave me a lot of thoughts and inspiration.

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