Revenue Share programs – definition, what is it and how it works?

Shortly, Revenue Share is a program, which distributes profits from advertisement and other sources, between its users.
Unfortunately, it’s not like: ‘Yippee, Hooray, I will sign up and they’ll share profits with me!’ 😉 It is not that easy.

Most Revenue Share programs (revshare) do distribute their money, but not for free. To take a part in that, you usually need to purchase advertisement services (for example, to promote your own website), pay for them, and contribute to completion of certain daily activities within the program.

Generally, all you have to do is watch 10 (or more) short ads, which were paid for by other users. If you don’t consequently watch them – there would be no profit share, but if you do, you will have a chance of earning 10% or 20% from the value of every adpack you have bought (advertisement services). Adpack, which have cost you $50, may end up to be worth $55 or more (in different programs).

Also, in some (but not all) revshares, to be able to make money in the program, you have to pay for subscription. Many people are against that, for obvious reasons, but on the other hand, it increases the chances, that the program would last longer – because like every other business, to continue, it needs to be profitable. Subscriptions make it more stable and financially secure.


Revenue Share – other ways of earning money.

To earn money, several revshares offer an option, in which you don’t need to buy adpacks or similar advertisement services.  If you decide to do that, you would not participate in share of profits, but you could make money, by completing activities.

1. Clicking ads on their website (there is usually few cents to get, but it is not offered in all revshares). They are called PTC click ads.
2. Getting other people to use revshare – referrals. You can get a commission from their purchases.

A lot of people start their earning through revshare cautiously, recommending it to friends. With time, they learn, purchase their own adpacks and gradually develop.

There are people, who do not agree with those programs, because of:


Dangers within Revenue Share:

You need to be aware, that with the amount of new revshares appearing on the Internet, not all of them are trustworthy (meaning- some of them never pay). There are others, which would stay in business for a month, and then collapse, or the ones, that actually give you money regularly, for months, even years, and then they may shut down, or not.
Those programs carry high risks with them, so they are not recommended for people with a little patience. As there is no assurance, whether a program will continue  running for particular period of time, you need to be aware of the risks.

Who does not take the risk, will not lose.  But.. he won’t win either.
‘The one, who doesn’t take the risk, will not be drinking champagne.’

Important: When buying advertisement services, remember, that revshare is not an investment program, and they cannot guarantee profits. Only use the money, which you can spare. Do not spend, what you couldn’t live without.


What else should you know at the beginning?

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