Are you recommending a revshare? Do not promote an ‘investment’ – program restrictions

Nowadays, I see, more and more often, in Facebook groups and also on information posted by programs’ owners, that it is not allowed to promote a revshare, using words: ‘investment’, ‘reinvestment’, ‘invest’, etc.

People, who do so, even though it’s restricted, and they’re getting referals, by using the word ‘investment’ (and similar ones) on their landing page, banners, pictures and other forms of online promotion, they might get banned by particular company and lose their account, as well as all the funds on it (!).

Admins and owners are explaining it, by highlighting that they need to look after reputation of their program. But what is it really about?

Firstly: we all know, that profit in revshare is never guaranteed. Every good revshare informs its users about it in their terms and conditions. Making profit is only possible if there are customers for advertisement services and for adpack purchases. When there aren’t many of them – there is no profit.

A lot of people associate the word ‘investment’ with some guarantee and assurance (like there was anything in our life we can be sure about). So, by using it we may mislead people and cause misunderstandings.


Secondly: there are people who connect the word ‘investment’ with a bank or other financial institution. Because of that, they think of revshare this way. When it’s neither of those.

Thirdly: if you create a website on which you recommend ‘great investment’, ‘definite investment’, ‘120% investment’ etc. you are instantly misleading people, because they are not taking part in an investment program.


And that is something that may cause a huge difficulty for a company:

Revenue Share is not a financial institution or an investment. It does not guarantee profits and it’s not under any control of financial institutions.


If you look at most banks, their investments are often covered by insurance, so if anything happens, you might still recover some money back. Revenue share programs do not provide this option and they’re not under control of other institutions. If a program gets shut immediately, you will lose all the money that you keep in it at the time. You will also not be able to claim any compensation, as you have signed terms and conditions at the start and you should’ve been aware, that they only guarantee advertisement services, not the profit.

You have a choice: you can use reasonably safe investment with a low profit percentage through a bank, or you can use revenue share program, which is risky, but offers possibility of high profit percentage.

But you are not allowed to say to other people who wants to sign up to a revshare that it is an investment! Because it is not 🙂

Conclusion: Revenue Share programs are not investment programs (even if you enter them purely to earn a big money, not for advertisement).

If you want to create a landing page to promote particular revshare – for your own safety, as well as safety of your money within a program (if you don’t want to be banned), and also to be fair to your referals and for the benefit of the program, which does not ever say that it’s an investment:

DO NOT write about it using the word ‘investment’ in any form.

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