Analyse, observe changes and do not moan!

When you lose, it hurts. What a news, right?
This loss will continue having an impact on how you feel, as long as you focus on it, and allow it to affect your emotions. If you look at your loses more objectively, rather than emotionally, you’ll find it easier to get over them.

What am I actually talking about?

Of course, I am talking about changes that are frequently happening in revshare environment and about people who tend to take them irrationally, although nothing was guaranteed from the very beginning. They were aware of the risks and the importance of diversification. Some people, when they had lost something, they were hoping to get (although nobody had promised to give it to them), may change into ‘beasts’. It turns out that they haven’t been listening at all.

They were told: ‘Use diversification, because you should have few separate sources of finance.’
What they’ve understood? ‘Use diversification to have more money coming from variety of programs, forever.’

They were told: ‘This business is risky.’
What they’ve understood? ‘There is a risk, but other people take this risk and they are well off, so I’m surely not going to lose.’

They were told: ‘No matter what program you use, there are going to be changes in it at some point.’
What they’ve understood? ‘There might be some changes, so as soon as I build an account in one program and become rich, I will change my tactic and build an account in some other program, so I can be rich twice.’

And so on…

There are 2 most important things in business: being aware of what you’re doing and realisation that nothing remains unchanged forever.

There are two options:

1. Give up on all opportunities, because they are all risky.
2. Stay active within business. Look for possibilities and good deals. Remember about risks, because they’re everywhere.

What to do when you are not happy with the changes that your revshare has introduced?

Here, you need to remember that not all changes are good and the ‘do not moan’ rule does not take away our responsibility to stay vigilant. You need to make sure that you know what’s happening with your money. Some changes turn out to be beneficial, others are the signs of something going in the wrong direction.

1. Calculation – Just take a sheet of paper and calculate how the changes will affect your future profits, as well as profits of your referrals. Think, how majority of people will react to it (because the fate of a revshare program often depends on it). Is ‘the majority’ going to be happy with the changes? Are they beneficial for the company and its users, or not? Write down pluses and minuses for various groups of people and really think it through. If you conclude that something is really wrong, withdraw your money and move on. It’s most probably not going to be the last time it happens.

2. Talk to somebody who’s been in it for longer – This person might have more experience and be able to give you an advice.

3. Do not panic – you knew that there might be changes coming up, that there are risks, that you may lose. Just take responsibility and act reasonably.

4. Slow down and start putting more attention into your other sources of money. Use diversification and do not stress.

5. Don’t blame everybody else – you knew about the risks well in advance. Do what you’ve been told from the very beginning: diversify your sources, analyse and make decisions.

6. When making decisions always remember that your ‘wallet’ is the most important. Do not send away your money blindly, when people tell you to commit to saving some revshare program (because it was the best revshare of 2015, 2014 and so on…). You have to think logically and realistically, rather than being directed by dreams and visions. When somebody tells you that their revshare is 100% safe, trust me, it’s not.

7. Remember to stay vigilant – Was there anything that got you truly worried, while using your revshare, in last few weeks? Was there any problems with withdrawals? Any pointless, unexplainable changes? Misunderstandings? It could be nothing major, but if it becomes repetitive, it might be the sign to move on.

And the most important…
Do not moan!

Act, analyse, make decisions, change, think. But moaning and complaining publicly is never going to do any good. Look for solutions, try different strategies, but do not waste your valuable time for 5 days of ‘crying’, grumbling and throwing hateful comments on the Internet.
Instead of focusing on the problems, treat them like a challenge and find a solution.

Those are your lessons.
Whether you’re going to learn from them, it is entirely up to you.

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