Advertisement services in Revshare are NOT a product – are we all subjects to some sort of group psychosis?

psychosisAnd I am saying it for real! That’s what I have read in one of recently received emails.

Many people are deeply convinced that revshare advertisement is not a product, and whoever uses it, is a subject to a group psychosis, as this form of advertisement does not work and it’s all a hoax and dupery. Real products are for example: cosmetics from mlm, soaps, washing powders, food, cars, plane tickets, petrol, supplements or books. But not advertisement services! Well… So good luck with selling all those products without advertisement. You’ll earn a fortune. 😉

Let’s get back to the point.

Effectiveness of revshare advertisement may vary: could be good, worse, very good, or not good at all: that’s a fact. But it not being a product- that’s a news to me.

Facebook: gets its profit from advertisement – posts, ads, image ads, product ads, idea ads and advanced spying ads.
Google: gets its profit from advertisement – all as above – AdSense.

Affiliate marketing programs and partnership programs sell advertisement services to those, who want to trade particular products. That’s where they get their profits from.
Internet websites earn money by selling: banner ads, as well as static and interactive ads.
But you are saying, that revshare advertisement is not a product. Interesting, isn’t it?
Ads listed above can be stopped from viewing, by using Adblock. You could also just simply ignore them and read only what you are interested in.  An advertisement party may only hope that we will spot something, we actually want to purchase, and that we are not already ‘banner blind’.

It’s similar with TV ads: do you know, why the volume gets higher, when they play ads during a movie? Because they are aware, that most people uses this time to go to the toilet or to the kitchen, so they want us, at least, to be able to hear them. But what we have the controller for? We can just turn it down ourselves.

In revshare programs, you’re not only unable to block ads with Adblock, but to earn the bonus, you have to look at an ad, for minimum of 15 seconds. You cannot turn it off or go to the toilet, because you’ll lose an ad (by not clicking a button to confirm that you are still there).

To create a TV, Facebook or Google ads – there is a whole group of people working on it: graphics, designers, etc. And you are still able to just turn the volume down and ignore it. That’s awful.
In revshare, you create ad by yourself – even in Paint. And if you pay for an adpack, people will view it.

OK, so what’s the effectiveness of Facebook, TV or Google ad?

Just answer it yourself. How many times, after seeing an ad, you have rushed to a local store to purchase a product?
Not often, right? Every day, you are exposed to at least several dozens of ads. It’s not even possible for us, to remember them all.

How about revshare? It’s exactly the same.

There is a small percentage of people, that each advert is going to reach to, no matter where it’s produced.
3%? 5%? It depends on how the advert looks like and what’s the scale of it.
3% of 10 people = 0,3 of a person, so nobody.
3% from 10000 people =300 people.

From this number, you still need to take out the percentage of people that liked it, but did not decide to purchase anything.

When you pay million dollars for a dull, boring TV advert, you cannot count that everybody is suddenly going to run to the shop to buy your product.
If you purchase exactly the same ad in revshare and spend million on it, you still have no guarantee that people will follow it.

In both places, you spend money and take a risk, but there is one difference.

Facebook would not share their profits with you, only because you purchased an ad. You buy it, they do it, end of story. It’s similar with Google and other businesses: you pay for an ad, you get an ad, no more. They cannot give you guaranteed customers or return of money.

Revshare programs – until they earn from ads purchases, they share profits with you. Even if your ad does not bring you custom, you still get SOMETHING from revenue share.

Can you see the difference?

A while ago, I have paid $15 for an advert on Facebook. I’ve prepared it as nicely, as I could. I received few likes and that was it. The end. Money was gone and there was no actual effect. Of course – it was a low scale ad (my bad), and I have not created it good enough. Bye bye $15.

Recently, I also purchased an ad in revshare for $25. I have prepared a banner and landing page in advance. Number of people, who have signed up during first 15 days: 52. 2 of them, actually purchased a product: adpack in revshare, so there is a chance, they will continue re-purchasing. Because of this ad, few people have also visited my blog and signed up for updates. So, I know, they are interested. In addition, the ad has not matured yet, so it still continues. The money, that I’ve spent, has not gone to waste. Oooh, I forgot to mention that this revshare program will share their profits with me, so I will most probably receive all my money back, with few extra dollars on top of it.

But yeah… Right… Ad in revshare is not a product and we are subjects to group psychosis…

Don’t you like it? You have a right to. Continue advertising your products using traditional ways. It is your money, so you decide how to spend it. But stop telling me, what I should do with mine.

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