Adscrypto – program description and possibilities

Adscrypto is a new, revshare type advertisement program (started on 11/03/2017), which tempted me because of few things that (I’m sorry for my honesty)… may discourage some people more than tempt them. 🙂

While I was searching for new advertisement platform, I was trying to look for potential longer life time of a program, not getting too excited with how much I can earn in it. I’d also like to add that… unfortunately, the revshare I’ve found is not a type of revshare, where you’ll be able to accumulate huge amounts of money, without putting anything in yourself. It’s not a program for people who only focus on recruitment and make profits only from referal commissions. Those things – not out here.

That’s why I want to make you aware at the beginning, that Adscrypto might not be widely promoted by those big leaders, who enter a program quickly, gather lots of money from commission and then leave. In this platform, it is impossible, because of – how I call it – anti-balloon restrictions.

Of course, there is always two sides to every story, as the lack of big sponsors might equal an increase of new users, who are more likely to act slower. So advantages and disadvantages are obvious. The time will show how it turns out.

Adscrypto – description of the revshare program

Who manages the program?

Ajit Ghorpade and Zahid Jadoon are the admins – they work in cryptocurrency trade and by doing so, they’ll generate additional funds for the program – cryptocurrency transactions are the official outside source of finance for the company. Ajid and Zahid can be quite easily contacted on Facebook – few times I asked them about some details and other issues and I got a response, in average, within 24 hours.

Advertisement adpacks (they’re calculated in BTC, so we can also gain on BTC exchange rate variations):

In this program, differently from all the other ones I used so far – potential percentage of profit does not get higher with more expensive packs, but gets lower. So, for example, the cheapest pack may potentially give you 125% profit, when the most expensive one – only 110%. Because of that, our well-known ‘balloon’ does not get larger as quickly as it would be the opposite way.

To receive the daily bonus, you’ll need to click on 10 ads a day.

Anti-balloon restrictions:

arrow There is only 1 level of referal commissions, it is only 5% and… it is only from NEW funds going into the program, not from re-investment. It is done to stop the money from flowing out of the program quickly. For the company and its stability it is a plus, but for people who make their profits purely from referal commissions – it is not.

arrow Free account can be used up to 50 cheapest packs. To purchase more than that, you would have to pay for a monthly subscription. It can only be done from your processor, not from what you’ve earned in the program (extra money for the company).

arrow Because of the restrictions described above, there is no repurchase balance in Adscrypto, so 100% of your bonuses goes straight on your main account, from which you can buy more packs or proceed with withdrawals.

arrow No shocking bonuses – daily bonus: 1.5%-2.5% (every hour)

arrow Maximum daily withdrawal: 1 BTC

arrow Minimum daily withdrawal: 0.01BTC (Monday to Friday)

arrow 2% charge when you withdraw money (another profit maker for the company)


ATTENTION The most important anti-balloon restriction described below:

arrow arrow We are able to withdraw no more than 240% of our own contribution, so if you put $100 in the program, after working with it, you will not be able to withdraw more that $240. To earn more, you would have to pay more money into the program. Clever and interesting restriction.

arrow Important: it also includes referal commissions:

For example: if you put $100 in, and at the same time you earn $5000 commission, you will only be able to withdraw 100 x 240%, so $240. If you want to withdraw the rest of commission, you would have to purchase more adpacks for your own money.

In a way – it is a good thing, but on the other hand: it will discourage those big sponsors, who earn mainly from receiving referal commissions and because of them, they don’t want to or don’t need to buy new packs in the program.

Referal commission, even if used to purchase adpacks, does not count as new funds, so they do not increase your contribution amount. Withdrawal limit depends fully on new money entering the program.

Example: you pay in $100, and earn $5000 commissions. You may withdraw maximum of 240% of your contribution, so $240. To withdraw all your commission – $5000, you would have to put $2100 in, from your own pocket (because 2100 x 240% = $5040 for withdrawal).

Advantages: Your contribution need to be more than a half lower, to withdraw 240%. So it is still worth it. And you get extra packs with it.
New funds are continuously flowing to the program, because for people to withdraw money, they have to pay something in too.

My first impression, when I looked into the earning plan for Adscrypto was: ‘Oh my God… Nobody’s going to use this program!’. It ‘only’ allows you to earn 2,4 of what you’ve paid in. And all of those restrictions… it’s just crazy. But when I’ve thought about it again and again, I came to conclusion that this ‘obligation’ to buy more packs to withdraw more, will allow, for sure, a constant flow of fresh funds into the program.

Of course, you might say: ‘I’ve taken out my 240% and I don’t want to carry on with buying more. I’ll just lose this money from commissions. Whatever.’ And what happens then? This person would move on to another program… and the funds that he/she did not withdraw will stay in Adscrypto. Can you see how it all stops the process of pumping a balloon up?

And also… let’s not be greedy. 🙂
– If you were to earn $500 in referal commissions, then spend $250 on packs, knowing that you’ll withdraw $500 later, it wouldn’t be that bad deal at all. You’ll get back your $250 and have another $250 profit. 🙂

It is also worth to remember that Adscrypto is a revshare that calculates its money in Bitcoin, so you can also earn or lose on currency value variations. What does it mean? It means that if you buy adpacks today, with the low value of BTC, but withdraw your money when its value increase – you’ll gain more. Obviously, if you buy them today, but you will not wait until the value of BTC rise (it may be low for few months, before it gets back up), you may also lose.  It all depends on a value of BTC. Recently, due to many world events, we are experiencing a lot of variations in BTC value, so we have to keep in mind, that it may not be constantly increasing, like it used to.  It may drop down, big time. That’s why many people are deciding to exchange their Bitcoin for money (all, or some of it), or put them into some program, or cryptocurrency market, where they work, and hopefully – wait for their value to increase.

How can you earn without adpacks?

You can click on cashlinks – PTC ads that were purchased by other users. What’s important is:
If someone buys a chaslink for 0.000010 BTC, 0.000005 BTC of it goes to the person who clicks it, and 0.000005 BTC to his sponsor.

For example: If you convince Scott to use this program, and he clicks on cashlinks, you will get the same amount as he will.

For the ending, I’d like to mention important advertisement benefit in Adscrypto: as I think, not many of the big recruiters will use the program (because there are better possibilities for them in other platforms), they will not fill the program with thousands of their ads, so yours will be viewed more often 🙂


If this system suits you, you can register by clicking this link.

After registration, you’ll recieve the free website from me, for promotion of the program (it will include your partner link, photo, e-mail address – of course, it is only if you wish to advertise it further).

The term and conditions of the company states:

‘Adscrypto is not an investment, hyip, a program to earn the money quickly, MLM, etc. It is the advertisement program with limited possibilities to earn money. Adscrypto includes in their services: sales of internet advertisement (banners, text ads, login ads, PTC ads and others). Share of profits is not guaranteed in any way and it depends on sales of advertisement packs. Adscrypto itself does not guarantee stable profits, bonuses, or the speed of earning money, as it all depends on the sales of ads (if there is no sales – there is no share of profits)’.


Important: When buying advertisement services, remember, that revshare is not an investment program, and they cannot guarantee profits. Only use the money, which you can spare. Do not spend, what you couldn’t live without.

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